Dobrodošli natrag na kanal danas, we're gon na check out the G Lang lightning 120 X. It has several different receiver options. Ac 900 here fly sky DSM, x, XM plus TB, s and P. Amp P, which is no Rx and let's open up the box. This is the quad pretty nice, looking quad we're gon na run it on three and for us today, it's around a hundred and nine dollars for this quad. Ja, like the extra details that they put on here, it's kind of cool it's different looking around at 2.5 millimeter bottom play, is fairly standard for a carbon unibody at this size. The wheelbase is a hundred and twenty millimeters and they also used a rubber band on the bottom, which I usually prefer a strap, but this will accommodate something up to about a five. Fifty battery. You also have a two hundred milli watt VTX, with LEDs across the top plate, which are also rainbow, što je nekako cool, and they our program will inside beta flight. We also have an SI F for flight controller on here, that's, a tiny little twenty by twenty stock, and we have 13 amp ESC, so BL heli, Ac 900, just above the flight controller, and we have a runcam nano 2 with plenty of TPU protection. It'S kind of a cool looking top manI like this one's, a little thin on top and in the back here we have the dipole with its own mount and the receiver antenna next to the dipole.

We have xt 30 on the bottom right here and we also have what looks to be like some black motor tape on here. Just hiding everything up. We also have HQ 3 palac, 75 millimeter props, with two bolts on top holding that prop down, and we have 1204 5000 kV motors from G Liang. They look pretty nice really nice finish on those, and we also have extra colors inside the box for TPU mounts those extra props which come along with it, which is nice and extra. Those are three by twos, Vjerujem., and a screwdriver. We have an allen wrench there and an extra rubber band and all of your manuals for your 120 X, including how to bind it up. Set it up in various different radios. Full color print out looks actually pretty decent. Now let's go ahead and put it on the scale see what the dry weight is and that looks like that's weighing in right. Around 63 grama, with the battery a hundred and twenty grams total takeoff weight that's the 450 now let's go ahead and put the larger largest size battery I put on here as a 650 that's, a hundred and thirty eight grams that's, not too bad. Zapravo, for a little 3 palac, quad let's go ahead and put it up in the air and let's do some flying you guys time for the fpv flight test. Now I was surprised by this one, because this quad is not a very well known, Quad, but first battery that I put it up on with a 3s battery.

I had wobble and the guys heard it right out the field, and they said man that thing needs a tune it. It sounds terrible and yeah. It did so now. What you're looking at is the tuned 3 and 4s tune that I'm going to put down in the description link down below. So if you bought this one and it's tuned terrible, the CLI dump will be down bottom and you can pull my pits out there and put it in your lightning 120x. I think that'll help you guys out, Nadam se da, but man this little guy is fast and let's talk about flight characteristics of this quad. Now this is a little micro brushless with you know. Na 1204 series motors are there more of the the most recent updated style power system motors that we're using on three inch micro brushless these days and look at that power. Loop plenty of power zipping back above those trees, and I honestly do like the 1204 motor series a little bit more than I like the 1106 Motori. They just seem to be a little bit more efficient. They have a nice low end bottom for those those power loops, so the the power is there for them and they don't suck up the battery quite as bad, so they just seem to give us a little bit longer flight time, što je fenomenalno. I don't think that the 450 sized battery that they recommend is it's gon na be good for anybody.

That'S doing hardcore freestyle if you're hardcore freestyle guy you're gon na want to put a 550 ili 650 on there honestly, but now that it's tuned she's flying on Rails and again my buddy Tom's out there with his gliders and he's, got this little sort of hobbyking. I believe it was a hobby cane glider here, it's it's a little tiny one and it was really hard to see. But the run cannon is a nice. Camera can really still spot that plane and keep it track on it. But this little plane is really really fast, so it's super hard to keep up with. I got a fresh pack on here right now and I'm running for s and they they recommend 3s on this quad. So you know you want to fly 4s on this quad with a 13 amp ESC at your own risk. You want to be careful there, but it rips on 4s. So you want to take that chance. It really does rip one for us, but if you're just starting start out with 3sand it should be fine, now low back down to the ground let's see if I can whip around this tree without a lot of float, almost lost control right there, but plenty Of control left and right on the all access going around things, it's it's, fairly locked in now we had a lot of vibes and flutter when I first plugged in but after about, I guess three tuning sessions you know starting and stopping back on the ground.

