Pointless Drones ReviewsBefore You buy A Hubsan Zino Mini Pro or Any DJI Drones

The pointless drone reviews, no significance right. Why is that? What im talking about notice significance in terms of drones that you buy, that comes with the camera and im going to explain why? Okay and go back here? And why is that? Because people need to stop wasting money on drones versus what im […]

DJI Mavic na zrak 2 Pregled | Best Mini Drone Camera 2021

. You may have some questions like so whats different. Pa, lets start with the larger sensor, theres a lot more pixels 48 megapixels to be exact, which means you can do this and then shoot a hyperlapse in 8k with smartphoto. Every shot is a masterpiece, Music yeah, but photos arent. Really my thing, […]

Vrh 5 Best Mini Drone On Aliexpress In 2021 – Pod $30

Thoughts were Happy New Year celebration. Tonight we felt the answer in the rivers and going to tell you everything about the best mini jonel expressed with other the best you can apply now over when certain events in the Selection of the video Subscribe to my Channel and come around to stay up. Da […]


abc, kayaknya ini, Koristiti, iflix, Albatros, yang terpilih, Da, Jer, tujuannya, memang, Za, main jauh; Ah, terus ini, Framenya APEC Hai primapack untuk, motornya ini image, rs2205 2300kv Hai, ah kamera masih, kamera, Kao, Trut, kemarin ya, Mora, Koristiti, Xiaomi, Za, kamera, FBnya, sama, Također, semua, Kao, dont, kemarin, Ovaj, Koristiti, Kadek, reptil micro, sama, […]

Skyflash Racing Drone with FPV @menkindstores

The skyflash high performance drone is the perfect companion for just that theres a whole host of features from a built in camera, landing pads and maneuver gates its everything you need to start your journey. The drone comes packed with built in features and a host of accessories onboard is a built in camera […]

🎮 UNCRASHED: ce NOUVEAU simulateur de DRONE FPV va t'il remplacer les autres ? 👊

Cest 1 des simulateurs les moins chers du march. Lift off par exemple, vos 20 euros alors, je parle de lift off parce que cest un peu le simulateur de rfrence et que cest surtout celui que jutilise donc on le comparera par rapport lui et on va voir sil vaut justement cette diffrence de […]

Apex jonE5 Edition – 5" Freestyle drone perfection or Complex build?

This is a new series where i am going to take a popular, build formula. Turn it upside down, put it on its head and use my own list of components instead of this popular spec build, and now this apex frame has one of the most popular spec, build formulas. The mr steel formula […]

NEW DJI Mini DroneMini SE Full Review #Shorts

12 megapixel photos are great. No one would notice any different like when ive shown people photos from the mini sc theyre, like thats, really impressive. That looks great like what was that captured on, and i show them the drone and theyre like what, on that tiny little thing like theyre blown away so […]

Memu maa kothi chestalu 😂& drone crash 😤

ly, Hai, Mbak Rani bareng Heru Saya ingin mengatur ada, aduh 500 syuting dibawa deh kalau nenek alam panel harga sahabat Jhonson, Dauh, enjung, Syaikhona, Hai, Underground meninggalkan, Za, Gdje, fotomu, cetak, sepatu, wedding, Wetan, mangrove lagu, kenangan, Da, kaleng, Purworejo, super orang, itu Dewi ya, prusyariah, cinta, itu Iya, dek, Effendi Maulid grafik sudah […]

[pregled] How and Why I got drone license? (in Korea)

Our lab has built a new drone, so i had to take the drone education in korea. Drone license is divided into four grades. It depends on aircrafts. Weights first grade is the highest level, and first grade is the lowest level first degree is qualified to fly a drone, which is less than 150 […]


Un drone che anche. Se, a qualcuno ha creato degradabili ad altri come esempio nel mio, caso ha dato molte soddisfazioni un drone che tuttora in molti stanno continuando ad acquistare oggi ve, lo racconto ovviamente non le fermo 11 che gi, nel canale, o vari video di lui, magari ve ne mette Uno con […]

Why I Got the iPhone 13 Mini and NOT the iPhone 13 Pro (Content Creator's Perspective)

Would you want to get and a lot of you have chosen the iphone 13 pro max, followed by the 13 pro i get it theyre the pro models, theyre, the better phones. I have the iphone 12 pro its a great phone, its just too big and very uncomfortable, which is why im trading […]