We also have a plus version over there and I'm gon na review, oba od onih na kanalu za vas dečki, ali danas, we're starting out with the CAD X Vista version, and this is a tiny little sub 250 gram quad, even with the 4s 850 on Here it's running two inch of on props. We have three millimeter bottom plate and top plate on here with the cat X Vista on board as well you've seen some pretty cool cat X, lista quads on my channel recently and you've also seen tons of different air module quads. Just my last review was this little Transtech Beetle and just give you a little comparison here of both of them. They are very similar sizes. The Transtech beetle is running 2.5 palac, props they're a little bit bigger here. Those are the new HQ props and these are the older style of on quad props 2 inch quad props, and they did quite well for taking out the vibration out of the camera there's. I don't think there's, probably any jello in this camera view, which is really nice for its cinema and with the 4s 850 na ovdje, it's still light enough that you can do freestyle with it. So it's kind of the best of both worlds very similar to this frame, but probably this is probably going to be more durable with the exposure of the air module on the top with this plastic plate over the top.

Some guys mentioned they'd like to see a carbon plate over top of the beetle. Maybe they'll do that in the 2.0 verzija, but this one does have that carbon top plate protecting the Vista on the very top, whether you get the Vista version or the full blown air module version. They do have that three millimeter top plate and it's. Actually pretty beasty little quad it's tough, it flies fast or you can slow it down for cinema stuff, or you can do some pretty damn good power loops with this quad and there's, not a lot of washout with this flight controller in here we're gon na talk About the specs on this one, but first I want to take you guys out flying with my I let Robert and Diego both fly this for their first TEDx Vista experience and they had a good time with it. We had some fun and some laughs and some general fpp guys clowning around so enjoy the flight guys and we'll talk about my final opinion on this quad the rocket light. After we do some flying and a spec check there. We go enjoy Music, so let's check out how good the video looks up high. This is usually my big test. Little channel is how good it looks up high and you can see Mount Hood off in the distance 11000 feet right there and back over looking at Vancouver right here, it's a little bit overcast today.

So you know what you're seeing today is. Is the vistas true colors in in the darker days and the overcast cloudy days, and I think it looks actually pretty good. The grass is looking pretty green on this camera and getting down low, having some fun down low along this fence. Finding that gap, because with DJI I can see everything and what you're seeing here is pretty much what I see in the goggles, but it actually looks a little bit better in the goggles. zatim. Očito, what you see here on the screen, but it is very rapid. Isn'T, a tional so a little bit of tree canopy, exploring there with those prop guards, Nema frke. If you hit a tree branch, you pretty much it's gon na bounce off the tree branch and the nice thing about this new flight controller adds Diego chasing me there and the battery just died completely. The nice thing about this flight controllers, if you bump something it doesn't flip out like the old school whoops, would like flip out. If you hit something and crash, and now the first good sized power loop with this quad and playing around with this tree. For a little more freestyle, it does have a lot of ability for pretty much any type of freestyle. You want to try out a little bit of shutter there down on the bottom end of that power loop it just having some general fun with it. It'S.

Just really fun to fly because it's, so small and you feel its size when you're flying it in the air. But it also has an extra power that you're looking for with those larger motors on here, typically than what we've seen on 2 inch props. And these guys, like joking around a little bit having enough fun to go through my legs, that's, always fun. Sada, underneath the van and the Jeep Roberts awesome looks like a rock crawler Jeep. Here we go gon na do some more high flying again really nice and the Sun is sort of giving us that sort of orange glow right now. So this is a little bit different. Looking than what you saw before, but Wow I mean, when you love to have that farm down there, that is just a nice piece of property all right here we go back again for a little mild freestyle and coming back over here, almost hit a tree branch And went into the puddle, thank God I didn't that would have been terrible, but here is really late and whoop just enough power with those motors to pull out of that. That is some sketchy awesome, stuff right there, so you can slow it way down check out how smooth this quad is. I mean cinema guys. You can rejoice if you want something that is just super simple and fun to fly and really really precise. The squad is super precise. This thing is locked in no jello and the tube really nice dampening on the camera and I'm, not even worried about Diego flying it nope, so let's give it over to Robert as well give Robert a shot, see what he thinks about it, and usually you know Bros don't, let bros fly their quads, but in this case I wanted them to check out the cat X Vista through his own legs.

