It is one of the cheapest sand, whoops out there it's 3 Amp 4 s, capable it has a 4 bolt top plate, which I love and a GoPro mount on the front. It is not TPU, Međutim, it is also an XT 60 in the back and a wheelbase of 149 millimeters on this frame, and it looks like it's checking in right at 3 millimeters for that bottom plate. It is 3k carbon, fiber and 2 mounting options on here, which is also pretty nice, 30 od strane 30 i 20 od strane 20 stock options, and you have stickers on the front durable, prop guards. They are injection, molded, prop guards, na 1200 t, VL camera and the front right here which very similar to some of the more expensive cameras non TPU mount which I talked about before. But it fits the hero 7, not totally sure if it fits the 8 3 palac. Dowel props on here. Those are working quite well and they're quieter than a lot of the other Center whoops out there. For some reason it might be these molded Ducks, but I had a fear that those would break and they stayed intact during this test. 1407. Speedy beers are the ones I have. They also have the gab RC motors. The speedy B version is a little bit cheaper. I believe I will put both links down below you can decide which one you'd like to get 3 bolts, holding that duct on and four on the bottom of the motor to the frame and for the stack.

Imamo 500 milliwatts with active working, smart audio. So that's great it's already set up for your sticks and ready to go F for flight controller on here and also we're running 20 amp Bo heli ESC s on the stack actually very good for 4s. You also have a TPU bumper in the back, which is nice for hard mounted pagoda antenna, but it also flexes and gives so if you crash it's, not going to break off let's go ahead and put it on the scale to see what kind of weight we Get 232 grams one of the lighter Center whoops out there are you guys ant with a 4 s, 1300 '9 grams total takeoff weight with the GoPro Edition it's going to get us up to 511 grama. So that would be your total package takeoff weight. So let's go ahead and do the fpv flight test. Let me show you some GoPro footage. Prvi, let's just start out. Look at this. This looks like it was shot by someone else. I'M. Žao mi je, this is this. My video, whose video is this because this looks ultra smooth and ultra ultra nice, and I have to tell you guysI did Pitt tuned this for you. So what you're seeing on here might not be the same thing that the other reviewers experienced, because I totally changed the pin tune on this from start to finish, P eyes and the DS. So what you're seeing here is absolutely all my tune, and you are seeing some GoPro footage on here as well, but I'm.

Also gon na show you that 1200 TVL camera and it looks okay what's cool about itis that it gets dark there's. A lot of clouds out today, so I have cloud cover and then I have some sunshine and it's sort of a spring Oregon type of weather. But what's neat about that is that you're gon na see what this camera looks like versus the GoPro in a sort of an overcast condition which is really cool. So let's go ahead and go out further now and let's get into the fun side of Cinna whoops. Getting out there and slowly exploring your environment that's what it's all about with these set of whoops, because I've said it before it's kind of like flying. An aircraft carrier it's very slow. If you are in the mindset of like flying a five inch ray squat, and then you fly one of these, it just feels like it's, a yeah, some Thai food party boat compared to a five inch race, Quad, it's, very slow, very controlled and that's. Zašto? We call them whoops a cinema because it feels like a giant loop in the air, very beautiful, slow pants, and I can't even I don't, even want to talk during this pant. This is a really nice pant, and the other interesting thing today was that there was about a 10 da 15 mile an hour breeze and I'm still able to hold a nice smooth, GoPro footage lens on the front of this quad it's.

Just really breathtaking. You can almost see on st. helens off in the distance there and why don't we go ahead and descend and go closer down to these little estuaries right through here and let's, get in closer to the environment, what's and again what's so cool about this. Is that you can get in really close, and you can literally fly between bushes and trees, because you have prop guards. You can kind of push your way through things and get away with shots that you normally wouldn't, try with a regular five inch without prop guards and that's the reason that most people are buying these. But I think also probably one of the best things about this particular whip is it's one of the cheaper ones out there and I have a handful of them. The bumble bee, the take an I've got the chase or 138, but I didn't go places with those particular sin, whoops that I did with this one. This one was a little cheaper, so I felt like I could get out there and take some more risks with it. But the nice thing is that the components all held upI also tested a mild amount of freestyle for you guys I did some flips and some hard stuff with it and I didn't get any washout with the GoPro or without a GoPro, since these are the Smaller version of the motors on this particular model, you can get a little bit longer flight time in the 8 minute realm tree exploration also no problem.

This is with the GoPro skirting through the trees right here, making some of the smallest gaps and still looking ultra smooth I'm, really really feeling it. So now I have my fpv view on the bottom left, for you guys see see what that 1200 tvl camera looks. Like in it, it's a no name camera, but it did actually pretty well out here, I'm flying behind this chain link fence, and typically I will failsafe right there as well as well as completely lose video on most of my cameras and my VTX setups. Ali sada., I'm running it in 200, milliwatts and certain spots out in the field. There is an antenna on that pump house, so it does have a little bit of a feedback in certain areas. I'M, not sure what type of that is what it does cause interference sometimes, but I think that the video looks pretty good, and this is where, if you notice there's been a light shift, the clouds are coming in now and it's starting to get overcast because they're Covering up the Sun above us and look how well the camera is doing the GoPro. You can see it's dark right in front of the quad, so check this out. We'Re gon na go in super deep right here. Now almost completely lost video out of there and your first instinct when you lose complete video should be the power out, go ahead and hit the throttle and come up instead of dropping to the ground.

You might save your quad a lot of times with doing that. That particular technique. The reason that you go up is because it'll give you a clear line of sight to your goggles and it'll, bring the video back and you'll be able to continue on your flying, but this was so much fun. I didn't see a whole lot of birds out in the field today. I think I saw one and sometimes we'll surprise something out in the field. There'S. Također, some coyotes walking around out here and I've, seen a few coyotes and a couple of my videos but let's go back in there. Let'S get deep back into the brush again, and this really shows off that camera. Na 1200 TVL camera. I can kind of see where I'm going now I can see the the main part of the trees but I'm, not too worried, because I have ducks and I can kind of push through things. I'Ve ran directly into branches and it just kind of bounces back or pushes off the branches that's a really interesting sort of trait of Cinna whoops. They will push branches out of the way unless they go down into your duck, which honestly has never happened to me, which is cool so now, I'm gon na go ahead and do a giant loop and I didn't realize how big of a loop I was doing. But I bounced off the ground right there, but I made it back around and I did loop this over and over out in the field, for you guys, and I can honestly say that it didn't have any tumble or washout on this particular frame, što je fenomenalno.

So I'm super stoked with this one and especially for the price, did just as good as the 400 DJI version, so for the guys out there looking for something out a decent price. This is the one to get if you're on a budget. Absolutely it is well worth the money. I think now that it has the tune on here, it's it's flying great it's, very durable. I was afraid that I was gon na break these prop guards and they never did, and if you want to replace it with a 30 od strane 30 stack later, it has that option as well. So I think it's kind of loaded down with options I like the top mount battery, and I love the video that I came home with with this particular quad, so experiment play around with this quad try some different props I'm gon na put some props down below. For you guys that you can try out some of the gym fan props, probably a little bit smoother than the dial props, that I'm running on here right now, but extremely versatile, great price on a budget. Absolutely this one surprised me so I'll put some CLI link down below for you guys for my pin tune to thumbs up for this one, posebno za cijenu, the durability and the video that I brought home, Dečki, I'm Justin Davis.