I had it tuned and the numbers were really really high. They were up in the 80s and 90s for the P and the D settings I'm. Just playing around with this quad really feels like a big five inch. Quad that's what's kind of cool about some of these ultralight 3 inch quads. If you've never flown a micro brushless, you got ta try one 100 entry level is not bad. If you already got your radio I've one of these to your fleet and again, I think this quad, like it needs a. It needs a little more attention in our community because it really does rip, and I had a lot of fun with it. I just think it's, one of those quads it's not really talked about that much now. One other thing: I'm going to suggest to you guys you can see in the video right here, there's some horizontal lines and you can get rid of those by moving the yellow wire that's coming off the VTX. If it's near the power source on the quad, then you're gon na get some feedback and it also could be getting feedback from Seaver antenna that's right next to the dipole. So if you move that somewhere else maybe put a zip tie on the arm I'm gon na make that suggestion. If you have these lines like I do you already have this quad just move the yellow wire will not the BTX away from a power source and also move that receiver wire away from the dye bulb, but man she rips.

She really really drips across the field. So fastand I got to tell you guys that Zhi Liang is one of those companies that they're not quite like a sheen and the others. Zhi Liang is putting a lot of extra effort into making their quads completely original and really putting a lot of thought into the frame design the motor system in the power system, even though they sent it to me without a tune on here. I'Ve had other companies like diatone, send me quads that, were you know, prototypes that weren't quite team tested and and tuned yet, but I don't mind: tuning quads micro brushless tend to be quite a bit harder to tune than the 5 inch counterpart, because they're so much Smaller hair frame with a ton of power when you put a ton of power on a small airframe, it really is kind of hard to tune and check out this stall right here. So a Deadman stall right there and up back down to the ground pulling out at the last second man, so by now, I'm, really really feeling the performance of this quad. I say the performance of this quad, especially on 4s it's. Definitely like five stars thumbs up. I loved it when I put it down. I was happy with this quad and if this quad was one of the ones that I bought in my own fleet, I would be happy with my purchase, posebno za cijenu, Oko 109 it's, not the end of the day, and it flies like something that costs One hundred and eighty dollars, one hundred and ninety dollars, which some of them do a lot of them, do for this for this size quad.

So I think it's a I think, it's a good quad, well let's go ahead now and let's set it down and let's go back into the studio. Talk about some final thoughts. I'M super happy with this quad and so I'm gon na say right on the bench here. Let'S get back to it, I'm gon na say definitely worth looking at, especially if you you, like this color scheme, I think the frame looks cool. I think it's nice, that they use these three inch three by two props. The LEDs on the top are different it's, a little bit nicer layout than what I've seen some other companies do recently. It does look original, which is cool I'll just plug in this battery and show you guys the LEDs. So you didn't you'd, get to see those close up, but look at that. They go back and forth sort of a rainbow pattern. It'S kind of cool and again it's these little attention to detail that you don't see a lot and a lot of other quads out there. So I'd, like it it's fairly, durable 2.5 millimeter is good it's accessible fairly quickly. I don't, like the back part right there. The dipole could be moved away from the antenna and the rubber band one drawback. I think it should have a strap on there, but it's durable now. It flies good with the CLI dump down below I'll. Give that to you guys for the community.

In case you bought one and it flies like a hog but overall I'm happy with it performance, trajnost, original design and a good price. So I think it has a little bit of everything here for this particular quad. I love the power system. Na 1204 motors are nice, so thumbs up for sure on this one this, and this is one that you canyou can buy and fly and then enjoy it, but you know check out the link down below the CLI link is down there for you guys.