Just using my little sj cam star camera to do it but i'm going to fly around here where there's a lot of dappled footage lots of leaf litter, there's lots of small branches i'm going to do it in the 25 megabit mode and i'm going to do It in the 50 megabit mode and let's see if we can really spot the difference. I might do a little bit of flying behind a lot of trees to see whether it does affect the range as well so well, let's give it a go: Music Applause, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, so Music Music. That was a pretty worst case scenario flying down there amongst those trees with all the dappled light, and you could definitely see the difference with the 50 megabits it's. Definitely a lot more uh, a lot more resolution and you're not getting the pixelation to nearly the same extent, it's still not good um when you're flying, because that's really really the worst that the the ground is dappled and these the high skyline is double too so.