This lightweight three channel RTF airplane is perfect for indoor winter flying. Very stable flier that should make a great trainer. Ga pronaći ovdje

Ready to fly out of the box. Insert AA batteries to its transmitter, charge the plane's LiPo, and go fly!
Three channel control of motor, Kormilo, i dizalo.
Provided controller has a range of approximately 100 metara.
Very lightweight construction of foam with carbon fiber stiffeners. Should be difficult (but not impossible) to damage in a crash due to low momentum.
Common 3.7V 200mah LiPo battery provides close to 9 minuta leta.

Not much power from its brushed 0820 motora.
Very gentle flier. Could not get it to loop even in advanced mode. I think that this is mainly intended as a winter indoor flier for beginner pilots.
Needed a lot of rudder trim to straighten its flight.

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