This is a 4s woop it's, also flyable on 3s and we're gon na start out. This review just sort of taking a look at this quad. It is the G Lang, anger, 75 X version 2, and it is around 45 grams on the weight and a little bit heavier with the battery, not very heavy at all way. Under the 250 gram mark, imamo 75 millimeter wheelbase on here. It does have pretty nice motors there, na 1202 6900 kV and a little less hopped up than the wasp 85 X that we flew yesterday or the day before Willman channel. But this also has a 1.5 millimeter shaft as well on here. Tako, if you're looking for props for that those are 1.5 millimeter also, it has an F for flight controller with beta flight OSD, all that good stuff on there, and we have 12 a.m. es es on here. This isn't called an all in one stack from it. Actually it's from G Lang's, so it's their development for this particular stack and it says 20 od strane 20 on the specs, but I believe it's. Izgleda kao da. 16 meni. I did not take any measurement device to it, but I'm I'm pretty good at looking at things and telling how big they are. It definitely looks like 16 od strane 16. Također, one thing to note is that I feel like it's a it's a little bit strange to run 4s on a 12 amp ESC setup, but does say in the specs that you can run at 3 ili 4 s.

So you know I did it for you guys anyway, I plugged in my 4s battery very cautiously hoping that I didn't see the puff of white smoke, which I didn't, thank God, coming out of the motors or the EF C's. I ran out on both 3 i 4 s and 3s actually seems to fly not much different than 4s. Iskreno, if you want to buy 3s 260 million batteries, to možete učiniti. It does come with a 4 s, 260 million from G Liang, što je lijepo. It gets me about three and a half minutes flight time if I'm really haulin ass, but if I slow it down, I think I can milk four minutes out of this battery and that's pretty cool. You can also fly a 450 on there. It does start to get a little bit heavy with the 450. It will do what I would call light freeze file. I don't think this quads gon na do anything super crazy, it's not really meant for that. If you want to do more freestyle get the wasp 85 X that one will freestyle without all the prop guard interference. The prop guards traditionally just caused a lot of interference with the flight control in general. It causes tumble what we call washout and it caused the quad to do this in a dive or whatever, sometimes want to flip a roll, but it would do very basic flips and rolls, and it didn't have any jell o in the camera I'd like to report.

Također, the camera is pretty good, it is an 800 TV l, camera developed by G Lang, and it does have a TPU covering around the whole thing. It has two bolts on the side right here that go through this top plate canopy. I did not put the stickers on mine by the way, but my AC 900 is upfront right here for the receiver, and I have some jim fan. These look like 40 millimeter props, i believe yeah. These are the jim fan, 40 milimetar, props and i'll. Try to put a link down below for the ones that I recommend for it, but some of you guys expressed that you would like to see an XT 30 on the wasp 85 X. Pa, you can convert that if you want to, but this one comes with the xt 30, so there's no option to fly this one on 1s. Unless you have someone else batteries with an xt 30 on there, but honestly this this quad, you can fly it on 2s and it still will fly great if you want to fly indoor so I'd recommend trying a 2's battery on here just for fun. You'Ll. Just do get some basic cruising, but what's really neat about this pod is not only are all the specs really good on this quad um. It is a small size for indoor or outdoor. It also does have a 200 milli watt btx with some smart audio on there, so you can really get out there.

Quite a good distance and the AC 900 antenna comes out the top right here. It did actually have a pretty good range on it. I flew it up and down my street and never had any problems with failsafe. I even flew it up behind my house and had the house in the way of this receiver and it didn't failsafe or drop to the ground, which is really good news, so that the receiver is actually doing quite good and also good news for you, guys that Are looking for alternate receivers out there? It does handle Futaba spectrum and fly sky. We have a rubber band that holds on the 260 milliamp battery and I thought at first this was a little bit small, but it does have a nice power to weight ratio. A 4s whoop is just crazy, crazy punch out. You can go to the top of a 75 foot Oregon tree super quick with this quad great punch out great power, and when you push the stick forward on this quad, that is where this quad turns into pure enjoyment. I mean it felt, like I heard Nick say it felt like a pod racer from Star Wars, and it absolutely does feel like that to me. It feels like I'm on a sport bike doing 100 miles an hour when it comes to the quad realm of things. It is extremely extremely fast and it's, not my awesome, flying it's, Zapravo, the good tune and just being in stability mode and pushing forward on the stick, and this thing hauls ass, da.

