There are a lot of amazing and incredible features about this plane. Number one is that the price is actually really good for a plane that has an eight and a half foot wingspan. This is a very large sail plane. It is an intermediate to advanced sail plane. It is not gon na be a good choice for guys who are just getting into RC airplanes or wanting your first sail plane. This wouldn't be a good first sail plane, but it has a lot of options on here. There are some tricks to setting it up and getting the CG exactly right, which we're going to talk about in this video I'm, going to give you the specs that I used for my setup to get the CG right. I know Bruce over at X, jet had some issues with the CG and getting that exactly right, so it first off. It needs a lot of weight forward. I added four and a half extra ounces of weight in the nose of this aircraft to get it to balance out right. The original tail fins have been since replaced with newer and lighter ones. We had some issues on the first production of this plane with those being kind of overly heavy they. What they were trying to do is make it more durable for you guys, but in the end what happened was it made it a little bit tail heavy? So my first toss when I thought that I had the CG exactly right, even after I added my weight, I had a nose up and sort of wing over episode and it went straight into the ground.

So my first flight was a durability test and I could have destroyed this entire plane. There have been instances on my channel where I have it's destroyed a plane on on the first launches, because I didn't have something exactly right or a component failed. The good news is here that this plane is extremely durable when it hit the ground head on. It has a metal nose, cone of front and a folding prop the prop didn't break. The nosecone has a recessed and it has a front end on it, and it has venting through here so that air is able to pass through here and cool the motor and ESC, što je stvarno lijepo. It is also not bent, even though it hit head on into some clay type of dirt. It had a full frontal impact. It did not destroy the firewall, which is also kind of amazing. I have blown out the entire front end of airplanes, especially these EPO style airplanes, all the way back to about here halfway down the battery compartment, which is very very likely to happen on any type of full frontal airplane crash. Now this canopy, if I can get it off here for you, it will allow something as large as a five thousand milliamp battery. If you want to cram a five thousand in there, you can get it in there without the canopy on. If you want to run an average stock style battery that's going to get you around fifteen minutes to thirty minutes flight time, you can run something like the four s 2650 and the reason I say 15 da 30 minutes is because it depends on your weather conditions.

If you have a nice headwind, gliders like a little bit of wind, because you can nose into the wind and kill the throttle use the SE brake, it will come to a complete stop. The braking is already set up on this ESC, što je lijepo. It is also a 40 amp ESC, which is perfect for this particular 14 inch prop power, combo setup. We have a pretty large brushless motor in there that brushless motor was actually a 28 2600 kV motor running along with this super large wingspan, to be able to carry all this way this this plane weighs in at about 2600 grama. So it is a very large sail plane and again it is an intermediate style, avion, it's it's, not a good plane. If this is your first RC airplane, this would be extremely hard number one to get set up exactly right. You want to use about 30 expo and your servos all the way around and on the elevator on the tail now what's also cool is that this has detachable wing and tail fins, što je lijepo. So these just pop off. They have two carbon rods here and a power connector point with just snap on and off really easily. It also has a little bit of a clip there, which locks into place a lot like the side planes and honestly, it kind of looks like a sod color scheme on here. Ja, like the white and the black, the wings are all black.

They have pre installed. Servos and what's nice is that the smaller servos on here there's four nine gram servos and they have seventeen gram, servos metal, geared servos on the ailerons, which is extremely important for gliders. If you have flown any high altitude gliders in your RC lifetime. Vaše iskustvo, you know that you need metal gear sub rows on gliders, because this is a super large wing it's, an over 4 foot wingspan here on just one side of it and having an eight and a half foot wingspan with all that tension on the wing. You would shred a plastic geared servo, so it's nice that they did include metal gear servos. Now it is an extremely flat profile here with a tiny bit of taper on the end, so it does kind of go into the classification of hot liner and when it comes by you on the field for the first time, you do a flyby with this plane. It sounds extremely cool. It sounds like some kind of Star Wars. Speeder speeding by you, it's really really cool. It sounds like a spaceship. It has a very distinct sound in the air. You can hear all this wind rushing over the wings as it passes. You now also we're gon na run a flight controllers today and I've talked about this flight controller before it's the Zod copilot flight controller. It is sitting just behind where I'm gon na have my battery in the fuselage, and I have my GPS running back here.

So this flight controller is about '. It is plug and play you plug in the servos and your receiver here and if you failsafe, the nice thing is that you lose connection from your receiver. It will turn around level out and come fly back to home and loiter around the home point right. Where you took off, which is nice at the altitude you specified. No computer is needed to set up this flight controller it's, not like I nav, where you have to go on your computer and set everything up and test everything to make sure all the switches are working. You only require one three position switch to have this flight controller working and it has stabilized mode manual and return to home on a switch which is very nice. You put that one any RC airplane out there now eight and a half foot wingspan 2600 grama. On this glider it will carry a GoPro 360 camera we'll have enough room still to put that four s 2650 in there. You can also try out some lion packs. If you're making your own, then that'll push your flight time to about maybe an hour to an hour and a half with maybe even a couple: 4s 3500 packs. These are thes odd ones, but these only handle about a 10 amp load. Continuous load draw on these packs. These are 18 650 s again, you have to have a lie on style charger to be able to charge those most of the is DT Chargers will charge these, but running them in a series of parallel on here would be a nice setup for a little bit Extended flight time so we'll try to test those out later on the channel.

