Now today in front of me in this little black carry case, i have a new gps drone to the market. I believe it’s just been released. I was under the new section on uh, who sent me this one out now um, i thought i’ll try a brushed budget gps drone because i haven’t had one on the channel for well over a year or so. So i just wanted to see how far they’ve come uh, especially since i started the hobby uh. My very first brushed gps drone was actually back in 2017, and that was a hubsan h502e. Now a lot of you guys, probably remember the hubsan h502e. That was a basic. You know toy grade quadcopter with a gps module. I think it had altitude hold and maybe headless mode, and that was about it guys it had a couple of speed rates and that was about it that’s all you got, i did have an sd card to record the video, but there was no app or anything Back then, but uh yeah, i just thought it would be cool to um. Try some of these uh really cheap, inexpensive, uh great for beginners. You know just to get into the hobby and and uh. You know not spend too much may just to see if they like a gps drone. So here it is here guys. This is a hr, h14 brushed gps, drone, of course, and it’s made by the company shrc.

As you can see here, uh, there are two versions of this one uh. There is a 5g wi fi version, which i did actually ask for to review, but uh, unfortunately um. My contact at banggood said that it wasn’t available. Yet i think they’ll wait for a new shipment uh. Maybe at the time of releasing this video, you could choose a 5g option now um, but they had to send me the 2.4 gigahertz version there, as you can see there. 2.4 gigahertz. 4K. Okay. Now all these drones these days, guys they claim 4k, especially these budget ones, take that with a grain of salt um. Basically, what they mean is it’s interpolated 4k photos only okay, so you’re not going to get a four 4k camera, especially in this price range. This one ranges from about, i think 70, us for the 2.4 gigahertz version and an extra 10 bucks. I think 80 us for the um 5g wi fi version. So don’t expect a 4k video on these ones, they’re all the same guys, whether it be brushless or brushed uh. They all claim 4k. Okay, so um anyway, let’s have a look at this one, as you can see, it’s very compact, okay, the h14 hr drone. Now to fold out this one, you have to start with the from the back, but these are the front arms, so you just fold them out just like that same on this side and it falls out to a pretty decent size.

You know it’s still small it’s, very lightweight this one only weighs 160 grams, guys so it’s well under the faa regulations. Uh of you know 250 gram or under so you don’t have to register this one with the faa or whatever. You know we’ve got casa here in australia and you know whatever your country’s regulations for drone use are um you’re well within that you know under that 250 grams. Okay, so, as you see, it’s got shrc labeling on the top. We have the power button here. Also on the top here is the camera. Okay, so we’ve got two cameras on this. One we’ve got the front facing one uh i’m thinking this one might take 1080p video, the actual specs didn’t state. Exactly what the resolution was. They just claim it’s a 4k. You know 90 degree tilt esc dual camera model this one, so this is probably going to take. As you can see, the lens is rather small, probably 1080p, being a toy grade that it is on the bottom. Here we have the optical flow positioning as well, so you’re going to have optical flow as well as gps on this one. Okay, now this one, i believe, will shoot in 720p. At best they usually are 720p resolution. You see the antenna here. This would be for your wi fi 2.4 gigahertz wi fi antenna and the antenna inside this drone uh for the actual signal would be probably tucked away inside here.

Okay we’ve got the battery on the back now there’s no sd cards on this one okay. So this is going to be purely recording your videos and your uh photos taking photo snapshots with the app now going on this front camera. It is a one axis tilt and you can actually control the camera from either the app or on the controller, which is neat. You can tilt it up and down. So it runs off a servo. Okay goes up and down so i don’t want to force that but uh yeah, all right guys, so let’s have a look at the battery now there’s no labeling on this battery, but on the specs on the spec sheet. Rather it does say this has got a one cell lipo and you can actually just see it through the vent. There just looks like your standard, uh silver, wrapped uh, 1s lipo. Now it’s got a 1200 milliamp hour, so we should get pretty decent flight time. Out of it, maybe around the 10 minutes mark or thereabouts um and to charge it up it’s proprietary charge. So you got this uh micro, usb charging, port and um. There is an led two led indicators here: okay, there’s, a green and a red one. So when it’s fully charged it’ll be solid green, i have already charged this up. So okay, let’s have a look at what else we get here. Have a look at this uh goodie bag first, so in here we have all our accessories now.

