So congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of the new hr h9 drone. Now this drone is relatively inexpensive running around 49 and when you see a price on a drone around, for you know under 50 dollars around that range, you know this is a beginners learn to fly, drone and thats exactly what this is. Okay, keep that price in mind. You are not going to get yourself a cinematic uh drone thats able to go out and produce uh commercial style videos, not in the 40 price range 50 price rate. Folks, no matter what the advertiser advertises on this or the manufacturer advertises: okay, again very inexpensive, learn to fly drone um its available in black or orange. I like the orange colors because it helps you see the drone easily in the air. You know these black drones and gray drones. They tend to disappear when you get a little too far, especially these smaller ones. But nice orange color helps with visibility. It helps maintain your eye on the drone, so you can bring it home if youre flying a little too high and too heavy too fast. Now again i mentioned it is a folding drum and right now i got to mention also that i have prop guards attached to this drum uh, the reason being im going to do the first flight indoors. If were in the indoor flying of these drones. I do recommend leaving prop guards on, but when you go outdoors, take them off again, because these prop guards you know, can end up to be christmas tree ornament holders.

If your drone impacts a tree and youll, never see it again until you know next fall or next spring, maybe if it gets blown out of the tree, okay, um again in the 50 price range. Another thing you should not expect to see is brushless motors. This is a brushed motor drone. What that means is these motors will fail with time eventually, but you should get enough good flying flight use. Out of this to help you improve your skills of flying, as i mentioned before in another video, you dont want to go practicing as a beginner on a thousand dollar drone, because all beginners crash its just inevitable, okay for a beginner youre gon na learn from your Mistakes and dont go crashing a thousand dollar drone to learn how to fly a drone. You dont need to do that because controlling a thousand dollar drone in this little toy driver essentially the same these are throttle. This is yaw. This is pitch, and this is roll same on this and the same on the thousand dollar drum, so youll be able to learn to fly a drone before you go out and buy that expensive drone thats thats. Why? I recommend that folks now this is powered by a 3.7 volt 1000 milliampere hour battery or maybe im wrong, no 1200 volt. It says yeah, it says: 1200 milliampere hour, im, sorry 1200 milliamp per hour, uh 3.7 volt button. No looking closer! That says, 2 000 milliamp per hour, so thats different whats advertised um.

That is a good size battery if thats truly 2 000 milliampere hour, and they are advertising this with 20 minutes of flight time so well see if thats true it just might be with that. Big battery in there, but oh another thing this has, which is good for beginner flyers, is it has optical flow and what does optical flow do that? Helps you automatically hover this drone without your need to give it um input to prevent it from wandering away now? How well that will work for this 50 drone i dont know but well find out. We take it down in my basement to fly but uh that should help maintain a steady position in the air so that you dont have to manually correct for drift of the drone, while its flying uh very important for beginner flyers, if thats actually in there. This also has altitude hold mode which automatically will maintain a steady altitude of the drone without you needing to manually, adjust it with a throttle along with headless mode. One key return and flip features and ill demonstrate those when were at flying this down in the basement and then possibly outdoors also now. Another thing is: this is advertised with a 4k camera. Now, really folks, you are not going to get a 4k camera drone in the 50 price range, its just not going to happen. So really what this is is this drone records a video or photos to your phone over a wi fi signal and those video and photos are interpolated from a lower resolution.

