2018 DJI DronesThe New Spark Pro, Mavic Pro II, Phantom V Pro

My DJI 2018 Predviđanja. AŽURIRANJE: I anticipated DJI to launch an upgraded SPARK and so they didhowever referred to as it the MAVIC AIR. We should always see the MAVIC PRO 2 someday in 2018.


KAMERA: Canon 80D: https://amzn.to/2vfgzRn
LENS: 17 – 50mm Lens F2.8: https://amzn.to/2qXHpcfMIC: BOYA Lapel Mic: https://amzn.to/2ITHl3C
TRONOŽAC: Manfrotto: https://amzn.to/2IVyRt0
RASVJETA: Studio Softbox: https://amzn.to/2GZTPX6

DJI iskra: https://amzn.to/2H2JV7c

DJI Mavic profesionalni: https://amzn.to/2JMRLn7

DJI Phantom four Professional: https://amzn.to/2JKY8r0

38 Komentari
  1. Hey Austin Powers… 4K is allIf any drone friom DJI don't have 4K it's a toy

  2. will i still have support for the mavic pro for the next years? that is my biggest concern before buying

  3. Mavric pro 2 if u will needs a better camera with more mp

  4. Which one do you think will be better? The mavic pro ii or Autel evo?

  5. they have to get rid of those legs….!

  6. Sooo.. I want to add a DJI to my collection.. My old DJI is so inferior..It's crazy how they have progressed in so short a time. Should I wait for the Mavic II? Or find a great deal on a Mavic? I want distance, reliability and great video.

  7. I'd like to pose a question.
    I have been following your vids & following your appraisal I have just received a Phantom 4 advanced +
    I am to say the least disappointed immediately that the controller refuses to charge & only when having it connected to the charger can I commence configuration, even so error network messages appear etc.
    In your experience what would you recommend? I am tempted to box it up & send back for refund.
    Thanks David. (France)

  8. The Mavic Air looks more like a SparkNo idea why it has the Mavic name.

  9. Mavic air is spark 2.0. Mavic pro2 is coming though

  10. Kotači Mavic Pro; Kotači Mavic Pro Platinum; Mavic Pro Premium? :-/

  11. Schönes Video sagt Copter Manni

  12. Lol so nearly right, the Spark Pro did come out, but DJI called it the Mavic Air

  13. Well is not spark 2, is mavic air but im ok with it

  14. http://dronmini.com/ hay amigo mira esta web parece interesante 👏

  15. Very good video captain drone!! 😁

  16. Just give me a remote zoom on the spark I’ll be happy

  17. Maybe some come true in 2019 or 2020something

  18. An upgraded ⚡️ Spark ⚡️. Fuck yeah!

  19. Don't believe the good reviews on this drone app constantly crashes before I go any further go to DJI go 4 app and read the reviews 80% of the views say it sucks. when the app crashes. go to report it won't let you report it. app locks up freezes had to shut my phone off to get out of the app takes a half hour to even try to set it up ,if you get it to work. by then your battery is dead very expensive paperweight and they nickel and dime you on everything .DJI stands for dumbass jack off inconsiderate assholes before you buy this drone I'll sell you a rock that you could fly off your phone for a hundred bucks I swear it'll work just as good if you have any problems call my customer service no one will answer just being truthful

  20. I predict that DJI will release a new Mavic, only call this one Mavic Air. =8-Þ

  21. Mavic pro plus?! Lol molim biti sljedeći MP Ipak. I have the MP and the Mavic air/ spark just don't cut it. Trebamo MP s na 1 palac senzora i 20 megapiksela biti dobro polazište. Ocusync prijenosa, naravno! Također možda umjesto uvlačenje stajnog trapa kamera na dnu centru robot i imati taj donji nakon tako 360 Rotacija je moguće! But they won't do that as then you'd have an inspire for a fifth of the price so like all companies that only care about money expect minor upgrades and in about 4 da 6 godine možemo očekivati pravi. Right now they just have to beat the competition which isn't that hard. Yuneec tajfun H (s realsense) i tu plus modelu je nevjerojatno ali nije ni izdaleka prijenosni. Molim vas dajte nam fotoaparat koji može rotirati 360 DJI pleaaaaaase lol

  22. I would like to see real Mavic Pro II.

  23. Bro how much dji spark in dubai

  24. it would be nice when a dji spark pro will come out but who knowes. maybe we all hope it and then nothing. so i wanna have proof from dji.com. but what do you think when the spark pro will come out.

  25. Shouldn’t it be the Mavic 2 Pro, rather than the Mavic Pro 2……….također, then did it become the Mavic Pro…..didn’t it used to be just “the Mavic”?

  26. the magic pro 2 will have a hasselblad sensor 1 palac ,strašan

  27. Your predictions for the Spark Pro are literally all the features on the Mavic Air.

  28. Still waiting for the spark………..😫

  29. When com the Phantom 5?

  30. it's now almost a year and I think your predictions are almost spot on!
    1) sparkno spark pro this year but they came up with mavic air….
    2) Kotači Mavic 2 – Sjajna osoba! almost 100% correct, only thing is that mavic pro is still on sale and it didn't come out as black
    3) Fantom 5 – Pa, they did come up with Phantom 4 v2
    Pa, the year isn't over yet and there's still a chance for DJI go 5 to show up.

  31. Little brother come alive and fly NOW!

  32. I’m deciding whether I get the Mavic Air or spark but I’m waiting for the new spark, how long do you think until that comes out someone please help thanks

  33. It's 2019 and no spark pro! Nice prediction.

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