Those accessories are some prop guards here, i’m, not going to take them out your four prop guards for indoor flying um. We also got a full set of props here as well, and here is your charging cable, the micro usb to usb, and we also have a little tiny screwdriver as well included. We have the app leaflet here: uh here’s, the qr codes for the app it’s called rx drone. You get it for the ios and google play there’s. Also a chinese mainland uh qr code there, okay, so a little leaflet here shows you some of the functions here. So um there’s, quite a few camera functions here, as you can see, you’ve got switch the camera from the top to bottom, uh, 180, reverse picture and picture that’s. What pip stands for just in case these guys don’t know uh vr mode. So you can use this with your vr goggles. If you put your phone in there, you want to fly fpv. Your speed switch here, gesture photography, so this one’s supposed to do those gesture, photography or or video headless mode. Follow me. It’S got circle of surround mode. Uh we’ve got waypoints, so there’s quite a few features. You can actually do from here: uh ptz, that’s, your pan tilt and zoom. So you can actually like. I said you can control the um, the pitch of the camera up and down via the app uh as well. As you know, the um the controller.

So this is a chinese uh instructions. On the other side, we also have the user manual here. Okay, first half of it is in chinese, already had a look at this before so you go right into the center of the booklet here where the staples are and you’ve got the english instructions out the back, okay, so table of contents there. So everything you need to know guys: okay, so it’s just got a diagram there: how to install the propellers all the info. You need to know, especially for a beginner if you’re new to the hobby, guys and you’re watching this video. Now you might be obviously interested in this particular quadcopter and uh. Make sure you read these sets of instructions before you fly. Tells you how to calibrate it that’s very important on these gps drones you’ve got to calibrate the compass, so it has that steady gps positioning and it also will make sure the drone flies back to the home point. We take off from all right. Last but not least before i take it out for a flight, let’s have a look at the transmitter here. It comes with these little protector foams and i really like how they’ve actually got the labeling here too, of all the functions of this uh, this um transmitter. So you can pause that if you like guys just there – okay and there’s a chinese one on the back, so let’s have a quick look at this one.

So here it is here guys lightweight controller. This one does take three double a uh aaa batteries, guys not double a takes three aaa batteries and make sure you put that screw back in, because this lid on the back will not uh. It will slip out rather easily if you don’t have that screw. Okay, as you can see, all the buttons are labeled here. These two buttons here for your up and down tilt on your camera up the top here we’ve got a three way: speed switch, so this has got three speed modes, which is pretty good. Three is always better than two. I say, especially when it comes to flying drones. Uh you got your home return key up the top. This one is your gyro. Okay, so make sure you put your drone on a flat level surface like on a pavement. Okay and then you can press that that will uh reset your jaw gyroscope inside your drone, there’s the on and off switch just there. As you can see, it’s looking to bind okay, we have our compass calibration there that you really want to do that before you take off. Like i mentioned a couple of seconds ago, here’s your unlock switch here as well. Okay, let’s see what we got here: yeah one key unlock button that one this one here is indoor or gps mode. So if you’re flying indoors press that and it’ll get out of gps mode and you’ll fly in altitude hold only or you could even press it.

If you want to fly in a sporty sort of manner without the gps assistance outside as well uh and then we’ve got headless mode here, which i don’t particularly use, but uh yeah it’s there. If you need it, okay, guys gimbal sticks feel pretty smooth for such a toy grade. Uh control here, like i said it is very light. Now these are antennas. They are not antennas, as you can see, they’re just fake ones. Just for looks just to make it look like a more expensive product, and what i do like is this phone holder, guys you just slip your phone in there and uh that’s how it will hold it actually i’ll go grab. My other phone i’ll show you how it uh actually fits in here, all right guys, so i just went and grabbed my other phone is the android phone it’s rather big, compared to the iphone 6 that i’m using to film this unboxing overview on. So there you go, you can fit a decent uh phone here: okay and it’s, pretty secure, look it’s, just it’s not coming out and uh it’s, not a bad feel too. So when you’re flying you’re gon na have this screen right in front of you. So there you go all right guys, so all right, well, i’m, going to download that app and then we’re going to uh, give it a test fly and see how this new hr h14 budget, gps, drone, brushed.