It moves out. So let's go ahead now and fire up this 4s 260 million battery and we'll do some flying on 4s and some 3s flying here. We go guys after that. We'Ll come back and get my final thoughts on this one. Anger. 75 verzija: 2 poklič, 4s poklič. Idemo. You alright guys welcome back from the flight test with the anger 75 X, so it also comes with case. You can see on the back here anger at 75 X. It also shows you all. The different options that you have, including DSM X, fly sky and there is also an O R X version of a PN P. That means no R X, but this case actually looks a little nicer than the Emacs cases. It has a little handle here, a big fat zipper all the way around and it opens up and it can go in the case just like this, and it fits in there. The cover closes no problem. You get some instructions in here on how to bind up various different receivers. You get some instructions on your video transmitter as well on how to work smart audience. You want to learn how to do that. You get some extra props, an extra rubber band, some spacers, and I got this nifty data cable as well. It has a longer post on the end of it. You can see that that's pretty cool that it has that. I almost would just like to keep this one sitting on my desk for future quads, because sometimes it's a little bit hard to get to the USB portal in the flight control room.

What I did I actually trimmed this one back a little bit, so my standard, USB Android style, cable would fit in there. Also you get some information on the AC 900. How to bind that one up that one is pretty easy to bond up. You'Ll have to do that in D 16. There'S also, and I believe, there's a CLI command to get that to bind up as well. You don't have to do that there's. Zapravo, a gold bind button on the very front and it's cool, because you can access this one but final thoughts on performance. I think this one is gon na be kind of a popular quad. Once people actually see the reviews on this quad and if you flew it, you would want to own it yourself just because it the tune on here is great, and it also has a lot of control. I was able to actually skirt between the kids playground equipment to swing under the slide around the deck and get a lot of forward speed, but also come to a stop really quickly. When I want to stop and make a quick turn and accelerate back the other direction, and it really gets on the throttle when you stop and make a turn and get back into racing, this one would also be you know a great indoor racer. If you have a woop course in your hometown, not a lot of us do, but if you do have one this would shred a whoop course or even an indoor course indooroutdoor, and your 75 X version too will do it either way.

I also like the fact that this this did not break the frame did not break, and I had some hard crashes. You also get an extra frame as well in here, so I think these frames are probably better than the beta fpv frames. Po mom mišljenju, they feel much sturdier that might be a little bit heavier, but they're extremely sturdy lots of extra reinforcements. Here they actually have for extra reinforcement points on each prop duck and a ton in the center. You can see it's almost like a spider web, so very nice, I also didn't mention, but you do get a screwdriver and that fits right in those screws on the side of the camera with the camera mounts. Ali sve u svemu, I have to say a very, very awesome. Lijepo kvad, so if this is gon na, be your first quad you're gon na have a ball with this one. The cool thing is that you can slow it way down and fly it much slower. Once you get used to the throttleand these motors, I haven't flown a lot of these too 1202 Motori, but I like these a lot better than the zero eight zero 3 serije motora, I think they're much smoother and they seem to be more efficient for a Longer flight so and at the high end of the throttle, stvarno lijepo, no jello in the camera on the high end of the throttle, so that's, very good news for you guys but great tuned, decent quality and probably one of the best releases from G Lang.

So far I have another review coming up on the Titan HD guys that is coming up on the channel they're gon na send that one over so stay tuned for that one, as well as an extremely awesome review. I have coming up for this mega bat from Racer X. This is the mega bat. 7 I'm gon na build this one up. We'Re gon na put some probably gon na put a cat X on there and we're gon na fly the crap out of this quad. So stay tuned for that one ultra light 7 palac, guys it's gon na be an interesting summer on the drone camps channel thanks for subscribing and if you didn't subscribe, please to smash that subscribe button and hit the notification bellow for all the new videos coming out. Guys take care, stay, safe and happy fpv.