I started off with this shot. This isnt really a new feature in betaflight, but since i got quite a few messages about how to do it, i figured i should just make a quick video on setting up and using launch control. You can set this up on your five inch, freestyle drone or even smaller drones like a tiny, hawk Music. So you can do this on any drone running betaflight 4.0 or newer im going to set launch control up on my basher drone and then were going to take it out and ill show you how to use the launch control feature. So first thing youll want to do is connect your drone to betaflight, make sure that youre using 4.0 or newer youll know the version by up here. This is 4.2.9, so im good if youre running 3.9 3.8 or something just update the firmware in your flight controller. Go over to the configuration tab here were going to make sure that the accelerometer is enabled. I would be surprised if it wasnt already enabled this should be enabled by default scroll down to arming and were going to change the maximum arm angle to 180 degrees. Then were going to hit, save next well need to set up a switch that enables launch control mode, so go over to modes check that and scroll down until you see launch control right here at the very bottom. So take your controller and im going to be setting this up on this switch right here so that when its in the down position, it will be in launch control mode and then up as normal, go over in betaflight and well under launch control.

You add range flick, the switch, and that is now controlling, launch control mode. Next, we need to do is go under cli, so were going to input some code, and basically i have this code right here, and this is whats going to happen when you are in launch control code. There are two values that youll probably want to change, or at least play with and thats the set launch trigger, throttle percent value and the launch angle limit value, so the launch trigger throttle percent basically correlates to your controller. So if you have that set to 30, once you bring your throttle, stick up to 30 percent, the drone will launch so typically ill have this at 50. So once my throttle hits 50, the drone will take off the launch angle. Limit percent is set at 15, and this basically just correlates with how harsh of an angle you can have on your drone before it stops so itll kind of top out at 15, and then it cant go any further, so normally ill have this at 75 or So and thatll make it so that i can have a much harsher angle to launch with so im going to change the launch trigger throttle percent to 50 because thats usually what i use and set launch angle limit and set that to 75.. These are the settings that i like for this drone, like, i said, use the one that i have down in the description and just kind of play with it as you go so im going to copy this well go over to betaflight paste it in here hit Save and were all set so lets.

Take this outside and ill show. You guys how to use launch control all right. So once you have your drone set up and ready to go were going to make sure that we have launch control switched on. So i have a program to the switch, and now were going to do is were going to arm the drone and dont touch. The throttle at all. All youre going to do is touch the pitch and just pitch forward so thats going to make the drone tilt forward like this, so give it a little bit of pitch and ill get it to the angle that you want. So once you bring the throttle up to 30 or 50, whatever you set it at then its gon na launch. So once youre flying you dont have to worry about flipping. This switch back and youre good to fly.