Image sensor in this camera to 4k, which is 4096 by 2160 pixels, still photos okay. So this takes still photos in 4k, but again theyre interpolated interpolated from a much lower um resolution, image sensor right now: im guessing its around 0.3 milliback millipect. Sorry, 0.3, megapixel camera on this thats interpolated to 4k, okay. In reality, folks, there is no need to be interpolating a lower resolution image to higher resolution. You dont get any improvement in image quality by doing that by interpolating that low air resolution uh sensor to 4k um its uh. You know the only reason theyre saying that is for advertising purposes so that they can claim this is 4k, but again, in most cases in just about all cases in a 50 price range youre not going to get a true 4k drone. Now the video this this takes is also interpolated from that sensor, but its interpolated to 1080p, actually 2048 by 1080 pixels at 20 frames per second. So again, this is not a cinematic drone youre not going to be able to go out there and become a commercial drone operator flying this drone, but you will be able to learn how to fly that type of drone. That youll need to do that so thats, where this comes in to play now i mentioned that youre im recording uh. Let me talk about that right now. This camera does not have a sd card sensor on it, theres sd card writer on it, which means this cannot record directly to the drone.

What this does is this transmits the photos and videos to your phone, where its recorded using a wi fi signal from the drone. The drone emits the wi fi signal to your phone. Your phone receives it and uses an app to interpret that signal to see the video from the drone while its in here, and also to enable you to record that video and photos to your phone now lets talk about that. This uses the kyfpv app to record those videos and photos and do the fpv video, but this uses 802.11 ac wi fi. Let me stress this: make it clear: not. Everybody has 802.11 ac wi fi on their phone. Okay, a lot of people only have abgn 802.11. On abg and um, older phones do not have ac wi fi uh, newer phones do have it and well be able to use a cell phone, but why? Why do i want to stress that, before you purchase this drone, its important to first verify that your phone and d can receive 802.11 ac, wi, fi, otherwise, youll be very disappointed when you get this drone and youll find that the app does not connect to the Drone, okay: now there is an advantage to that 802.11 ac and ill. Tell you why theyre using that is thats transmitting the signal on 802.11 ac over the 5 gigahertz frequency range. Okay, now these controllers, nearly all of them, are transmitting on a 2.4 gigahertz front.

Uh frequency band im, sorry um. If this had 2g white 2.4 gigahertz wi fi, you know 802.11 a b and g um that would interfere with this controller. So the advantage to using the five gigahertz on these drones is that theres no interference between the two and thus you should get relatively stable. Video from the drone recorded to your phone well see if thats actually true, when we go flying in the front yard here. But the video, instead of getting wi fi frame, dropping and uh frame uh frozen frames um. That should be less of an issue, since this is using five gigahertz wi fi, so thats it lets go over what you get in the box. You get instruction mails for the app the ky fpv app along with instruction manual for the drone, its written in chinese and also in english. In the back shows you uh how to get in an air im, also going to show you how to get it in the air. When we go fly it you get the drone you get a set of prop guards ill, be using again these indoors, while im flying indoors, but when i go outside ill, take these off and well fly without the guards, so it dont land in the tree. You get one battery, but you can also purchase additional spare batteries with it and actually they might be worth getting because this ones labeled at 2500 milliamp per hour.

Let me double check that folks, thats thats, 25 100 milliampere hours. This should be the same, and the five seems to be wiped out on that one. So i couldnt read it so 25 million per hour battery is a pretty big battery, especially in the 3.7 volt range. So we actually this actually might get 20 minutes well find out when we go fly uh, but you get the battery uh, you get spare propellers two propellers, you get a charging cable to charge the batteries, and i forgot to mention this battery is charged through a Micro, usb port, okay, using a phone wall charger, i recommend using a phone wall charger instead of your computer port on your laptop to charge this because of computer laptop usb ports, usually around the uh 500 milliamp per hour power, so uh. That would take forever to take a long time to charge this particular battery. I would recommend using a 2 amp wall charger to charge this, to get it charged in a reasonable, reasonable amount of time. Okay, um. You also get a screwdriver for changing the propellers and you get actually a full set of screws. I get inside of the picture im looking right now, but there they are to use in changing the propellers. There are, they are changed using uh little phillips screws which go in the center there and you get the controller lets go over the controller um. It is a standard toy grade, controller powered by three double a batteries and uh the controls on it are.

