No, i lost that was so easy. How did i lose hmm i’m gon na ask daddy for help daddy. What is it ryan, i’m playing pac man, but i keep losing ah that’s because lack of your focus i used to have the same problem when i was little okay. But what did you do to gain focus actually peck the penguin trained me to focus. Why don’t? You ask pick for help. Okay, i’m gon na go. Ask back for help pep peck. Are you there? I need help. Whoa, hey ryan. I just woke up from a nap. What can i help you with so i’ve been trying to play this game, but i keep losing and daddy said that i have lack of focus, so i need to train it somehow. Can you help me? Oh, of course, how about a buzzwire super challenge, focusing game to help you train? Okay pack, all righty i’m gon na go ask bree for some help on this experiment. Meanwhile, you should practice focusing and meditate. Okay pack, you rang oh good now that you’re here you can build the ultimate buzzwire game, challenge buzz wire game using a simple circuit, we’re, going to build a game of focus and concentration. That sounds like a great idea, but first i think we should learn how to make a circuit let’s go. A simple circuit consists of four main parts: a conductor, an energy source, an electrical load and a switch to make a completed circuit.

The conductor wire needs to connect the negative side of the energy source or battery to the negative side of the electrical load which, in our experiment, is a light, bulb and buzzer. Then the conductor wire needs to connect the positive side of our battery to the switch and the switch to our light bulb and buzzer. Now, all that it takes is for the switch to close the circuit and bam. We have power. This works because the energy flows from the negative side of the battery through the wire and to the light bulb and buzzer some of the energy is converted to power. The rest flows through the wire and the switch back to the positive side of the battery. When the switch is turned off, the circuit is broken and there’s no power because there’s a break in the flow of electricity let’s see on off on off all right now that you know how it works. Let’S start our build all right now. The four main parts of our circuit is this wire, which is going to be our conductor. This battery, which is going to be our energy source, the light bulb and the buzzer, which is going to be our electrical load and this wire, which we’re going to use as our switch now pat, is doing his midday meditation right now. So we are going to go ahead and get started with the face and the structure of our build. We are going to use hot glue and cardboard meditating Music, so we’re going to start by plotting out all of our cardboard pieces to make our base and our structure.

The first part is going to be the main part of our base. That’S. Why it’s going to be so big because we have to put everything on it and then we’re going to make a little stand for our base using these two skinny pieces and, lastly, we’re going to make the walls for the outside Music. So now that we have all of our pieces bright and colorful it’s time to start our assembly, we are gon na stick everything together with hot glue. Now, if you’re gon na use hot glue make sure to ask an adult for help, it’s really hot, i mean that’s in the name. I wonder if free is doing. Okay. The first thing we’re gon na glue together, is the base for our game. Now we are gon na take these yellow strips and glue them on the back side like this now we’re, just gon na hold it in place, while the glue dries one side down one more to go: uh, oh we’re, getting glue everywhere. This is why it’s important to ask an adult for help now that that is good and dry. We have our base built now. All that’s left is to add the walls. Everything is nice and dry, which means our base is built now it’s time to build our circuit, so we’re gon na start. By connecting our two positive wires, that’s gon na run from our battery to our light bulb. Now we need a good tight, secure connection, so we’re going to twist and twist and twist and twist until it’s, nice and secure let’s check it.

Oh, that is really nice and secure. Now we’re going to route our combined positive wires into the positive section of the light bulb and carefully twist it around the screw there. We go bend it around now that we have it bent around our screw we’re, going to tighten our screw to secure that connection. In place after that’s tightened, we should have a really nice secure connection, let’s test it yep. That feels good. So now we have our positive wires connected to the positive side of the light bulb now we’re going to take the positive wire that we connected to our light, bulb and we’re, going to connect it to the positive wire from our buzzer. To do this, we’re going to have to do the same thing twist and twist and twist and twist and twist some more until we get a nice secure connection. Now that that is secure, we’re gon na fold it in half just to make it extra secure, and then we are going to make it extra extra secure with some electrical tape, so we’re going to wrap it nice and tight to help hold our connection in place. Next we’re going to take our negative wire from the buzzer and attach it to you guessed it. The negative side of the light bulb we’re gon na do the exact same thing thread it around the screw, and now we tighten up our screw to secure our connection. Once that’s nice and secure we’re ready to attach it to our board.

