DJI kotači Mavic 2 Pozitivan glas i zumiranje – Je li to robot?

The Mavic 2 Professional and Zoom fashions have been launched on 23 Kolovoz 2018. The drones supply a lot. Is one among these drones, the properdo every thingdrone for you?

You should purchase the Mavic 2 Professional and Zoom drones right here:

DJI KOTAČI MAVIC 2 ZUMIRANJE: https://click = hiperveza&as=0008&ch=MAVIC%202%20ZOOM

DJI KOTAČI MAVIC 2 PRO: https://click = hiperveza&as=0009&ch=MAVIC%202%20PRO


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48 Komentari
  1. Im selling my p4p for the Mavic 2 Pro

  2. lol man without the Mavic 2 pro in your hands you have 44k hits

  3. I'm trying to decide whether I should sell my P4P for the MP2!!?!?!??! Someone help me!

  4. It's a swarm of BEES not a "pack" 😉

  5. I have a mavic pro for shooting buildings, high rises, townhomes, warehouses. I am in the painting business. I am learning drone flying. I understand that the mavic 2 has better sensors. Would you upgrade from the mavic pro? If so mavic 2 pro or mavic 2 zumiranje? Or would you go with the Anafi? Understand that there are no flight restrictions but no sensors either. I have had to fly in a town house area close to airport and I couldn't get a picture on my tablet. Any comments? thanks for your videos.

  6. Odlična recenzija kao i uvijek. Love everything about those new drones they are just very expensive at least for me. I will continue to fly my air for now and wait to see if any type of sale or discounts are in store for the future. Držite se dobro djelo

  7. Great channel and reviews, Will I sell my current Mavic Pro?… I would want both features of the 1" sensor and zoom but I wouldn't buy both models therefore I will buy neither = STRIKE 1..additional power hungry avoidance cameras and a couple on mins more flight time? has necessitated a new battery I assume which means additional batteries and multi chargers will have to be bought (opet) = STRIKE 2….The failure to include the 180 feature of the Anafi camera which is actually worthy of the label "see the bigger picture" = STRIKE 3 . In addition the new models won't fit in current Mavic cases so this is just not enough. I expect the original idea was to have the cameras interchangeable (not by sending it away to have a swap) but had issues with this so have taken the lazy option of saying there are two models. I personally will wait for the next incarnation of the Mavic or a Phantom 5 with an even better camera and 360 rotation. DJI are running a risk with this drip feeding sales strategy in a market heading for choppy waters due to regulations and restrictions that will slow sales compared to the last few years. Stronger competition from other manufacturers is also needed.

  8. Steve, Nice overview of the new DJI Mavic 2 was drones! You always spot on and to the point with your reviews without fluff or fanfare and for that, I thank you! Will be looking forward to your actual test flights and reviews of these drones. Hvala ti!

  9. I am curious about flight stability in high winds. I own the Phantom 4 pro and have flown it in 30+ mph wind. Not wise but I needed the shot and I got my drone back. I shot a wedding with a friend's Mavic Pro and the winds were 15+ mph and I didn't have the control that I had with my P4P. I don't know if it is a matter of mass or will the more powerful Mavic Pro 2 be the P4P's equal.

  10. Can someone help please ? Does the phone get connected with the Spark wifi or with the RC wifi while flying?.
    Hvala ti.

  11. Very balanced and objective review. I sold my P4P at the start of the year followed by my MPP. Bought the MA then sold that waiting for the M2 to be released. I took a good look at what I wanted in my next drone (having owned all of the Mavic's, the Spark, the P3P and P4P over the past two years) and decided to get the drone I always wanted so I bought a brand new Inspire 1 V2 with all the bells and whistles and I have absolutely no regrets at all in my decision. My next purchase will be the Zenmuse Z3DJI's first x3.5 optical zoom 4K camera released two years ago.

  12. Haha yes so true about potential glitchgate! 😂

  13. I've got an Evo and it's fantastic for 500 da 600 less than the Mavis Pro 2. DJI being in China with polluted skies doesn't seem to make a camera that shows a blue sky.

  14. Pa… I Think DJI has put just enough extra “Mayo” on these two new Magic’s to make it more desirable than the Mavic Pro Platinum, but not enough to make me switch from the Platinum. ok – It’s got a Hasselblad camera with 10-bit colorsWould’ve been nice to have. It flies 2 mph/h fasterWho’ll notice? Approximately 4 minutes extra flying time. Well not much difference. Has sensors all the way aroundI would definitely like that flying indoor or in a wood. U svakom slučaju. I’ll keep my Mavic Pro “1” Platinum.

  15. I’m keeping my old DJI Phantom 2 and my Spark. Like the new ones that just got out, but how can you keep up with it? I suppose one day. The next day after, a new one will come out with something on it better than you just bought. If they had a plan to buy back your old one for a new one!! Possibly you would find more people getting the latest. Great video your putting out…Hvala.

