You decide which micro you buy this year with DJI digital in there we're gon na review sort of do a mash up. Danas, we're gon na put in some footage of the rocket from gap RC. This is the rocket light with the cat X on board and I'm also going to show you guys, trans tech buba, koja je puna veličina, zračni modul, onboard and we're gon na. Pogledajte, i primarno ovaj je rod od moj ponovo ispitivanje dana nov beta fpv 95 X s mačkom X na njemu. Poslali su mi ovo prije nekoliko tjedana., i ja sam ga izgradio za vas dečki s dijelovima koje su poslali preko konačne proizvodne verzije ovoga će biti drugačiji, jer to je nešto što su poslali prije coronavirus hit i kineske Nove godine. As well so we've been kind of in a lull right now with China, ali ja sam izgraditi ovaj gore i testirali smo ga. Letjela je vrlo dobro., što je dobra vijest. Moj je stvarno solidan., graditi i ima vrlo malo želea u fotoaparatu. Ako instalirate sve na ovdje ispravno, you shouldn't get a lot of jello. Izbirljiv predmet o ovaj je da na njihovom položaj Internet se dogoditi se prekid i muha sa pojedini različit opcije. Imamo na bar sky verziji, FCC verzija. Imamo nebo., LBT prijemnik, DSM X i tablice verzija na tu, i ja vjerujem da možete dobiti TBS crossfire i PNP verzija na ovom jednom, kao i.

Svaki od njih je blizu 300 dolar cijena point, so this one's 2.99. Mislim da je ovaj tu negdje. 300 Oko 310 ili tako, a zatim raketno svjetlo je vjerojatno najskuplji od njih od svih oko 320 dolar cijena point. Možda ćete ga moći dobiti malo jeftinije bez prijemnika na njemu. Ako želite dodati svoj prijemnik na ovdje usput, ovaj htijenje funkcionirati sa ljepušan velik dio bilo koji primalac vanjska strana ima kao čeznuti kao posrijedi je S, postavljanje sabirnice, let's. Just dive into some of the footage of each of these quads we're gon na start out. Prvi, sa mojim snimkama i mojim testovima leta 95 X, moja graditi, Kao što sam rekao opet, Internet je došao vanjska strana stvarno izbirljiv. Sve je prilično čvrsta na ovdje i ja sam pogodio gol post s njim smack glavu na u ići post, vjerojatno najgora stvar koju eventualno možete pogoditi s quad u bilo kojem polju: metalni stupovi, Četvorci, nikada ne miješati prilično dobro, ali trajnost. Tests on all these we're going to talk about freestyle capability of each one, we're also going to talk about the cinema quality of each one and which one is basically the overall best flying one out of these three. So these are the three that everybody's looking at right now, and these are probably on everybody's hot list and you're, probably deciding which one you should get.

Nadam se da, by the end of this, video you'll have a better idea of which one you like, where you prefer and also I'll, let you know which one I like four out of all three of these here, idemo.. U redu, guys let's go ahead and get this comparison underway now I'm, going to show you several different things here in this video, so that you guys get the full spectrum of all three of these quads starting out with my 95 X build. It came out pretty good I'm, actually pretty happy with the reduced amount of jello that I see in my build versus some of the other reviewers. You know no offense guys that was kind of a hard quad to put together it's, really tight up in the canopy and the hardware that they provided. You have to have it exactly right, and even though I have it pretty much right, I don't have a screw or a stand off in the very back, so that might be where some my jello is coming through into the video, and the reason that I didn't Put it on the backside of the quad was because there was no real screw port in that area and there was a lot of wires running through there and I didn't want to risk messing something up or frying something. So I have three mounts on mine. The back mounts, so maybe the production version will have all four standoffs on there and solidify this camera, but hey the Freestyle is actually pretty good.

I think that the proximity flying right here through the trees a little bit of slalom back and forth. This is all ultra smooth, and this felt great on the sticks, guys it felt so much fun. It is definitely that kind of like HD woop experience. If you want a whoop style, quad go for the 95 X that's that's. What this one kind of flies like because of the lightweight feel to it. It just has that whoop feel it doesn't feel like a micro brushless. The Transtech beetle feels like a kind of a hokey micro brushless and the tune on that one slowed down a little bit. So you can. You can get some decent cinema stuff, but I didn't feel like I was held back honestly on any of these quads, but they all have slightly different flying characteristics and the test in this video is least amount of jello can it's cinema and can it freestyle, and So far the 95 X seems to handle freestyle easily and I didn't see any washout. I did see some vibrations at the very bottom of some, my power loops over those gates or over the soccer posts, soccer goals and we'll just head back over that direction and we'll work on a few more, and I also did a unexpected durability test, because I Smacked right into one and I broke this frame you'll see a little bit more jello after I broke the frame and part of the problem.