Trusting his pilot skills back around this tree out here in the field there just kind of feeling the quad out for for what it can do, but look how slowed down he has it right here, it's awesome going for another gap here. This is the first time he's flown these trees, so he's not used to what I see all the time, what a cool team, but if you don't, want the full 1080p. This is 720p right here, that's recorded in the goggles and that's. What the CAD X Vista is all about lightening it up a lot. The original DJI air module with the only board, DVR it's gon na cost you some weight, so we're gon na we're gon na test out both of those coming up on the channel. But let's go ahead and put it down now and let's. Look at this quad a little bit closer up on the bench. This is the box that you get in the mail and it does have the DJI codex Vista, with 720p video on board, recorded to your goggles 3 and 4s battery options. Up to 850 super durable polycarbonate prop guards on board. The wheelbase is 112 millimeter and it does have a bottom plate. That is three millimeters thick. It is 3k carbon. The top plate is also three millimeter, which is nice and aluminum aircraft aluminum in the front for plenty of camera protection. You see it took some scratches there on the concrete TPU mount in the back with a full size, beeper embedded, XT, thirty connector and you're a singular rush into it.

In the back running off of your CAD X Vista, you also have eight two millimeter top plate. Bolts holding that top plate on for access to the stack and speaking of stack gap, RC 20 amp at 411, s 20 amp es es here, and the CAD X Vista up top with your USB port right there and the little tiny bind button for your goggles Right there and two inch Vaughn props. They are pretty nice quad props, to eliminate a lot of gel. Oh look at those motors 1204 5000 kV motors super peppy, four bolts through the bottom holding that motor on the frame, and we have twenty six point: five by twenty six point: five mounting point for the a io optional, twenty by twenty spot in the middle there. As well, if you want to do that later in the box, you also get quite a bit of stuff the stickers you get the support card as well as a little tiny allen. Wrench that's a two millimeter wrench and you also get some foam pads for the bottom and we also get a Vaughn extra pack of a Vaughn two inch props some antenna post and some straps. That I'm, not a really big fan of I like to see a buckle in these straps. Maybe a metal buckle would be nice for what you pay for this quad let's go ahead and turn on the scale and see what we get for the dry way that's.

Without the battery on board and 127 grams that's actually pretty light now let's go ahead and put a 4s 650 on there, because that's, the first battery you're gon na fly with I'm just gon na set it right on top there and see what we get 202 Grams, not bad well under 250 that's kind of amazing now let's go ahead and grab the 4s 850, and this will be your probably the longest flight time battery you're gon na get around three and a half minutes with this one. Four minutes, if you're cruising 229 grams super awesome now let's give some final thoughts about the rocket light, well I'm kind of been on the fence about cat X Vista because it does not have the onboard DVR storage like the larger air module. But the size format is everything on this quad and top mount battery plate. The single antenna did okay. I think it could have done a little bit better, but it is what it is as far as a cat existe making this a smaller digital format, and I also have to say that this is a really durable and punky little frame. It'S super rigid in the front. It has really nice solid feeling prop guards on here, it's very similar to the other Center pro the Sena Queen, the Senate King. This is a very familiar format. You'Ve also seen it with the CX series that aluminum in the front is ultra ultra durable, protecting my camera, and I think that the props or the right choice on here and the twelve of four motors, to je, the extra bit of power you're.

Looking for on a hundred and twelve millimeter size frame, that really gets this really meaty beastie little quad going. If you want a freestyle, it so I'm happy that this one does have duality. It does have freestyle capability with minimal washout. It flies great in a straight line with no jello. We do nice cinema shots with it and it's small enough that you can have fun with it. You can fly it indoors in your house or you can take it outside and do some freestyle with it. So either really honestly either way you want to go. This quad will pretty much do anything anywhere and the price is under 400, što je sjajno, so go for the rocket light. If you want something super portable and honestly, a quad that can just about do anything. This is going to be A two thumbs up 5 star quad. I thought this one was gon na be good, but I didn't think it was gon na be quite this good, maybe even a little bit better than the trans tech beetle. Dare I say yeah there you go so now you have, it guys, take care I'm, Justin Davis. Please do subscribe on the channel and become a patreon.