This is throttle its mode two. This is yaw, this is pitch and this is roll. The other buttons on this is automatic takeoff button. This does have a automatic takeoff capability. Do a quick press on that button and itll take off, and when you want to land, you can do another press and land it. I do not recommend using automatic takeoff indoors because i already practiced with this. Drone did a practice run and it tends to send the drone up high close to the ceiling where, in the case of me, this got sucked into the ceiling and was scratching all my propellers. So do not use the automatic takeoff button indoors to take off indoors. Just bring both sticks down and out and hold it that way or down, and in and hold it that way, and that will start the motors, then you can give it a little throttle to take off okay by pushing up this button here is for changing the Rates thats the speed of the drone. You can adjust that by pressing that button there it has beginner intermediate and expert and each one of those increases the pitch on the drone and the also in turn increases the speed on the drum. This button here is for calibrating the gyros on the drone. Since this gyro stabilized aircraft, you put the drone on a flat level surface and press this button before takeoff. I recommend doing that every time and that will calibrate the gyros to lessen the chance of this drone wandering on take off, even even though its optical flow.

If it, if its gyros or screwed up enough, it can still wander so, you can eliminate that problem by doing a quick rest. While this is on a flat level surface, this is the on off control for the drone or for the controller. You know a quick press turns it on, and a long press turns it off uh. This button here is for headless mode again, ill show how thats used when we do the flight on the drone. This is one key return. Ill also demonstrate that now one key return is not return to home folks. All this does is it makes the drone fly the opposite direction. It was pointed at take off again. It is not a true return to home and the reason being this does not have a gps uh. Let me mention if you are looking for a drone with true return to home and landing capability, look for a drone with a gps built into it. If it doesnt have gps, you are not going to get a return to home drill. Okay, just wanted to mention that it does have emergency stop. So if you end up in a tree or crashed and you dont want to prevent hurting those motors, do a press on that button. So you know so that you can quickly shut down this uh helicopter. This quadcopter, before it burns out its motors, and this button here is for flips. This does have flip capability and ill demonstrate that outdoors do not use this indoors because thats another way to crash into the ceiling with these particular drones, because when they do that flip, they normally go up high and then they flip.

So, in the case of this, this would probably impact the ceiling, so that is the hr h9 drone lets. First, take it downstairs to my indoor flight test facility, give it a flight down there and then, following that lets, take it outdoors and see how it flies. So hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101 and welcome to the quadcopter one. You know indoor flight test facility before we get started. I want to show you one thing i forgot to do, and i always forget this is to show the this drone does come with a nice carrying case for the drone and its accessories. So if youre wondering, if it came with a case, it does okay to get this drone in the air um this ones a little bit different than other toy drones. In that you need to turn this controller on first before you turn on the drone. If you go the other way, it doesnt recognize the controller when you try to bind it to the drone, so were going to turn on the controller first and then were going to turn on the drone by pressing its on off switch on the top until its Lights come on and then were going to connect it by moving the throttle. Stick pull up then fold down, lets. Try it again. Folks lets be a little bit quicker in doing that, turning off the drum turning off the controller or turning on the controller.

Turning on the drone, then moving up and down and we have a bind, so you got to do this kind of rapidly right after you start the drum. Do that bind okay again start the controller first turn on the drone and do a quick up and down on the throttle to bind the drone to the controller. Now, im not going to do an automatic takeoff, but before we do the takeoff, let me connect the wi fi to the drum. What im going to do folks is turn on my phones, settings, wi, fi settings and look for the signal. Wi fi signal coming from the drone and connect my phone to that signal. Using the same way, you would connect to home wi fi except theres, no password involved. So give me a second while i do that hold on folks. Okay, this is the kyfb app available on google play and itunes, and all we need to do is hit start and we do have the fpv signal coming from the drone. Now i forgot to mention about the photo button in the video button thats right here. A long press starts the video recording and a short press. Uh takes a photo, so lets take or lets actually start the video recording by a long press, and we see that the video light turns to yellow alternately. Alternatively, im sorry folks, im sorry, but you could start the camera by just pressing that button on the app too you dont need to actually use this photo video button.