  16. I have been waiting years for the 1" sensor because I am a photographer and not a videographer. I was hoping Evo would be first but looks like DJI takes the prize. Still.. I like your unbiased reviews and will be looking forward to your final opinion on the quality of the end result of the DJI sensor and "Hasselblad" lens.

  17. Do you guys know if DJI does hardware revisions post launch? Like very often happens for smartphones..? I'm unsure if I can get it straight away or wait a few months.. The software bit I'm not worried about as usual they'll release constant updates..

  18. hi captain, bought the zoom + letjeti više kombinirani, didnt get my hands on yet, and thinking of returning it for the autel evo, more than anything because of the price. problem is with the evo id have to add at least another battery, rekvizite. If its possible id love to hear your opinion!

  19. I got both! It’s the only choice just wish they came out with a plus model I’m so sick of not being able to see the screen lol.

  20. Bok,
    i own a yuneec typhoon h pro,and i want to buy another drone,s 1 inch senzor.
    Right now i have 2 options:
    1- Kotači Mavic 2 Pro,for portability,but it doesn't support 60fp 4 k,but has a lot of cool features,senzors,7km range with no video loss..,etc
    2- yuneec typhoon plus,but i lose portability,and range..,but it has 60fps 4k,i 360 degree infinite camera
    What is your advice?
    PS i buy my first yuneec typhoon h pro ,after i see your reviews :))

  21. It’s now definitely glitch gate time lol……😀🙃Fantastic Video….😉😎

  22. It's too bad that drones are like gunsthere's almost nowhere you're legally allowed to use them.
    In a city among the buildings… Ne.
    Over residential areas… Ne.
    Most parks… Ne.
    It's a cool novelty, but mostly useless for practical purposes.
    I wanted to buy one to chase car prowlers and lead the police to themtill I found out that was illegallololmao.

  23. I dont know what to do. Im owner of Dji Inspire 1 V2.0. and Mavic Air combo. My Mavic Air Is now a good drone when I change WiFi from 5.8Ghz to 2.4Ghz and I change from CE mode to FCC. Now It fly long distance. Kotači Mavic Pro 2 come With Swidish Hasselblad camera. But how good is it?. Littel bit better than first mavic pro?. So maby I sell my Dji Inspire 1 V2.0, and Mavic Air only to bay Mavic Pro 2?. But somthing says me Its not right to do. Mavic Pro Platinium is on sale now. Its to exspencive this New mavic pro 2. And I se video here on tube that sensor 1 Inch on pro dont work 100%. Im not a exspert but Its video about It. Mavic Air is fantastic but wifi get interferance somtimes and I dont like It. But It film good fly long distance and are small. I dont know what to do.

  24. I've had the zoom for almost a month now and I love it. Super stable, solid signal and video feed at long distances. Love the zoom feature!

  25. When I Jump I want to get the most hight It Would Be DJI only because I don't think anther can be named that can do what Set Do Dare say set the standard! But remember I don't have one yet so by default I Hate DJI for a while longer!!!!

  26. Should we have any license for that.

  27. I sold my P4A and bought a Mavic Air then sold my Mavic Pro and got a Mavic 2 zumiranje. Sale for $1070 on the M2z and $500 for the MA so not so bad. I have not taken the M2 for a ride yet but will soon. I just hope it's better in low light than the old MP.

  28. Opet, your reviews are just stellar and very informative. I've been away for a while and am just now catching up on your reviews of the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zumiranje. It's is interesting and fun to watch them. Puno hvala!

  29. awesome review. I wonder if it ever makes sense to buy a recent model but a used one of these mavics? I would think a lot of them dont get much use.

  30. Thinking about upgrading to the Zoom. I love my Mavic Pro but the 2 zoom is looking tempting. Dont need it but want it. We'll see.

  31. Hello Sir DJI Mavic pro 2 combo pack sponcer me. I am youtuber My Channel Name is Dadarkar Chetan. but my not condition in drone buying. Please Help me.

  32. CAPTAIN DRONE I’m gonna be doing real estate droning. Which one do you recommend?

  33. Sjajna osoba, the Mavic 2 Pro looks really cool.

  34. Phamton 4 Pro ,Kotači Mavic 2 pro and mavic 2 zoom are the best drones for semi to professional or just hobbies people. There have everything you can ask for. But if ur a professional and want 💯 pecent images and video and you have bussines doing it then the inspire drones and other bigger quads are more better for you.

  35. I watched a video to take off the mavic 2 zoom camera lens so I can put on the uv filter. They said use a glove, do you know a safer way to remove the original len to replace it with a uv filter?

  36. I don't own a smartphone, if I purchace one will it work with the DJI smart controller & can you fly it by the controller it comes with without a monitor?

  37. I want a Drone but right now I can't afford it!!!

  38. Ja sam 68 years old and on social security so it is simply too expensive for me to buy!!!

  39. But they sound very exiting and very enjoyable to fly!

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