Your drone up should come with the drone on controller instruction manual and some extra pieces and two batteries. So i one of my batteries is charging, but so first off thing is to take your battery and place it in to the drone. Next things, next open up your drone and yeah. So now to turn on the drone you can, on click hold on button and then open your on your controller. Usually you should start beeping and to stop the beeping and connect the drone to the controller, push it up and then down. It should stop beeping now and now to turn it on just press to bring these two and press it inside diagonally upwards. Like this, as shown to stop it click pause the pause, unpauses it and, as you can see, this will have an automatic landing, and this is to go to let the the drone go into automatic mode. The rest of these buttons are for tricks, as well as these two side. Buttons we’ll, be re um talking about in a different video, so so now i’ll be showing you. How, in this drone in motion, make sure you keep the drone on a flat surface? I’Ll be unpausing, my drone and then i’ll be clicking i’ll pushing i’ll, be awning it and pushing it up. The posit i’ll pause right here and let me just move the drone to the side and i’ll be unpausing. I’Ll. Show you how the automatic landing works on pause it.