This lesson is one that the united states should have already internalized, given its heavy reliance on precision, munitions and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance overwatch in the post. 9. 11 wars. Music, Music. The use of the tb2 in libya also showed how medium power countries can use drones, to enhance propaganda and to support their operations and how countries can carry out expeditionary type operations on the cheap without a large logistical tail that raises the cost of air operations. The turkish military was able to forward deploy drones in libya and keep them flying and armed despite a relatively high rate of attrition from ground, fired missiles. Music, the turkish model of intervention is potentially attractive to other middle sized powers. A cheap drone like that eb2 can help to the balance in favor of an allied regional acto. Without the drone operator having to deploy large numbers of troops, these troops can be deployed in relatively safe facilities. Tb2 destroyed large amounts of regime armor and managed to kill some panzer s1 air defense systems. Yet turkey had to settle for an outcome that fell well short of its stated: political goals, the return of territory the regime had taken and a return to the 2017 ceasefire lines. Instead, ankara managed to halt an offensive, but not roll back any of the oppositions losses. This outcome was decidedly mixed for turkey, but the online propaganda has reinforced the idea of a decisive victory, and this narrative then feeds the online chatter about some military advantage gained by anchor.

The tb2 signals that the barriers to skinny expeditionary operations have been lowered. The united states would be wise to update its assumptions about how middle sized powers can now project force abroad and shape narrative in easy and straightforward ways. This lesson is far more critical than thinking. A small drone is a revolutionary game, changer capable of threatening a larger power. The story of the tb2 remains politically powerful in turkey, as the story is told, anchor overcame a u.s refusal to provide it with weapons with an indigenous solution, and this indigenous solution is now on the cutting edge of warfare. This is a politically useful narrative and is likely to be used to frame turkeys, pursuit of an indigenous jet fighter Music. Now that ankara has lost out on the f 35. However, the success of the te2 is undeniable.