Now this is like the many little brother to the law. 5. You guys saw that beast on the channel. That was an awesome freestyle quad with gigantic motors, some of the biggest motors that I've flown on a freestyle drone in 2020, but this little guy is kind of like a competitor to a lot of the other three inch HD freestyle quads out there. This one does have pretty beefy unibody frame on the bottom. Ima. 1408 motors on here kind of nice gold plated looking motors, što je stvarno lijepo. It has full sized prop nuts on the top and honestly, if we're gon na do an honest review, I have to say that the tune that came on this was not impressive to me, so I had to spend some time pin tuning it and I'm gon na Put that link down below for the Google Doc link. If you want to copy that and put it on yours and try it, it will make your your quad fly much better than the stock tune, so I'm, giving back to the community doing that as always. But we have 25 amp es C's on here, so three or four s, whichever one you want to run and I'm running a top mounted battery like this, you can also run a bottom out if you want. We have the cat X baby turtle v2 on here. As well and we have a lollipop 3 stubby antenna on the very back with a TPU mount we've got my xm receiver coming out right there in my XT 30 here and you'll also notice that I'm not using the stock props.

The stock props are trash folks. They suck get rid of them, they're, not great, so they're a little too wide cord and they cause a lot of extra jello in the footage and I'll show you some examples of that here you can see on the screen is just not gon na be acceptable For your first experience, especially if this was your first quad and you saw jello on your first take off that wouldn't be cool, so we're gon na recommend these HQ props. These are three by fours. I'Ll. Try to put a link down below this. The the thing about a lot of the quads out there is that I've told this to people before on the channel is everything on a quadcopter, especially to your flight controller, so the less efficient. Your prop is the the more vibrations you can get to your flight controller from a terrible prop. Even after you've been one prop, you might get sus a little bit of vibration from that bent prop, and it would cause problems with your video. So one thing to keep in mind if you're, trying to record HD footage so anyway, guys let's go outside now and let's do some flying with the law 3. And let me show you what it looks like from the baby turtle v2 on here. So pretty impressive footage, but we will also see how it freestyles and flies around in the big tree farm out there and we'll do some high up flying where you'll actually be able to really tell what the jello is like, because guys that are freestyling.

These and reviews down low and flying really fast through obstacles. Things like that you don't catch. A lot of the jello and up high is where you're, really gon na see how good a tune is on a quad, so let's go ahead and do some flying now and then I'll give you my final thoughts and comments on the ishii in level 3. Here we go guys, let's go all right, Dečki, let's go ahead and get this one up in the air and flying. I have a friend here at the field today flying his RC jet. This is a ducted fan jet and it sounds just like the real thing. It'S really cool, but I had a hard time keeping up with him he's. So super good pilot, also a very young pilot. Doing some inverted passes there. You did another inverted pass across the runway, which was really cool but let's get to talking about the law. 3. Now the the first flight that I had it just felt to vibey, and I had to go back to my laptop and do a little bit of pit tuning on here. And this was the cleaned up result and at this point, in the tune. I'M. To the point where I only see a bit of jell o up high at the very top into the throttle right there, you can see a little bit of kind of vibration as I get to the top and right there, a super fast pass.

That was crazy, but freestyling. It it's on point with all of the freestyle maneuvers that you want to do this. This baby will power loop, it will tree flip, it will dive and I'll. Show you an example of a good dive coming out as well super tall evergreen. There was a nice pass and landing by my young friend over there. Really nice cool jet very nice landing made. It look easy, but you can slow this quad way down too. If you're a beginner it's a nice, stable, easy quad to fly to learn acro for an acro trainer, this quad is awesome, really stable. You can also fly instability modes, so the stuff you see me doing here is not quite the stuff that you have to do as a beginner. You can start out easy stability mode and work your way into flying acro. Sometimes my videos might be a little more extreme than the new person's gon na be able to kind of you know. We think that the quads too extreme, when actually it's, it's, not it's, just the way I'm flying and I'm flying a little crazy, but that's that's. The fun of it sometimes just to push things for you guys and show you how far it can actually go with a quad, and sometimes we do some unexpected durability tests as well, but no durability tests with this one. Today it Dov's it flipped, you can power loop, you can do freestyle, it can do some mild cinema and just for fun.

Here I came into the runway and did some sort of airplane landing simulate an airplane landing skidding across some runway? It was pretty cool. I did it one other time and flipped over as I caught one of the edges of the runway. There it's kind of a canvas runway but great day out with it and really enjoyed flying it after the Pitts tune. It'S, really great so let's do some final thoughts. Dobro, Dečki dobrodošli natrag s testa leta. So what did you guys think about the Lowell 3? Now we can talk honestly here, because here we are on my channel and that's what we try to do. I would definitely say the first thing you want to do if you get this quad if you've already bought it is grab these props. The HQ 3 by fours make a huge difference from the stock props again I'm, telling all the new guys out there. If you don't know prop is everything on a quad, if you get some type of buying to fly out there and it flies terrible right out of the box change out the props to some new nicer, props and it'll make a big difference on your it'll smooth. A lot of things out, sometimes, if I should just change props, I actually don'thave to do a whole lot of pit tuning to a quad. So first things first change out the props. Also you can check out my pit tune down below.

Hopefully that helps you or supply a little bit better, because again, some of the other reviewers might not have shown you that up egde, where you can really see some of the jello effect and again you're not going to see it down low when you're flying fast And furious freestyle it's, just not quite as noticeable before that cat X baby turtle v2 footage. But I also like that that's 1080p. Ima. 60 frames per second on that and there's a record button on the very back, but you can see it has a red LED blinking and you can start stop, but it also has an auto shutoff feature where it will actually finish the movie file after It you unplug it because a lot of times I unplug it on accident, but the movie files still gets recorded to the SD card, što je stvarno lijepo. I also like the fact that it has extremely nice bumper protection up front TPU mounts on the bottom and in the back. So we have all the TPU trimmings on here full size prop nuts, which I really like, because those are the same size as something on a 5 palac. So you can use the same wrench on this quad as you would a 5 palac, but I think the overall performance of it on 4s was nice. The performance was good. The quality is good on the parts again better than any of the wizard series stuff, and it just seems to be more of a 2020 naprijed, looking type of design than what we've seen in the past from Asia, it's kind of a step up from their previous Offerings so I think also for the price right now we're, looking at a 165 on a flash sale for the EC and low of three so definitely worth picking up one if you are new or getting into freestyle flying this one is a good trainer because it's A little smaller but still has very similar power to a five inch quad, but anyway guys thanks again for watching my channel.

This has been my level 3 review and hopefully you enjoy the pin out there then I'm gon na put in the link down below and get yours flying nice and smooth, but thanks again for watching guys, I'm Justin Davis take care.