Welcome back to the RC spark studio. This is my one fifth scale: 49cc gas powered monster truck now this is a full size, Dewalt eighteen volt drill, and that is the size of the truck, so the drill I'm actually having here you don't – need to have this particular drill. It'S it's great for size. Comparison just need to have a drill bit today, a drawer full of zaps traps get different sizes, these blue, yellow and black ones will work just fine and you need to have aa what happened. My missing piece, I went and did a terrible jump in the last video I did with my wife and I jump in and trying out the monster, trucks and smashed in a whole new air induction system. I think what I'm gon na do today is because I broke the hell out of it. Now I could go and buy a brand new body that's. I had a brand new body painted it yellow. This was basically my second rung and I totally find it up. It was my bad took off of a bad jump. The jump was made out of powder. I didn't make it straight enough and I gave it a kicker landed on its nose. Busted out a shock I actually put in a lighter low c5 spring in this one. I'M gon na put it in this one as well, because then it'll give me less firmness. This is actually a brand new shock that's in here the old one was just kaput.

It needed to be replaced. That was the second time that shock had let out and what's happening. Is these super super heavy aluminum? Those are aluminum, all cnc'd cut out heavy axles when they jump and they bounce down so hard. It gives it gives the shocks the Pistons. You know quiet. Quite the downforce, so I'm gon na put some limiting straps on here as well. I did double up the shocks only because I love the old clawed, Buster style and really for me, I from my driving style. I am thoroughly enjoying the bounciness of my monster truck. I know everyone else can set up your truck the way you want my wife. Actually, her truck has single single shocks right now, but I digress. This is what I want to focus on today. So many of you already know this trick. You may want to skip over the video that's okay, I'm gon na give my truck the Frankenstein stitch job that you may or may not know about, and what I'm gon na do is I'm gon na drill holes very small holes all along the outside all along To where it's cracked and then I'm gon na drill holes on the piece that I have recovered, it was very cold on the day that I went out and actually snapped all this and, like I had said in that video, but I don't expect you to have Seen it if I would have backed this entire lexan body, with some gorilla tape or duct tape, or something that would have allowed it to flex more instead of just cracking and cracking holes into it, but the damage is done.

I can't really repair it any other way. I figure. This would be the best way to show you guys now because of the size of the zip tie. I want to use I'm actually gon na opt to use a very small drill bit. Look at that that's. How tiny it's gon na be this is going to drill the pilot holes for me. It'Ll make it easier to get through the lexan, and then I can just enlarge the holes with that bit afterwards, making sure to keep my fingers out of the way. Okay. So now you can see it's crazy, look at all the holes. What have I done, but do not be scared by what you see here. Remember even though it's a large truck monster trucks always always bash up their bodies right that's, when the crowd is cheering the most. Now, if you have the piece like I do here right here, I'm gon na take this up, and I have all these holes drilled. All the way around what I want to do is line this piece up like that: I'll have to use two hands off camera, but I'm gon na take a marker and I'm gon na mark every place that I made a hole. So I can drill opposite holes into this piece right here now, when you look at it, you can see that I have dots all the way around. I can pre drill those pilot holes off camera.

I went ahead and focus drilled the holes now. What I'm going to do is I'm, going to use a plastic cleaner and just clean off all the red dots because they're not necessary and then I'm going to use the larger bit to expand these holes. For the zip ties I'm using little wd 40 and that will wipe right off. Hmm I'll just borrow these holes. A little larger now now granted the pilot holes for twice as much work, but it made it so much easier pushing through the lexan with those holes already pre drilled. I don't want a lot of force against those cracks to make them bigger and, as a secondary note, I've had viewers before say, use a product called bondic Bo and di see it's a it's, an ultraviolet plastic, basically that when you apply ultraviolet light to a paste, It solidifies – and I have done that I've actually done a video on that, but unfortunately on lexan it just doesn't seem to last it'll crack off right away. So I actually picked this up in the fifth scale racing world big shout out to my buddy Charles wakeland, that actually showed me how to stitch lexan together. Hopefully this guy. This will help you guys out as well. So not too bad looks like it's been riddled with bullets. I kind of like it man, oh man, so I am ready to start my Frankenstein stitch job so outcome. The zip ties you can use wire if you want like if you've got some sort of a mechanical wire that will work.

But, of course you have to remember it'll, be very sharp, so be careful, so we'll zip ties if you're not careful when you cut them now, it's just a matter of deciding what color to put on here. Okay, so I've chosen black and it would be easier for me to take this right off of the Kate or right off the truck. But I figure I might as well show you this way so I'm putting the head of the zap zip tie on the inside, because what I'm going to be doing is wrapping around to the outside. So everything you want to get all these fed through the holes and just have them hanging out kind of like pinhead out of Hellraiser. If you know what I'm talking about they're good, three, four five – so maybe I'll pull these ones out just so I can just so. I can show you guys easier, I've, even thought about these ones, blocking your view like that. So I get this in and start tightening them down, but not all the way. I want to make sure that I'm doing it even and almost like I'm doing up luggage ton of tire. You know a little bit by a little bit. You guys are clearly able to see there just got to get all these stitches in the right spot. Beautiful let's keep going so I could tell when I was doing it up on the bottom that it was going in a little bit crooked.

So what I'm gon na do is I'm gon na zap strap it up top just to kind of pull it back into place, and then that way I can continue to stitch my way around. Then, when you're done stitching flip your body over and you've got all these ties to cut off, you want to make sure to get in there and cut as close as you can to. Where that the tie is and don't cut it on an angle. Try to cut it straight because if you cut it on an angle, super sharp right so cut out all the extra tails and then flip it over and see how it looks 42 stitches later. It is now complete. Look at that Frankenstein and it looks like it's been stapled back together, but the beauty thing is is that it won't be falling off anytime soon. It'S not taped on it's, not glued on it's, actually become a part of the body again now granted on the inside of these now we're. Cutting them flat will make them less sharp than being pointed, but if you wanted to even dull them out a little bit more take a file to it, maybe even a lighter yes, some flame, just for a few seconds, be careful. You don't actually male 2. The actual locking mechanism of that zip tie – or you would have to do it again, but let me know there you go guys in the comments section below is this something that was worthwhile doing or should I have gone out and spent the hundred and X number Of US dollars to get a new bod, I think it's totally worth it.

It only cost me like what like two dollars, if that and maybe half an hour to 40 minutes of my time guys. Thank you very much for tuning in to today's RC adventure. Hopefully, you've been able to pick up some helpful tips and tricks from today's video and use them in your own love of the Hobby.