You can use the app and im going to use that later, because it makes it simpler. Okay, again to start off indoors, i recommend starting the motors by bringing both sticks down and out or down and in and then to take off. All we do is push up on the throttle. Music lets see if theres any drifting, now notice, theres some drifting and thats, possibly because i forgot to do something remember. I said before takeoff lets press this calibration button to calibrate the gyros on the drone. So hopefully that will correct that drifting problem problem. We just saw so lets, start it up again down and out, and then throttle will take off Music thats, still drifting Music, so the optical flow of this im, not so certain how accurate that is, because this is drifting as we can see there. So again, the optical flow in this does not seem to be operating properly, Music, but lets see if it will stop itself. Maybe it needs brighter light well find out when we go outdoors lets just see how it flies for now. Now i mentioned, i was gon na this has headless mode. What does that mean? Lets press that headless mode button – and this mode is on okay now with headless mode thats always forward behind me is always back to the left is the left and the right is right. Its always is no matter which direction. The drone is pointed watch its pointed to the left.

I pull back. Oh headless mode is not operating Music, so headless mode seems to be an issue too hold on folks im doing something wrong here. I am doing something wrong. Lets try this again! Well, put it on the ground, calibrate the gyros, take to the air by both sticks down and out, giving it some throttle headless boat on im, gon na hold it down this time. Okay held the button down seems to be beyond now. You got to hold it down for like three seconds now. What does this do? Let me rotate to the left again. This is always back thats always forward. This is always right and thats always left. So what i could do is rotate the drum forward back left. It doesnt care, which way its pointed this is right, keep rotating. I can rotate. It quickly left right, left forward and back so that makes it easier for beginner flyers. You know that its always thats always forward. This is always right. This is always left again. It makes it easier for beginner pilots to fly this particular drone. Okay, now one key return lets. Keep it ahead of this mode, send it over here now it was pointed in that direction when it took off, so one key return will fly behind or backwards toward me. So let me let me move it over here: press the one key return and theres one key return again. That is not a true return to home feature in that.

If say im over here when i press that button, it can actually fly away from me. So do not depend on one key return to bring the drone home to you. Okay, with that mind, lets turn off that headless mode for now, Music, im, not sure what its doing. Let me land it because it was beeping. Maybe just need to do a quick press to turn that that headless mode off lets see quick press, no, its still blinking headless mode. So let me long press it. There we go lights, have gone solid. So now i had this boat is off, so lets take to the air again and see how it flies just maneuvering, giving your throttle and turning it. Now we are in beginner rate. This is pretty fast, uh turn rate for beginner rate. Pretty fast. Indeed, lets go to higher rate and see what it does. Second rate: okay, bringing it over closer, going up a little higher and thats. Why you want the prop guards on indoors? I should be demonstrating the rates outdoors folks lets put the prop guard back on again again thats. Why indoors you want to have prop guards on outdoors. You do you dont again. They act like christmas tree ornament holders, okay, taken to the air again and this time lets go in the highest rate. Oh, i got to turn the drone back on. Why dont? I do that folks. Let me stop the video recording turn off the controller and then turning the controller on turning the drone on turning up the battery came loose too hold on okay.

