It is a full 3d plane with a 36 inch wingspan onboard and the fuselage is around 34 inches for the total length from front to back, not too bad about a medium sized plane, and we have pre installed servers on this model, which is super nice. All the hinges are ready to go. They even have wheel pants on here just to give it a kind of a scale. Pogledaj. We also have winglets on the outside tips, for a little bit of extra stabilization and 3d flying kind of help stabilize it when we're trying to do some hovering and we have extra large surfaces for 3d flying on the wings and on the tail. So you can add in some expo into this plane before you start trying to do 3d, if you're new, to it I'd suggest about 20 9 grama, servos guys with the CG points on the bottom as well, which I love. You put your finger right on top of that. Cg point make sure it's balancing front to back there's those wheel pants again, and we have multiple launch points on this plane bottom launch position and we also have a spot on the very top for a top toss. Just like this, a lot of guys do that in the 3d community makes it pretty easy to launch very lightweight plane. We have a 30 amp ESC running up to 3 da 4 s battery on this plane, I'm gon na run 3s.

Danas, we're gon na run a 3s 2200 and make sure you strap your battery down. You'Ll see why coming up in this review, but let's go ahead now and let's get the voluntary 920 up in the air. So you can see what this plane is all about. We'Re, just gon na briefly fly it line of sight and then we're gon na move over to doing some 3d flying for you guys some special 3d video onboard the plane today give you kind of a unique perspective if you've never flown a 3d plane before this Is a fairly good, beginner 3d type of plane start out with the price is pretty good and the EPO foam is extra, durable, we're gon na do a a nice, unexpected durability test coming up right here, but it will Harry a roll. It will hover. You can do inverted eighths with this plane and you can practice all types of 3d maneuvers that most of this size, 3d planes can do, but on the windier days, like today, it's kind of hard to get it up into a hover. Just kind of fighting meand you also can achieve a better hover if you move the battery slightly back beyond the CG point and give it a little more tail weight and that'll bring that nose up just a little bit better it's a nice little knife edge And then right here I got above myself and into the ground for our first durability.

Test actually looks okay, good old Volant, AK, stuff, pretty durable durability, test check and all my maiden flight. I didn't even check the CG on this plane and it flew, which was pretty cool. Here we go again look at that straight as an arrow I'm, actually gon na land it and I'm gon na put less Expo into it. I have about 20 Expo into it, but I'm gon na bring it back over here and put zero into it and see how well it knife edges with a little less Expo there. We go all right, Dečki, let's, just go ahead and take off on the pavement. See how that does took off in less than ten feet, that's acceptable. Dobro! I want to try not to stick it put it in this time, come back. I have higher rates this time, no Expo so I'm. Probably gon na be a little more twitchy now but that's. Why I wanted knife edging into the wind and you can work a man it's really windy up. There really windy super windy, it's, always better to fly a 3d plane when it's, not crazy, windy. Gon na go a little bit nose into the wind they're really hard to hover right now, because of all the win. It'S gon na full throttle straight up. Doesn'T quite want a flat spin, but go back up let's. Do it! O, oh, it goes the battery. I threw the battery out let's see how this one does nice landing soft as a feather.

There goes the canopy and the batteries over here, so you definitely want to put some packing tape over top of that canopy and strap your battery down. There'S no battery strap in this plane, so three s 2200 boom that's. Why we fly over big fields with no people there's the battery, no let's go pick up the other pieces and see how it fared, it's, probably not even a scratch on it. Just turn. Perfectly inverted and flew to the ground there's that canopy and let's check out the plane see how the plane did planes. Vjerojatno, I was absolutely fine yep. Da, he is way out here, but that could be tucked back down in here and I'm gon na put a strap around this battery and will really throw it around after we have a strap on the battery. I was actually going kind of easy on it cuz. I knew I didn't have the battery strapped down, but with the force of the fuselage holding it in, I figured I was okay, but never figure too much in this hobby cuz. It will prove you wrong, so I got my battery strapped down. Now I got the CG right and I ran the strap across the bottom that's gon na give you the best hold. You have the most foam to hold on to down there so run your strap through the sides and around the bottom: Glazba: Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba.

But thanks again for watching this review, guys you're still hanging with me. Cijenim to. Please do subscribe and most definitely have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The holiday is coming up, so hopefully there's more reviews coming up for you guys on the channel, and I want to say thank you to all the patreon zazz. Pa. Supporting me, I'm gon na be getting a new microphone soon, so I'm gon na say thanks to everybody for that I'm Justin Davis take care guys.