So I think, if the rocket light, how to hit this, it could possibly broke something, but those are probably the most durable prop guards out there in any of these. Now power lose background, Prilično dobro, now let's get in here, but doesn't the CAD X Vista. Look just super awesome. It looks really really beautiful and coming back in through here, and this is where you can see more jello, and this would be your cinema type shot. You can't really see a lot of jell o until you're high up in the air and that's. What I'd like to do with a lot of these quads that I'm gon na show you all these up on the screen coming up near the end of the flight test, but the beta fpv 95 X. Za mene, it did pretty good. I wasn't unhappy with this quad in this test. I think building it was a challenge. It was hard to build because there's not a lot of room up in those canopies, and there was my breaking point right there. I broke the front of the frame on that frontal impact. I have also broken their canopies. The canopy that covers this 95 X is more brittle than some of the other type of camera mounts out there. The FRC wins it with that aluminum. The aircraft aluminum is probably the toughest mount out there. The TPU mount on the Transtech Beetle is also good, fairly indestructible, but TPU can get damaged over time.

I think your most solid bets, probably that aluminum mount and I'm going to show you how that looks. Coming up but here's a little bit more jello in my proximity flying right here that you will notice and that's because I'm flying now with a broken frame but it's still flying it, didn't totally disable the frame which is cool. But unfortunately, now I have to go back and have to rebuild this entire frame just squeaking through that last gap. Right there, a little punch out and notice. You can see that camera donut now on the front of the camera after I smacked that pole pretty good. It did shift and move on me but super fun and, like I said it feels like a whoop. So if you want the whoop style over the 95 X production version buying, it fly now. We'Re gon na switch over to the trans tech beetle and baby. The beetle was one of the highest scoring micro, HD quads on my channel, a recent history. I had to build this one up. They sent me a box of parts, and this is the result of that. There is the slightest bit of jello in that cinema. Video that I showed you just then, but down low proximity, slowing it down going through tree gaps, little tree exploration with this quad, you can't, do it in stability mode. If you want and get up inside those tree, canopies and house with fun, it will just slow it way down and look at the detail.

On the 1080p DVR, the on board storage, DVR of the DJI air module different than the cat X Vista cat X, listed uhz, not have an onboard DVR, so you're only recording in the goggles, so there's a there is a quite a difference between this video and The goggle recorded video that you saw previously, but I think again that the cat is Vista. Does it. It looks okay, if you want to record true cinema style stuff just for YouTube and go for the full blown air module, and now the freestyle capability for the Transtech beetle is probably the best out of all three of these. It feels more like a micro brushless. Even though it has that additional weight that the 95 X and the rocket light shaved down because of the cat X Vista, so you're making a little bit of sacrifice, tamo, quality video quality versus your weight factor so that's. Something to consider when you go to buy all three of these honestly, you can buy it's nice that gab RC does give us the option to buy the full blown air module with onboard DVR it's called the rocket plus so I'm thinking that the trans tech beetle, It does have a quite a bit nicer video as far as the vibes go for innama, so I think that in my testing the 95 X has more jello than the Transtech beetle does, and I had to build both of these myself as well.

So it might be a little bit different than what you get from the factory, so we're gon na hope that there's a little less jello in the factory in the production versions of both of these quads. So now let's go ahead and test out one of the best cinema whoops on my channel, probably for all of 2020. Do sada, we're gon na have a lot of competition to beat the rocket light. First thing I want to show you is that high up video, the cinema quality of the rocket light? Look at this. Do you see any jello where's the jello at this is a solid mount and it's nearly indestructible. We crash it into concrete in the parking lot messing around and we came back with scratches on that aircraft aluminum mount in the front and no frame breakage, which was great, and it is so fun to fly DJI goggle. So you can find the gaps through fences like that. You can see all the scragga on the ground and you can see pretty much every branch coming up to you, it's, really awesome. When you get down below to the ground, you can see it kind of pixelate up a little bit. Blocky tree exploration with the rocket light was fantastic. It was so much fun because I had those prop cards in stability mode. I could just really get in there with this quad there's Robert following me around just gon na that battery just totally died on me, but these guys had never flown kudex Vista or flown DJI before so I figured why not give those guys a try, and there Goes the power loop with no washout for the rocket light and a little bit of a tree flip back underneath here, don't see any jitter on the bottom into that loop tiniest bit right.

