FPV Drones – How to start in 2023? DJI O3

Your way into the Incredible World of app BB Ive been into fpv for two years now. Flying makes me happy and its the best hobby I can think of adrenaline is high from flying seems like youre, a tiny Jet Pilot in a gigantic world. The goggles bring you into the parallel universe of […]

Primeiro Voo DJI Mini 2 Se || Pregled || O Baratinho Top da DJI

Aqui do dji Mini 2. Se aps que a galera estava aguardando aquele super review. Completo essa aqui uma verso que podemos dizer assim mais simples do djm2 Ser que to simples assim mesmo ns vamos descobrir nesse super review, bom galera entre, o DJ m2 e o DJ Mini 2 se a principal diferena, […]

NOVI 2023 Flywoo Cinerace 20 FPV Drone with DJI 03 Kamera

Pa, we are here today to talk about the brand new flywoo cine race 20, with the dji03 system. They stuck it into the super tiny small, little cine race quad. Now before I go any further with this review. This is pretty much the same drone as the previous drone. I reviewed right here. […]

What is the MQ-9 Reaper – Na $32 Million USAF Drone Taken Out of the Sky by Russia

On March 14, 2023, one of a pair of Russian su 27 fighter jets flying over the Black Sea, struck the propeller of an MQ 9 Reaper Trunk piloted by the United States, based on the actions of the Russian Pilots. Its clear that it was unsafe, unprofessional and I think the actions speak for […]

JJRC H111 Micro Optical Flow Folding Drone Flight Test Review

Andy was first to say first in one of my recent videos and thus was the shout out. So congratulations well here in Erie PA. Sometimes you just cant fly Outdoors. So what do you do on a day like today? You fly indoors and thats the subject of todays flight, the jjrc h 111 […]

Star GazerBest FPV Drone Christmas/Birthday Gift of 2023

Do you have difficulty buying gifts for your kids for birthdays or Christmas, or even your husband, because its hard to buy for but your husbands in the RC Hobby, and maybe your kids want to get in the RC hobby? I have the solution for you check this out its called the Stargazer, svoje […]

Military expert weighs in on footage of US drone takedown

. The US military just put out this video today and in this well show you it goes out of communication, a bit., But take a look at this still shot.. You can see one of the things that the government, the Pentagon, has laid out., The Russian fighter jet just dumping, the U.S. dumping […]

YLRC S138 Brushless Optical Flow Obstacle Avoidance Drone Flight Test Review

The fox was first to say first in one of my recent videos and thus was a shot at so congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of a deep new drone. This is the ylrc s138. Looking at the s138, you can see right away, yeah its another one of these folding […]

Botched Russian Intercept of MQ-9 Drone Over International Waters

Pa, talk more about the botched Intercept in a moment, but first lets take a look and see exactly what brought this drone down. The MQ 9 drone is powered by the Garrett tpe 331 turbo prop engine direct drive, turboshaft engine, pushing a four bladed propeller. I believe its a four bladed metal propeller […]

The BEST $30 4K Dron – S96

Pa, this is another episode of these two little drones, each of them costs 30, U.S and theyre quite high in technology for what they do for thirty dollars and what you get for thirty dollars. And if you watch my previous episode of this one, this is the jjrc h11. I showed it flying […]

This 4K Camera Drone only costs $30 – JJRC H111

Pa, this is going to be another Captain. Drone drone, video and Im wearing my captain. Drone t, shirt and Ive got Captain drone stuff all over the place just to drive you up the wall with Captain drone anyways lets get on to this video, its all about these little drones right here that […]

America's Kamikaze Drone

Dame i gospodo, the switchblade Music all right heres, the deal Ive said this once and I will say this again: Uncle Sam is very, very good at identifying what the kids are into and somehow turning it into a weapon. During World War II, kids were into playing baseball guess what weve got baseball […]