They also have a larger one coming out: seven thousand milliamp, but let's go ahead. Let'S take this glider out. Let me show you some amazing flight footage and one of the cooler videos that you're gon na see on my channel this year. This is the east guy albatross, guys let's go ahead and do some flying and have some amazing fun with this glider around 250 dolara. I can't believe the price for all this plug and play gear is really cool. Here we go guys. Alright, guys let's go ahead and do the albatross flight test together and let me share my experience with you. Guys know the hand launched it does take quite a bit of strength to launch this plane. But the motor in the prop combo are so big that it feels like it's gon na take off that. Out of your hand, a little just barely at half throttle so that a little bit of extra throttle there, it's gon na just easily keep the nose up, make sure you're not obviously tilting it too far up when you let go of it, you want to kind Of be holding it straight across can because the wings will give you plenty of lift they're gigantic. We almost have nine feet of wing on this planes crazy now, in forward flight, my cruise was somewhere around 35 throttle to maybe 40 throttle when I'm trying to go a little faster. You rarely ever will fly this plane that full throttle they can handle it on the takeoff.

If you almost hit full throttle climbing up that's, not gon na, be a problem. The wing it's very smooth and efficient. It doesn't have a lot of drag. So this is a super fast sail, plane and and again I think the most amazing thing about this plane is probably the way it sounds when it flies by. If you guys are guys that, like the flyby, just kind of buzz, the tower kind of guys you're gon na enjoy that sound of that plane coming by it's gon na, definitely be something that your buddies talk about at the field. When this thing comes by, especially when you stop the motor and come by, it is just it's, not quite silent, da. It has this weird strange, whoosh sound as it comes by because it's such a massive plane having a little fun with keyframing on my insta 360 kamera, if you guys have never seen it insta 360 u akciji, you're doing for a treat in this video because I'm Able to drag around on my phone from my app and make keyframes we're able to kind of look around in a 360 pan on the top of the albatross right here, which is really kind of cool. It will look out to the side. I really like the wing views on these planes. I used to have to mount like four different cameras, all my planes to be able to get this kind of view perspective down the wing camera.

I usually have one pointing backwards: one pointing forwards; sometimes one on each wing and there's. The tail shot, really cool that you can just spin these cameras all the way around and here I'm, just taking my my time getting of getting used to the controls. One thing that I noticed on the bench is that the servos have a very sort of high quality servo sound to them. They do not sound cheap at all when you move them with your hands on the bench as well, when it's not plugged in you can tell that they're good quality servos again. I wish I could show the brand I don't, I don't know the brand on these, but a lot of these are made in the same factory, but there are many different levels of quality coming out of China. So if you definitely want to stick with the metal geared servos on these planes, how cold is the v tail? Look at the rear view. Look at that that is so cool and one thing that I had some problems with as far as our borders and boundaries of our AMA field. Right here, if you fly at a smaller AMA airfield, most AMA airfields are big enough to accommodate even a 90 inch gas plane. So some of those guys are kind of skirting the edges of the boundaries outside the AMA sanctioned field which is frowned upon in the community. But I have to say this plane is definitely skirting the boundaries of our field, because it wants a lot of airspace and it could really use a long range receiver on it.

If you want to put crossfire on this plane and take it up in the mountains. That'S, where this plane wants to live, it wants to be a mountain surfer. It really does and with some good altitude you can ride some serious thermals with this plane. I was picking up some thermals out here, just over top of this field. A little further over here was where there was more thermals but that's about the edge of our field right there. So I don't want to go too far over in that neighbor's property. I don't want to get in trouble here and then back over this direction and let me show you guys some of the fpv footage. This is the Zod copilot VC 400 kamera. You can see that I'm on channel B, 3 right here and 5771 I'm running 200 milliwatts. It is a cloverleaf antenna, kind of a classic old school cloverleaf antenna, and you can see my voltage there and my fly time and right now, I'm, at fifteen sevenand you know almost eight minutes flight time. I'Ve used about a volt out of this pack and I still have another volt to go so well, na 2650. You know we're looking at 20 minutes on a twenty six fifty. So if you put even up to about a four thousand pack in here, I think the five thousand honestly is just going to be getting it's gon na be flexing the foam too much.

I think that the the four thousand is probably the way to go. If you're, looking for the largest battery and the larger battery, you put in the front end of this plane, you're gon na have to accommodate that to the CG. But it also depends on the wind, your flying air, if you want a heavy airplane to fly and more wind. As far as up in the mountain goes, you can use a heavier battery right, you're locally in Mayfield and it's like it is today about a 12 mile an hour wind go for the 4s 2650 it's a good battery, and you can still put your GoPro just Behind where the canopy is and get a good CG right here, I'm coming in for really trying to come in for a fast landing, but I wasn't able to make it slowed down enough there and that's without flaps that's how fast it comes down this runway and Our runway it's, not really that small. There are some large 90 inch planes that come in and land on this field and lining it up for a landing, fpv or line of sight. It takes a lot a lot of ground to get this thing to go way out and turn around. The old timers always told me to go long and low come in long and low right here, just playing around with that glide try and see. If I can find some thermals be really cool to have an altimeter on this plane, come back to the motor at 600, kV I'm interested in testing this out.