There did see it and now for our flyby rolls not bad another one. It'S, quite a super fast for being sort of a almost considered a woot, but not really it's it's, more of a micro, brushless class and Roberts tempting me to go through his legs brave man. So as da go back under the Jeep in my van, this thing will get in there check out the proximity. If the light is ridiculous, but here is where it is absolutely fantastic. Look at this video best cinema hands down of all three of these quads. It is just beautiful, and this is KX Vista guys. This is not even the onboard DVR version. This is the cat X this. What was recorded in the goggles just awesome and a very low power loop right there coming in kind of hot hit, a branch almost crash in the puddle, but made it back through and very, Vrlo, Vrlo, Vrlo, very sketchy. One puddles seem to be always right where the bottom of my power loops tend to be right there, where I like the power loop with those two trees, but we had a lot of fun with this one now I'm gon na. Let Robert fly it, and this is from a different pilot perspective. You guys can check this out. This is his first time flying anything. Dji and he's. Gon na go for his own gap. Nice gap, Robert sweet it's gon na go for a little bit of canopy.

Some tree gaps here, gon na get up in there slow it way down. Watch how slow the rut look. The rocket light goes super slow and for one more gap right here and you got to give it to CAD X for making such an awesome awesome transmitter. I mean this is just fantastic. I got really excited when I saw that the CAD X fist. It was coming out because it is what is it like? 40 grams lighter than the full blown air module somewhere around those lines and the video recorded to the goggle? Still looks pretty damn good. This looks decent when you're running 700 milliwatt close in like this. This is kind of video you can expect. It actually looks great. So this was a pretty big test and challenge, but let's see now the cinema testing results side by side, because I think you got you guys deserve to see this in comparison. You saw it on the screen. There was some jitter for the 95 X there and the rocket light. It just looks like it's flying on on a rail on the line, it's very, Vrlo, very smooth, look at that pan, that's great and compared to the 95 X. The rocket light winds and the cinema testing results no problem there now let's compare it to the trans tech beetle. The trans tech beetle did better than the 95 X, but I still deceit a little bit of bump there a little bit of jitter, but it did definitely better than the 95 X now let's go ahead and do the weigh in 109 grams without the battery that's.

Not bad now, let's put the trans tech beetle on there, 146 grams and let's put the rocket on there 127 grama, so the the beta 95 X is the lightest one out of the bunch. Now let's go ahead and put the 95 X on there with a 650 baterija. Ovo je 4s 650. Your total takeoff weight would be 189 grams again, the lightest out of the bunch and now the Transtech Beatle 225 grams and finally, my favorite, the rocket light. 207 grama, alright guys welcome back from the flight test. Sada, we're gon na break this down into several different categories, for choosing the right whoop for you and depending on these factors, that would be the deciding factor for you which one you decide to buy, because different people want different things. I understand that so I'm gon na talk about all of the different categories that we, these whoops, can fall into these HD micro brushless. So the first category will be the durability factor, because that's pretty high on everybody's list pay 300 for something you don't want it to break on the first day right. So the number one quad for durability and the QC Award has to obviously go to the rocket light by gap. Rc. This one is the one that you can buy for 300, bring home and fly. Take it out. It will be a while before you break something on this, because the prop guards are altered, durable.

It has that sort of camera out front squashed frame, H, style frame, što je sjajno. The carbon on the bottom is very high quality. It is around three millimeters, and this one also has the largest power system on here as well. So the the 12 series motors these are 1204 and those were 5000 kV. If I can read that right, it's pretty small, but this one also had the top mount battery, which I like for cinema, so that is also gon na, be a deciding factor in the cinema rating on this quad. So QC and durability goes to the rocket light. Second place out of these three would be the Transtech beetle. I didn't break anything on this one. It came home and peace and this donut in the front. This is an awesome TPU mount right here. That is what makes this quad special. You can also put prop guards on this one as well, so it might make it even a little bit more durable. But this one concerned me because it only has about a two point: five millimeter bottom plate on here the carbon looks to be a decent quality, ali jest 2.5 millimeters. So you might want to use the prop guards if you're concerned with breaking this frame. If you fly around a lot of concrete, the third durable frame would be the 95 X because it does have that traditional beta fpv sort of classic frame that we've seen on the 85 X and people have broken these.

