Applause, hey my names jake and i create content here to help solo creators on the go. So i do lots of drones. Camera lens reviews, tips and tutorials on how you can use them. So if thats, something that interests you consider subscribing today, i want to give you five tips on how to travel with drones. Dont travel with drones, if you dont, have to because drones add a lot of extra stuff, so that also, i guess sort of falls into tip number one is that you need to plan on taking a lot of extra stuff with you, because theres not only just The drone but theres the extra batteries, the charger, the remote controllers, all of the accessories that you need to take with you to be able to use your drone wherever you might be going. So my basic advice is, if you can travel without drones, travel without a drone, because its a lot of extra stuff you have to pack Music, you made it past tip number one. So i assume youre committed to traveling with the drone. So lets talk about how to pack your drone well so that it doesnt get damaged on the flight. Now there are two different ways to pack your drone. One is carry on, keep it with you, which is what i always recommend, but even if youre gon na carry the drone on, i recommend getting a good case either a good camera bag which you can carry on as a backpack, which is what i generally do Or a good hard case that you can carry on, i use a couple of different hard cases, depending on the type of trip im going on and uh.

This is a good one for the mavic 3 here and the other case i use a lot. Is the pelican 1535 with trek pack because its really customizable and it actually fits a lot of gear in there for my backpack of choice, i love the think tank 26l, its a great size. It fits a lot of stuff and it protects all my camera gear. Well, plus, it has a little bit of extra space for my laptop some clothes, some toiletries, other things i might need to take with me so a good case or a good camera. Backpack will help you if youre traveling, with your drone and youre gon na carry it on, but sometimes if you travel with large drones or you just have a lot of drone stuff, you got to take with you – you might have to check it on for that. I highly recommend putting it in a really good hard case. I use the pelican 1615 air if were traveling with an inspire. We use cases that are custom made for the inspire. A really good hard case is essential for checking on your drone into the check on luggage, but there are some things you have to avoid. If youre gon na check your drone on airline might have slightly different rules about batteries, but in general, all of your batteries have to be with you in your carry on luggage. They cant be checked on to the check on luggage, thats, a very big.

No, no and it will, in some cases, get you called back to the ticket counter so that you can go through your luggage and take all of your batteries out of your check on luggage. But there are some other ways to make sure you can travel safely with them and to help ease, maybe the airport, people or the airline peoples concerns, and that is make sure your terminals are taped off so theres no exposed contacts that makes the batteries safer, obviously Make sure theyre charged to about fifty percent thats a good storage voltage anyway for batteries, and it also is a good, safe way to travel with them and the biggest and most important thing is in almost every case. You are not supposed to fly with batteries over 99.9 watt hours or 100 watt hours or higher, for whatever reason, thats considered the limit, the cutoff for large batteries. Now some airlines allow you to take one or maybe two batteries that size or larger with you, but most do not, and then some airlines actually have a limit on how many batteries you can take with you so, depending on the airplane youre flying in or the Airline youre, flying with you, can check and figure out what size and how many batteries you can take with you safely its much better to figure that out before you get to the airport, and then you realize you have to dispose of a few batteries Music.

My next tip is packing everything well, so that everything can be seen and easily accessible. Most the time security doesnt bother me. They let me go through its, not a big deal, but occasionally they do want to check the batteries and make sure theyre under the right watt hour limit or they want to just check and make sure thats all ive got in there, because if you have a Lot of batteries packed closely together and then maybe an ipad or a laptop on top or on bottom of those. It makes it harder for them to be able to see everything clearly, so they want to just visually inspect the bag, so packing everything so that everything can be seen clearly and easily makes it much easier for them to see it in the x ray machine and For them to see it visually, if they decide to do a visual inspection, not a big deal, you dont need to be combative. Just say sure this is a bunch of drone batteries, im a traveling, videographer photographer or whatever, and generally theyre like okay cool thanks have a great day. But if you want things to go smoothly and easily, then its important to remember not to stack tons of batteries on top of each other because theyre dense and it makes it hard for them to see through and so generally. Even though i dont have to because im tsa approved or known traveler id approved, i still pull my laptop out and set it out, so they just have an easier time, seeing everything thats in the bag every time ive done that ive never had an issue.

The couple of times i havent theyve either asked me to pull my laptop out and re. Send the bag through or theyve asked to do a visual inspection, so do yourself a favor and pack, everything so its easy to see its easy to visually inspect, and it obviously makes sense to whoevers looking at things now when it comes to checking on luggage with Drones, that might be a little bit different, obviously, if youre using a custom fit inspire case or something like that, most people are familiar with those kinds of drones, no big deal, but in my case i travel with some pretty big fpv drones or sometimes a lot Of fpv drones that are all made by me and a lot of other electronics crammed into that check on case. So i will oftentimes just leave a little note in the check on case that says: hey. These are drones that are built for filming purposes, whatever theyre custom built thats. What youre seeing you know feel free to take a look, but please make sure everything gets put back the way it is because its all packed carefully to make sure it travels. Well Music. My final tip, and maybe the most important, is check the rules about flying drones wherever youre going to be traveling or wherever youre planning on going to fly drones, because if you get there and you find out that drones are not allowed or if youre going to Other countries where maybe drones are totally illegal without special permits or anything like that.

You may lose your drone at customs. They might just never give it back. The best thing is check the rules check if you need to register your drone before you go check. If you need any special permits or any special permission or anything like that before you leave, so that when you get there, your paperwork, your customs work, your work going through into that country or into that area is not a big deal, or at least hopefully not As big a deal as it could have been now here in the united states, we have lots of places. You can fly on lots of things you can do, but there are places you might be going that you might not be able to places like national parks places like wilderness preserves. Wildlife preserves things like that. Youve got to be careful and make sure you know that you are allowed and it is okay to fly there and youre not going to be breaking any rules by flying in that area or you might be traveling somewhere, where you think its great theres. No national park, no wildlife preserve, but you get there and you find out that the whole thing is a big huge area of restricted airspace because of airports, military bases whatever so checking the rules before you get somewhere will make a big difference on how things go. When you arrive and whether or not you brought a drone for no reason at all or whether or not you have to have special permits will make things a lot smoother for wherever youre going when you arrive now, if you want to learn other ways, you can Improve your drone, videography or photography click or tap right.

There i put together a small playlist ill see in one of those videos. As always, if you have questions, ask me in the comments below or you can join my live stream, which happens wednesday nights at 4 pm, alaska time 8 pm eastern thats, all united states time.