I hope I pronounced that correctly. Biome was first to say first in one of my recent videos, the desolates this shot it. So congratulations. dobro jutro, quadcopter 101 out on a cold overcast gloomy day. You got here in a desert, but there's, no wind, so I'm gon na fly today. What I got for you today is the a top p01 version. Now my subscribers might have see me review version. One of this it looks exactly the same as this except version. One had issues it had design issues. Ljudi, in that this aircraft is has a L'Orange but version one, a L'Orange would only go upward. U redu, the did not have the capability to go down. U redu, what that creative was problems when you want to turn this aircraft in that you have one error on. It was actually acting like a spoiler, while the other error on just doing nothing here remaining flat. So this one aileron would destroy lift on one wing to cause the wing to tilt down where that was the idea and it would pivot around by drag instead of providing more lift on the other surface, to lift it up and twist it like that. So the end effect was: you had to fly very fast if you wanted to turn the aircraft, if you were flying slow and you, and this one LR on, would come up, destroy, lift you'd, end up crashing stalling and crashing into the ground with version one of The ATF p01, since that a top has gone back to the drawing board, corrected that issue.

Now we have a L'Orange that actually move up and down in addition to aircraft, as with version one is fully stabilized, so it should be easy for most beginner Flyers to fly we'll find out when we fly today with this one. Here it is powered I'm. Not doing a tabletop just show since I did table tougher p01, but our version one, but it is powered by little 350 ml ampere. I believe double check a380 milliamp per hour one or what s battery with white at low C connector very common battery. So you can get more if you want to continue flying. osim toga, I mentioned it does have a L'Orange it's, a three channel aircraft with throttle pitch and roll control. Now the pitch elevator control. These elevators are also connected to servo there's, two servos in here, one for the to move the ailerons and one to control the elevators on earth. These elevators do not act as a rudder. There is no rudder input to this aircraft. Turning is strictly done via the ailerons and the elevators just go up and down on this aircraft, and also it has a little brushed motor, so it's a it is a brushed RC aircraft, similar to the same as the p0 one and both of those are. These are obviously clones of a larger aircraft. The Nano, talented, it's it's, a good design. The Nano talent is a good design, so this would be a good flyer too.

Now let's go over the controller, real quick before we put it in the air. This is the controller, very basic controller. You have righto again no elevator, even though this stick moves right or left just this does not provide elevator control, turns it through the ailerons on the right. Stick right and left, and pitch control is also through the right stick. So this is simulating a Moute 2 kontrolor. The buttons on the top here this button here is the rights button. You can adjust the max pitch angle and roll angle of the aircraft by pressing this button here. If you want to do harder turns again, you press this button here is going a higher rate and it will do harder turns the other buttons on these are all inoperative with the exception of these buttons here. These are pitch trim buttons and these are all trim buttons and that's about it. Ok to get the aircraft in the air first thing: prvi, you have to place the battery in between these little sluttier I'm gon na put it a little bit back in the bay there and plug in the battery hold on folks. While I get the battery plugged in and then snap on, the top lid, like some hooks in the front, just snaps in the back and then put it on a flat surface and leave it undisturbed for about 10 sekundi. Ok before binding to the transmitter, let those gyros calibrate the reason I'm saying this is: if you don't do this, the elevator control will be stopped.

U redu, I find that seems to be an issue with this aircraft. You don't let this the calibration complete with before binding the elevator control seems to be stuck, but let's see you now: u redu, we got elevator control and we have LR on control now notice. The alarms are going up and down, unlike a version one so we're ready to go, let's, give us some throttle and see if how it flies. Does it turn now yeah? Konačno, we got turn oh it's, a nice flyer compared to version one. This one's, a great flyer, turns nicely turns on a dime now nice little plane, folks, so a tough finally fixed it let's go to higher rate. Second rate. Very sharp turns, thank goodness a top you finally fixed it. I hope this is coming out. Coz it's a gloomy day today, but it flies very nicely now finally turns on a dime and Music climbs nicely too. Now I got a bit of a breeze it's bouncing around in that breeze very nicely, but that stabilization systems working well with the breeze. Now you can't do loops with this no tricks or rolls it's, just the beginners learn to fly plane and it seems to work very well now. I wonder what was the issue with the version one why they didn't figure that out that that was a bad design, but now this is nice flyer, and actually this is good enough that you could actually fly us indoors.