They are cheap to buy. This one was one of the hardest ones for me to work on and and access the USB port as well. So the USB port is kind of tucked away, underneath my receiver, the the cable and in between this carbon frame and the plastic frame so hardest, one to access 95 X. The easiest one to access was probably this one without the prop guards on here, and I believe they do give you a 90 degree turned USBC cable that comes along with it, so you can get to it if you're using the prop guards. But this is the one for the gap RC, and this is a 90 degree turn us micro, USB port right on the very bottom right here and getting to the CAD X Vista is easy. It just plugs right into the top right there, it's no problem. Now the next category is going to be freestyle, which one is the best freestyle are out of all these and my number one choice for these three might have to be the beetle without the prop guards. I think this one flew really really awesome. It did great lines, it was fast and maybe that extra weight in some of the dives and stuff it still had plenty of power coming out of a dive with the 2.5 inch propsand I used these HQ props on here that are really smooth and really Fast, so the best freestyle or where it goes to the beetle second place is, I feel, like it's kind of a toss up, jer dobro, this one got really straight lines and the flight controller is really locked in the gap f4 on here at the believes, f4.

Stable we're on here in comparison to this one, it again, this one is more of a proximity close in freestyle quad. You can do tighter stuff with this one, but this one gives you a little more big air capability with the bigger power system on here, and this one again, like I said, has the biggest power system of all three of these. But this one also flew like a dream. This one flies really really good as long as it's built and setup right, thank God, the production version on this one you don't have to build or put all this CAD X stuff up inside there. But again, the easiest one to work on would be the the rocket because everything is accessible by one top plate and that's it. You no have to take off multiple layers like on the Transtech beetle, and the next category is going to be the cinema category, which one of these has the best cinema video. Sada, since I don't have the production version of the 95 X it's hard. To put this one in a rated category with these other two, because the other two as they sit, they are the ones that you're going to buy straight out of the store and that's the way they're gon na come to you. I felt like the rocket light. Probably wins the award for cinema because it flies really really well in stability mode straight ahead. Shots look amazing and the pans way up high and even a little bit of wind.

This quad performs really well, and I wish I had flown this one on a better day. It was a little bit overcast when I flew this one and, if you're concerned with quiet, this is gon na, be good for you as well. The rocket came in third as far as quiet goes, and the reason for that is because it has two inch props on here with a larger power system. So this little guy is quite quite loud, but you can still fly this one in a small park at a you know, 30 da 35 da 40 percent throttle, without bothering anybody it's still not as loud half as loud as a five inch. So this rating shouldn't be a big deal breaker for you, so number three number two would be the Transtech beetle for noise factor and then the the quietest, one of the bunch, bila 295 X, not really disturbing anyone nearby, and no one could really hear this thing. Flying around it's actually really light and quiet so now, we're down to the last part of this, which is probably the most important factor out of any factor and combines everything all the categories for my final rating and my best overall choice. Out of all three of these would be the gap, RC rocket light or the rocket plus, if you want the armboard DVR, and my decision on this is based on a lot of factors. The quality control is very high on gap.

Rc, like I've, said before I like the top mount battery on this one. These other two are bottom mount batteries, and even though these are two inch props, the power to weight ratio has been leveraged because they used a bigger motor on here and since they're, using the stable flight controller it's. Danas, io stable it's a lot smoother on the pits, the the PIDs are pre tuned in it, and it came to me working perfectly. All I had to do was put my XM plus on here and go have a ball. Također. The ease of working on this one is super high, really easy to work on, and access to CAD extact. I had to pull this one apart and do some things to it and I didn't have a problem accessing. It was very a very traditional setup and, Kao što sam već rekao., we've seen this type of frame before from the CX series in gap bar C. So it's tried true and tested durability, also very high with this one freestyle fact are very high and the cinema factor, so it kind of it kind of one in in all the different categories that I reviewed this quad for so I think one of your safest Bet still for a micro, brushless cinema hoop slash, slobodno, HD setup would be the rocket light out of all three of these, but it's been a new type of fpv war out there with these companies trying to come up with the best, the best micro class HD Whoop or cinema style quad out there so we're looking for a lot of different factors here, with these reviews and I'm happy to give you guys the results of all my testing, but thanks again for watching my channel guys, I'm Justin Davis.

If you want to check me out on patreon I'd appreciate it for all the work that I put into on the channel and we'll try to keep giving back to you guys and more content and information on the channel, as always guys take care I'm Justin Davis.