Do you think i’ll crash this? If i fly it through the sign on top of the building crash, the drone, do you think i’ll crash it like, if i’m sure of one thing happening today it is you crashing a drone. Come on come on, come on, caleb come on caleb, Music, oh all, right so i’m. Obviously, here in the moment studio and i didn’t think i would give the best technical type of drone review with this. I have no real experience with fpv drones. I really only have flown like the dji mavic series to get cinematic shots kind of slow sweeping stuff, but with this i i have an idea. So the studio that our office is in in seattle is called the bemis building, that’s the whole building that our studio is in and on top of the building there’s, this cool sign like it’s, an old school steel sign that says, be i’ll, go show you there. It is how cool that looks, it’s way up on top, so for four years now about coming and going from the studio when i come down here, i’ve looked at that sign, i’ve flown drones over the sign and seen the view of the city, but i’ve never Gone through the sign, so that is the point of this video we’re gon na go through the sign and i’m scared, but if there’s a piece of tech that will help me achieve my goal here, it is let’s.

Do this she say: i’m, a triple honey! Welcome to trivago tell me who you know who is he tripping for a follow, but while in the air like showtime and the apollo popping up your chest, the next thing you know is hollow, but well hello. I been swinging like some jello. If god wanted a fun guy, he gets some portobello. So i guess i need some grease up on my elbow Music. Oh my gosh, this is so confusing we’re taking off. Oh my gosh, i don’t know if this is sketchy or not. Oh we’re doing it. Oh my gosh i’m in the future for Music like a sure, 22 years on a personal brand. Oh big turn, like i don’t know, if that’s good or not but i’m gon na go for it. Here we go first real test. I can see my heli, my props let’s, do it? Oh, we did it. Oh we did it. It was so not sick, but it was sick. We went through that and if i go low and oh Music truck over here now like if i could go whiz through this one, should i try it in real time? Oh my gosh, oh i did it. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my gosh. Okay, that might be my luck for the day. Oh, i don’t know if i should have done that, but i did it. Oh, my gosh that was actually so scary that was a low post.

You guys that was pretty low that’s like a kid’s goal. This bus is probably like what is this nerd doing? Dude? Oh, my gosh, okay, yo let’s go look over Music here, Music, all right i’m realizing. I don’t actually need to go down to the parking lot to do this flight because we have a little landing area up here. Also big shout out: if you have the aperture like an aputure 120d pack, it does fit the drone pretty well like top down fyi that’s, a pro tip right there fall out, but hopefully you can see that okay, drone goggles battery pack for the goggles controller here Goes nothing okay, there’s the sign, wow chill chill chill all right, here’s. The parking lot panning up here is the sign. Let’S do first, just uh. We got 87 battery let’s, do a hover over nice and smooth what’s up birds, sick there’s. The city looks pretty good. Freeway sport mode, clear, that’s, sweet with the birds, nice, okay, i don’t want to get too close to that shipping yard all right y’all. So here we are here’s the view of the sign, hence why i think it looks so sweet because it’s so rad and old school. I wish i could just go and i would commit to just mobbing like this fast, but no way. Um okay got ta pick. My line holy crap that’s, actually kind of small guys whoa. I don’t know. If i should do this, that is so scary going through dude.

We should go through the m for sure nice and centered. Okay is that it? I honestly feel like i’m gon na hit it that’s so sketch well, i’m sure if you’re an experienced drone pilot. This is nothing but i’m. So scared right now, but i’ve just got to send it to get this. Over with here we go we’re rolling, yep check. This shot one more time come on, come on, come on, caleb come on caleb, oh, i did it. It was slow. It wasn’t that cool, but i did it. Yes, oh my god. Oh i technically did it wow. This is beautiful. Okay, let’s turn back before i lose signal Music it’s, pretty cool, wrap around shot, sick dang. Am i pronoun. Oh don’t get cocky, oh god go get cocky all right, let’s bring it back and there we are. We are back. We made the fight safe. Yes, however, the shot was probably really bad, but that really was come on all right. So my overall thoughts on the dji fpv plain and simple, if you are wanting it’s, pretty simple honestly, if you’re wanting to get into fpv and you don’t – want the hassle of building out a full kit, i’ve heard it can be crazy, plus the camera plus. All the pieces and parts dji is obviously the first to really make it. One stop shop, make a package that’s good for consumers. Someone like me that just wants to learn the basics.

The experience of flying this is fun and you can see by the smile on my face and the pure joy if you’re like just wanting something to spark your creative interests and just get something that’s a whole new world. And you still like cameras – and you like it feels like you’re playing a video game and they have a flight simulator option on this, which i did use in practice and i sucked at it honestly. I couldn’t even follow the lines going through the soccer goal post but um from an operator standpoint. Man fpv takes so much time and practice just what i think it comes down to. Is you need like the high speed you need it smooth? So not a lot of jittery. You need to dial in your controls, nothing like that footage, i’ve got um and you need to still just compose a good shot, so it’s all those swoopy lines. You’Re following your subject, you need to be just like a super good pilot, and that takes i think, years of learning. I think i could get a lot better with this, and this can shoot really good footage and probably in manual mode, which i don’t even want to touch. To be honest, i think a lot of reviewers who are new to fpv drones might be like i’m, not even touching that, but sport mode on this is cool dang. This is a fun video to make and uh.

I know it’s a little bit rogue and that footage of me going through the sign wasn’t that great, but, to be completely honest, i was scared i didn’t want to crash. I didn’t want to deal with. I didn’t want to go full casey neistat crash the drone and go go to retrieve it call the building and then get in trouble, probably in some way or the other, but um one piece from all my flights. I did not crash this thing so to all my haters out, Laughter to all my haters out there, people who didn’t believe in me this video is for you but seriously link below. We are selling this in the shop um. Thank you guys for watching. If you made it, this far make sure to actually leave a like on this video, because that helps the the good old algorithm smash like hit subscribe if you’re interested. Thank you so much for watching hope you enjoyed this video and uh we’ll, see ya.