For you guys with some lion. Packs I'm I'm gon na have to get a lawn chair when I'm flying this plane and I'll be flying this plane more this year and I'll. Let you guys know how it goes further into the year. If you want to join our Facebook group, you'll see pictures of my trips and travels once a lot of this kovin 19 stuff blows over. Nadam se da, in the summer you can get back to our road trips and fly in so I'm gon na come in for a kind of a hot landing right here, but landing fpv is always challenging with eight and a half feet at wingspan you're using no flaps. Pogledaj. How fast it comes in soft as a feather all in one piece: alright guys welcome back from the flight test. So what did you think about the is it's kind of it's kind of hard to tell from YouTube how something flies? What the characteristics are like now on larger sailplanes, when you have this much wing it's important, to know that a very flat profile will show you a very fast wing, not a lot of the Hedra on the end of this it's, not like one of the 'if Light radians, where they have a ton of dahi drill and it's very slow, and it has almost zero stall capability. I think that as a hotline or profile on this wing that there will be some tips, though a very possible with this plane, all the weight and momentum.

It needs quite a bit of speed to keep a forward amount of lift going in the wings. If you do any really tight turns, I would be very cautious if you, if you do it at a low altitude, so keep a good altitude with this plane when you're making turns it, maybe even a little nervous when I was making my turns to come into The runway below like a hundred feet around fifty foot marks so big wide turns this plane kind of turns like an Escalade and keep that in mind when you're flying it that's a little bit of a turning characteristic it's not going to turn on a dime. You can try it super high up and see what it does. It might go into a spin, so be ready for that. Be ready to use the rudder to to get out of that tailspin very important that you set your rudder up correctly now. The other thing was that the CG was a little bit hard to set up so that's, not super good news for the new guys, but as far as the crash and durability, testing of this plane I'm impressed with the fact that it held up during the crash. It didn't break the front end. I didn't bend the shaft on this motor. They have a metal nose cone on the front end where it's holding the prop on on both sides here, so that didn't bend or break as well and I'd even break a prop, which is amazing and no accordion effect on the fuselage.

You can see the fuselage is fine, it's, completely fine and it's such a dense foam that it I've had this for over a month now and there's, not a lot of hanger rash on it there's a few tiny scratch, as you can see in there, but no Real big indentations, some of the planes out there get into tensions on them just from handling them and bringing them out to your car to go fly. Whereas this phone is this foam is really dense. You can hear it. Let me show you a sod plane. Na primjer, I'll do the same thing with this plane, it's it's kind of hard to tell, but this foam has a really soft feel to it, whereas this other EPO EPS is really really dense, so that's that's, something to be said. This is definitely lighter, but it's way, smaller as well and that's the trade off there you're gon na get maybe a little more durability out of this type of phone. As far as your traveling and your hangar goes now. As far as the other crash characteristic of this plane that I noticed that when it went in straight downand it did that lawn dart when that happenedsomething interesting happened like I said before no accordion effect in the front of the fuselage. The next thing is that I didn't get any damage on the side where the connections are. This is the connector to the servos on the outside of the power connector here did not get ripped off and none of this got compromised.

I was afraid about this because this would be a little bit difficult to rebuild now what's so awesome about. This is the fact that these wings are so heavy and my carbon spars going through the main wing it just snapped, because the wing is the momentum of the wing coming down so much force that the wings fold out and when they fold out the only thing. That'S going to give in there is actually the carbon spar which mine did right here at the edge where the fuselage meets the wing, so the other two spars just barely go in and those did not break, što je fenomenalno. I could probably pull those out and replace them or buy a new wing, but this just slides on like thisand I know Bruce from x jet mentioned that it was hard to put together, but there it is, you just saw me, put it together. So I don't know I don't think it's that hard to put together the other side when you come in you're gon na have to hold it with this arm and then pull it in with this arm, you you're going to use a little bit of strength to Pull it together, but this wing will not separate if you're worried about it. You can take a little bit of wing tape and put over top between the fuselage and the Wayne. That'Ll hold that in place and it shouldn't wiggle out, but in the gliders past, I've had wings separate, mid flight, and that happens on a lot of gliders, so it's good that these are nice and tight and with all this altitude that you can get with this Plane that's a good thing want to see this wing kind of doing the wing flutter a couple hundred feet up headed for the ground, because that means that your fuselage is coming down like a missile, so really cool that this plane survives my flight test, because it Was it was a pretty tough flight test, but I enjoyed flying it.

I think that it has a lot of potential and for the price 250 bucks it's one of the coolest planes, sailplanes biggest sale, planes out there for that price, pa da. I would pick one up if you like sailplanes anyway, guys I'm Justin Davis, čuvaj se, be safe, stay home and avoid people guys. Please do subscribe. My channel this was the albatross I'll, see you on the next one.