Gps drone flies and performs all right guys so that’s coming up next i’ll catch you out at the field, all right guys, i’ve got the shrc. The h14 drone it’s all charged i’m, going to take it for his first flight here today, guys so i’m. Just going to show you a bit about the app well, do i’ll do a screen recording okay! So here is the app here guys it’s called rx drone. Now before i go into it. Just show you there is a settings tab here, there’s a few different settings. Uh for your snapshots, just here so i’ll put that in 4k. Okay, so go there now you’ve got different uh settings for the video 1080p, like i mentioned in the unboxing, pretty sure that it was an 80 1080p camera. It will. Let me select it it’s, not letting me select it for some reason. It says phone not something all right so 720p. It is then okay and a little bit of information about the wi fi firmware for the wi fi, app, okay, so it’s going to play now. This is a 2.4 gigahertz drone guys the version i’ve got all right, so we’ve got all our telemetry there now. First, what i want to do since i’ve turned it on and bound it. It needs a gyro calibration and a compass calibration. So i’ll do the gyro one first hold that button down now i can’t see if it flashed, but it did beep as a confirmation, okay now.

Secondly, i want to do the compass calibration, which is this one. Now the light should be flashing quickly. Yes, they are so we’ll spin, it spin it again. Clockwise let’s see maybe i’ll do that again. Okay, because i wasn’t fast enough, i don’t think that’s one beep, two beeps all right that time. It worked okay, guys so we’re ready to go. How many satellites we got here? We’Ve got 16 satellites, guys it’s quite a bit: um yeah it’s all the way up the camera. As you can see, i can tilt it up and down via the controller let’s. Try that again see it’s one axis now. This has got a 170 degree, uh wide angle lens on this one, so i’m, starting a recording here. Just take it up and see the gps lock on this one now being 2.4 gigahertz wi fi, there will be a little bit of lag there, but it’s holding position pretty good, so get a bit of a view of it here for a thumb, shot Music there. We go all right now, we’re in uh mode, one mode, two and mode three i’ll put it back in one. Oh, that was his three let’s go into one all right, let’s, take it for a flight. Now i noticed on this particular drone. There was no um, there was no indication about the uh, the actual specs of the flight time or the distance on this one i’m, just playing around the camera, guys it’s a little bit laggy, send it out a bit still got wi fi fpv.

Send it up a bit as well, it might do a quick uh return to home test we’re out at 42 meters and 16 meters high still got wi fi. I might allow that camera won’t attach there. We go so head off over to that building there. Take it up higher than these uh light poles we’re, getting pretty good signal. We’Re at 90 meters away 97 still got fpv and it just froze it around 100. There all right so i’m going to bring the. I will try the one key return. It did come back 109 meters, okay, we’ll see it uh what it does here. I am recording it’s raising up a bit and it’s coming back guys. It’S come back rather quickly. There we go. Let me lower the camera a bit if i can Music as it’s. Coming back, Music it’s meant to be a 90 degree tilt, so it came rather back rather quickly, it’s in mode one for the uh for the speed setting see how close it uh lands to the landing pad. I’Ll just put that there for now it’s coming down nice and stable too take the camera up level it out well it’s, getting pretty close guys for a cheap toy gps drone. This is that’s a awesome landing. Look at that how that’s very uh accurate! Look at that, if this landing i mean this is a small landing pad. I’Ve got larger ones at home that come out to this size.

You know a big, bigger landing pad that if i brought my bigger one i it would have uh definitely um landed on it, i’d say: okay, so we’ve still got a fair bit of battery life here. Try that out again, let’s put it up in the air. Okay, we’ll uh, put in speed rate two. These buttons are a little bit hard to press, so let’s fly it around a bit and that’s speed rate three, not bad, and once you let go of the sticks. It’S uh just sitting there rather solid that’s, pretty good i’m impressed so far. So what we’ve got i’ve only got one battery with this uh drone. I believe you can get two or three battery versions like you can do with most of these gps drones, so uh let’s see if we get through a few of the features here: okay, okay, so i’ll go into the features here. We’Ve got the switch camera mode. So let’s see what the bottom camera looks like take a bit of recording there’s a snapshot. Does that the bottom camera there should be optical flow, yeah, i’m, underneath it. So you can see. The resolution of the optical flow camera is not that great it’s, probably 480p. Since the front one uh, when i went to the settings of the app it only, let me show 720p in the settings, so the bottom one will be 480 by 680 by whatever it is. You know low resolution 620 by 480.