Turning the controller off turn the controller on turning the drone on then binding it up down, and it is bound okay lets take to the air again uh doing the calibration before takeoff starting okay were in third rate. Okay were in the highest rate. Right now lets see what that does. Oh sticks down and out. Take him to the air lets. Try the pitch yeah extreme pitch. Actually, i should be using this outdoors, demonstrating the rates outdoors so im going back to beginner rate um im, not sure what this is going to do indoors and thats. Why i dont want to do that so lets just try the maneuverability and low rate low rate, its pretty maneuverable. Actually, im surprised it has very bright lights on it to help with you, uh, maintaining orientation. Look at that that brightness on that thing, so it actually is a pretty bright drone, so thats about all im going to demonstrate indoors, and this still has a lot of power in it. So what are we going to do next? Folks lets take it outdoors, so we can demonstrate other features of this drone and its camera, especially so hold on lets. Take it outdoors and see how it fly so hold on folks good morning welcome to the quadcopter 101 outdoor flight test facility, in other words my front yard, okay, okay, to take off ive, already bombed the drone already connected the app im going to start the video Camera by pressing the camera button on the app itself and then to start the drone lets take off using the automatic takeoff button, which is this button right here and lets.

I want to see if this stops drifting with the optical flow system, maybe maybe not its drifted backwards, so yeah, the optical flow in this is kind of sketchy. Okay, this is the same battery that we were using downstairs downstairs. I havent charged it yet, but while were out here, lets take a look at the neighborhood. You know its glory here in fall. Look at those trees. I went to show you the trees around here really pretty out here today, but rotating the drone just to show you the well the optical flows working up there, i dont know what the deal is: its actually working rotating looking down the street. So once you get to altitude, it actually seems to work, but down here not so much. Okay lets go a bit higher. The reason being i want to show you look in that direction, see if we can see lake erie now not high enough and im not going to go real high with this particular drought again because its a toy drone, but lets come back down here because i Want to show you the other features, so, first off, okay notice, i took off the prop guards for outdoor flying, but lets do those flips, okay, pressing that flip button and telling it which direction to flip to the right lets. Try a left flip flip button to the left, the optical flows working now. I dont know what the deal is it wasnt working over grass.

I guess it depends on what surface its looking at below. You have to have a lot of contrast. I guess there we got a little bit of a drift here, come back here over here in the street and lets try it. Okay, while were here, come down Music. Are you gon na drift backwards? Yeah? He is Music. Okay, well lets see how it flies now. Trying these are called funnels, where you do pitch forward and to the left, and then you give it maximum yaw like im doing right here, come down a little lower, so you can see those funnels. Okay, that was, in rate, one beginners rate lets, go to rate two actually lets go to write three high rate whoa. This thing goes fast, wow thats, a lot of pitch for im gon na hit myself, okay, its its so fast that you really cant do funnels with it, because itll it pitches down low enough that it loses um. It loses altitude. So this high rate is very high indeed, so lets go back to low rate and demonstrate headless mode again. Lets turn on headless mode by holding down the button and lets see which thats forward this thats left or thats right. This is left and im confused right now: okay, turning off headless mode, one key return: okay, thats the opposite direction, thats, not toward me. So again, one key return is not a true return to home. Now. One thing im noticing right now, folks, is that i might still be in beginners right.

Is the lights are flashing? If you can see that right now the lights are flashing and then what that means is the batterys getting low, so i dont know were gon na get that 22 minutes of flight time, but keep in mind. You know i was flying indoors first and then we came out here to fly it outdoors. So, okay before it runs out of battery power, lets lets see. If i can do a picture. Oh no thats it a little more flight time again still photos im gon na going to demonstrate still photos, but they are just frame grabs from the video again interpolated to 4096, but lets talk about the drone. It is another good beginners learn to fly. Drone thing. I like about it, is its using that five gigahertz and if you have a five gigahertz, a phone capable of using 802.11 ac wi fi again. The advantage of that is your video is not going to be interrupted by frame grabs or frame, dropping and frozen frames. Like you see with 2.4 gigahertz, you should get more steady, video and i dont think ive seen any uh frozen frames or dropping. So again, this is the h9. What is hr h9 drone good beginner drone again for learn to fly for new beginner pilots, so hope you enjoyed this flight, its quadcopter101 signing out hi quadcopter101 here again, hey! If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel its real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right.

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