It turns well enough that this can be an indoor flyer now, if you wan na fly in a gym, this will do it. What version one also you had to go full throttle to turn it, and it would take this entire field where I'm flying to turn to think so, happily, they fixed the problem. I'M gon na get a little up, trim up, trim and coming through the right I'm trying to see how hard I could tear it. Let me calibrate the gyros for a second, let me glide, it we'll stop right there, just let it sit for a second okay. Da, now those elevators seem to be stuck again, let's see for that that's, a problem, yeah that's a problem I'm not having any elevator control. Tako, for some reason, sometimes an elevator controls sticks on this and you have to rebind the aircraft and let it sit for a second. If that does that so hold on, I do that if you land it and let it sit for a prolonged period like I just did there what I landed it, the elevators will freeze. I think I think it assumes that the flights over and it just stops working in so you have to rebind it again. Let it sit again like I said before, for a few seconds or 10 seconds at least before binding okay let's try it now. U redu, have a elevator control again we're good to go so let's fly it again back to higher rate.

I like flying high rate folks to make these real hard turns that's compared to verses one could not oops II wasn't paying attention. Maybe I lost the elevator control again and we'll find that elevators working nope. So that is another issue with this notice. U redu, the LR on controls are working. Elevators are not right. Now notice, u redu, they seemed to freeze every once in a while I'm, not sure what the issue there is so notice going up going down. The elevators are not moving. The ailerons are still working notice right and left now notice. If I give it a pitch up or down on the pitch, it doesn't work now to get these elevators working again. Like I said I have to restart the aircraft, we need to do such back. Ya have to unplug and replug the battery in. Let it sit for about 10 seconds and then it the elevators will start working again so okay plugged in the battery again, I have to rebind it put it on the flat ground. Let it sit for a bit okay, that should be enough and reconnecting. Sada. The elevators are looking and what notice they're going up up and down now and now they I do have control over with the sticks. So I don't know what that is there. A top needs to look into that. That seems to be a problem irate. If you stop flying, they stop the elevators. Let'S go up a bit higher for this increasing throttle, try to get it up higher.

I want to see how it glides gliding, if it doesn't glide, very well glides like a potato, what startle off! Pa, there you go Steve, so you've got to keep some power. I just think, but yeah this could be an indoor flyer for those cold winter days like today, Glazba, the other, is still working Music coming around coming around right turn. da. You could easily fly this indoors in the gym now that they fixed that aileron problem it's, actually not a bad plane. With the exception of that issue with the elevators I don't know what that is. Why is that? An issue makes sure I'm still in high rate. I like flying at high rate for these hard turns hard turn capability, it's, showing how I'm doing it. Oh great, oh, shut up against the sky. I'M. Sorry I have to apologize for today's weather, but yeah you fly when you can there's a good flier, keep waiting to give it right or there's no rudder control, and this I keep forgetting yeah I'm still gon na use rudder, keep it in practice, Pozdrav. U redu, maybe that batteries getting low now elevators still working the elevator still working yeah elevators are working. Go back in the air yeah that battery's good weak, now it's a good doll play now with exception they a LaRon or the elevator that's. Just a glitch in the software, I think tell you the truth. There'S sometimes, like I said, if you let it, you bind it right away to the controller without the gyros sync up, the elevator doesn't work and also, if you don't, give it elevator control for doesn't feel any elevator control for about five seconds or so no fries.

Five ten seconds yellow runs or the elevator will freeze and it freezes in a level position. I don't know why it does that, but it's a good flier. Now one of the difference between this and version one, this one did not come with the. What do you call D kills text yeah? I had to install the details on this. One version one had the decals attached, but this one you have to put the decals on yourself with version two. So if you have to install the details, you've got version two. If they're already installed, you got version one so that's how you tell the difference for those wondering see. Well what person did I get, but the beat goes on. You got this version, they were already on. You got version one and the other way to tell is if the aileron only goes up. Oh it's, a nice flower I've got enjoying it now enjoying this little potato. I call it the fine potato why's a lot longer than I thought it. Would there you go little potato now. If you can turn off the stabilization just momentarily, so you could do loops that it'd be perfect little thing yeah. I guess we could do rolls. It'S got a L rise, my goodness, it flies along with that little battery. U redu, now it's good, now give it a full throttle to stay in. Here we got to land it coming around. Coming her ad coming to ride still going on ever to keep on good until this thing stops I'm full throttle, Iako, Sada, folks, I got ta land.

It I'm gon na say that battery coming in coming in a little potato, so that's the a top p01 sky soar I'm, a tot. Konačno, it works pretty deep. I hope you enjoyed this flight, this quadcopter water, one a little one of my decalsare falling off. Quadcopter 101. Let me get so with a sudden. What sudden we got behind me got couple: what a one society at high quadcopter 101 here again hey! If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that Bell button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when I release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.