I think i was trying to say all right, so uh let’s try the picture in picture that doesn’t seem to work vr mode. So if you’re wearing goggles, you can uh use that function. Okay, so, as you can see, it, uh doubles up the screen for the goggles get out of that. You can also um change your rates here as well way points. Just try follow now saying there’s. A few different follow me functions. Let’S try the first one gps follow. Where is she going? Okay, didn’t like that one, okay, let’s uh turn that one off so gps follow doesn’t work. Try some of the other ones body follow. Probably where you are. You know make a square around yourself, so yeah don’t do use that gps. Follow that, obviously didn’t work okay. So what i’ll do i’ll just take off from here guys since we’ve got a limited amount of time here, so it must be still in that mode. All right i’ve got to get out of that turn. The motors off i’ll just get out of that all together. Okay, so i’ll do. I might reset this drone guys i might have to actually, if it’s gon na stick to doing that. Let’S. Try put it in the air again: if it does it again, i’m gon na have to shut it down. Okay, it’s behaving itself. Now all right, let’s bring it back. Okay, just try face follow then looks like actually i’ll have to get out of the app and possibly back into it, because it looks like i’ve lost still connected i’ll get back into it.

Now i lost the wi fi from it. Okay, we’ve got wi fi back all right. Here we go here. We go all right, so let’s uh, try that follow again, but we’ll try body follow, see what it does. Music nope it’s not doing anything with the follow. Now. I’Ve already got a warning here: 22 battery. Okay, so it looks like now the features work after you are after you actually try to do them after the warning beep, so what’s going on there, it went back so maybe it is trying to perform some sort of mode here unless it’s a geofence block, yeah It’S geo fence block so it’s, going back to where i started from all right, guys. Okay, so you can’t fly that far away. I can’t fly that high either, so i might as well take some photos in while i got some time. I’Ll have to go through the features, maybe in another video, so let’s see what that looks like just trying to get it level here so take a photo. Okay, the app is cutting in and out as far as freezing up it doesn’t. Allow me to take photos at the moment guys there was before okay, oh, i did take a photo. Just then see if i can do a gesture Music mode, okay, won’t! Let me do it now, because it’s landing all right, all right, guys! Well, uh. That looks like the flight time of the shrc is a h14 budget, gps drone and uh.

I mean it does fly pretty decent. It doesn’t, like the gps, follow mode in the gps, follow mode uh, the the face and the body one. I it didn’t uh really respond to it. Um, the flight time i’ll put that in the on screen, guys uh i’ll put a timer on it when i’m editing this video uh but yeah i mean on a plus note, even though it was a 2.4 gigahertz wi fi. I did get a 109 meters away down near that building there so for 2.4, gigahertz wi fi that’s, pretty decent, i probably could have kept going a bit further. So what i’ll do i’ll uh follow this up with a uh uh max slide distance test. Since the listing doesn’t show you or tell you rather how far this will fly um, so yeah we’ll test that out another video guys so yeah that’s it for today. Unfortunately, like i said, i don’t have a two battery option: um, if i did i’d be able to go through those functions, a lot better. So what i might do i’ll try to do that in the um distance test. I’Ll, send it out first see how far it can fly before it returns to home, also check out that max uh 2.4 gigahertz wi fi distance as well with the fpv. I do recommend, if you are interested in this one, try to get the multiple battery option, because you’ll have a lot more fun flying as you can see, it’s got a limited uh amount of flight time being that it’s, a one cell battery for starters and it’s.

Only a 1200 milliamp hour, uh lipo in there, so uh yeah guys not a bad little drone for a budget price. So uh i’ll leave the links in the description below to banggood guys where you can get this one um. I do recommend maybe getting the 5g one if that’s available, but as you can see, the 2.4 gigahertz wi fi seems to have pretty decent range anyway, not too bad anyway. So we’ll test that out in the range test. Video like i mentioned before. So thanks very much for watching guys hope you enjoyed this review if you’re new to the channel feel free to subscribe.