Well, today, i’ve got the shrc h14 drone out again. I reviewed this yesterday guys i gave it a full flight test and full review. Now. Yesterday i got a distance of 109 meters before i returned it to home. So today, what i want to do is test out the actual, not only the wi fi range, but the distance of this particular quadcopter, because on the listing it doesn’t tell you the max distance, so being that this runs on 2.4 gigahertz wi fi, all the telemetry Uh is reliant on the app so i’m gon na test it out today, but what i’m gon na do to help the 2.4 gigahertz wi fi distance out uh, like i said, the telemetry depends on it i’m, going to use this uh wi fi repeater, okay, to Transmit maybe extend the range of the of the actual wi fi fpv, okay and uh. Today i might use my android phone rather than the iphone see how the android app works. All right, guys well i’m, going to set it up and uh we’ll go for a flight guys, so i’ve had to resort to going back to my iphone, because i had some problems with my android. The android app was crashing badly and booting me out. So i’ve got it hooked up to the repeater. We’Ve got 17 satellites, so let’s give it a go start recording, also couldn’t record on the android app there’s. Another issue: well, let’s: send it up and out and see what sort of uh distance we can get.

We’Re, 83 meters, so far, Music, 111. 215 meters got a bit of a domestic going on behind me of argument, same 529 meters guys, and it is way out there. Yes, i can see it it’s in the clouds in front of me. There we’ve got those two light: poles, the tallest one is just behind that i’m going to keep pushing it i’m in the other field. Now yeah. This telemetry is out of whack. Look at that it’s, just going up by itself, i’m gon na raise it up. So we’ll determine where i am via the wi fi fpv. If we can do it, uh i’ve lost wi, fi fpv. Now i’ll, try raise the camera, but it is way out there guys i’m going to turn it and go this way rather than out. So i can see it in the clouds. I’Ve got a good line of sight, she’s way out there at least quarter of a mile away, guys uh, but this app is showing 1.2 k. Okay, now it looks like i can’t yeah it’s, coming back home it’s raising up a bit so it’s about easily a quarter mile out. I think it’s coming back home guys i can’t push on the sticks. It’S, not letting me do anything i’m unresponsive to controls. Now i’m trying to raise it up, lower it down and it’s just sitting there, so it’s just sitting there. Okay! So as you can see, it’s saying 1220 that’s that’s that’s wrong, maybe that’s in feet more than meters, guys, i’d! Believe it if it was in feet, because it is about 400 meters away and 1200 uh feet is about 400 meters away, so i’m gon na bring it home all right.

Hopefully it connects looked like it was going to come home now. I’Ve got the indication beep that it is going to come home and it is it’s raising up so i’ve got connectivity there with the transmitter to the drone, that’s, good and she’s coming home. I can see it moving in the clouds there, so by line of sight, guys um, i it’s safe to say that uh it’s got about a quarter mile range guys. Now you can. I can see that the distance has come down to 912 on the app and i did use the repeater. So i don’t know if you can see it it’s just above my head here, see if we regain any connectivity with the wi fi, so he’s coming back. Just here, so i was way over in the other field, as you can see, with the frozen app it’s showing that i was on the borderline of going on to the other field, but i was way over the other field. I can assure you that so safe to say that uh, it does have a quarter mile range for sure. I got a feeling that the telemetry is uh mistakenly shown as meters when it really is probably feet so let’s see how accurate it is. I took off from the uh case: Applause, okay, so there you go guys hello there, so there you go guys that was about a 400 meter range test, all right guys. Well, thanks very much for watching.

That was a distance test at least uh. I could yeah basically say: it’s got about a quarter mile range and um going by the telemetry. I think is meant to be in feet guys because it’s more plausible, that 1222 feet would be calculated at quarter of a mile and by eye it definitely did go. Look like it went a quarter of a mile, okay guys. So thanks very much for watching if you’re interested in this drone, uh it’s rather cheap i’ve got a 30 off coupon code, guys uh start this one starts off at 70, us bucks, so you can work that out 30 off that uh it’s, quite a bit of A saving so uh yeah, not a bad beginner’s, gps, drone um. You know you’re limited to the flight time. If you can get the extra battery options, i probably would go for that, but you can also get a 5g option so uh. The actual link includes both the models, guys that i’ll put in the description below all right, so you can choose whether you want 2.4 or 5g personally. I’D, go for the 5g option that way, you’ll get a better wi fi fpv range, alright, guys thanks very much for watching. If you’re new to the channel feel free to subscribe comment like all that good stuff and i’ll catch you on the next video.