So now we have our circuit wired up. We’Ve got our energy source, our electrical load. We have our conductor, which is the positive and negative wires connecting it all together. All that’s left is a switch to turn it on. So if we take this wire and we use it as a switch and connect it, the circuit is complete now let’s take our circuit and stick it to the base. All right everything looks good, but this circuit is definitely not going to help us improve our focus, but you know what will adding lots of twists and turns right in the middle of our circuit Music. You know what, in order to make this thing ultimate, this is going to take a while uh, maybe come back later. One hour later, i have finished all of these twists and turns, and ups and downs to create the ultimate focus challenge buzz wire game. This bad boy is going to take some big focus to get through. As you can see, i put little holes in the wall for the wire to go through now. We’Re gon na make our switch now for this switch we’re gon na use a straw and copper wire, so we’re gon na start by cutting our copper wire. Remember kids ask an adult for help, especially when working with wire and things like that now i’m, going to use this glue, stick to make a perfect little loop, we’re just using it to shape our switch there.

You go that looks like a circle now we’re gon na twist and twist and twist and twist and twist and twist and perfect there we go so now that we have our loop, we’re gon na thread it through our handle, which is this straw and Music, all That’S left is to bend the end up and secure it in place. Now we have, i switch now we’re going to put our switch in place just like that. Now that our switch is in place, we’ve bent the wire using pliers and we’re hot gluing it to keep everything in place. Music now let’s connect our coil to our circuit. We’Re gon na use a negative wire to connect to the end of our coil. Once we have it connected and looped around we’re gon na hold it in place with some electrical tape. So after we have our wire, nice and secure here, we need to secure our two negative wires from the battery and the coil together. So we are going to twist and twist and twist and twist and twist, some more and Music make sure that connection is nice and secure. We’Re gon na use more electrical tape to wrap around the beginning of our coil. This will allow for breaking the circuit and the start of our game. Music. Now, for my favorite part decoration, the decorations are done. We added a start line. We added a focus meter which shows being not at all focused all the way to focused, and then we finished it off with the finish line.

All that’s left now is to complete our circuit using these alligator clips, hello, alligator what’s, going on bro, so first we’re going to take our alligator clip and connect it to the negative side of the light, make sure it’s, nice and secure that’s not going anywhere and Then we’re going to connect our alligator clip to the bottom of our switch, making sure that it has good contact with the metal just like that, and now it is complete. Oh gosh, i’m, so radiant focused. Are we ready to start? I think we’re ready to test it out all right, let’s test it out. That means it’s time to get focused. Okay, let’s see extreme focus to the max buzzer works well. I’M, obviously not very focused, but i think it’s safe to say that this works and it is ready to go to ryan excellent. The machine is ready to go let’s zap it over three two one whoa whoa. I really hope that that helps ryan learn to focus yeah, hey ryan, it’s back here you still there yeah i’ve been waiting this whole time. Okay. Well, the experiment was a success and now it’s on its way. Here it comes okay whoa. This is so cool. I’M gon na ask my daddy to train with me. Daddy let’s go whoa. What is this look daddy? This is the super ultimate buzz wire game. Whoa pix said it can help me train my focusing uh. You go first, okay, so i’m thinking you hold the stick right and you have to go through these wires without touching letting your stick touch the wire, i think once you touch it, make a sound in white, okay, okay, so we’ll go serious! Now ready let’s see how far you can mix focus, focus, focus, Music, whoa, don’t, shake it right on stop shaking it.

Please! Ah, please don’t shake it! Oh, oh! Oh, oh you’re, making it okay, you’re almost okay about okay you’re on the second rating, oh god that’s! Why i left okay, daddy my turn to train Music i’m. So easy guys. Is these easy lemon squeezy, oh Music? Oh Music, all right guys! My turn again, this time, i’m gon na give you ultimate focus i’m, not gon na even talk after this ultimate focus. Ultimate focus open, my focus Music, nothing, nothing, nothing, Music, okay, guys, so we both need to practice a lot, but thank you pat for giving us this ultimate buzzer device. Training, bobber focus ryan is super good at focusing a super revolver. Oh, this is a mechanic i’m good, not good, all right guys. Thank you for watching this video. If you like this video, please give us a thumbs up. Can he finish it? I made it yeah, oh no! You did not finish it.