We are welcome everyone to another episode of ask drone you my name is paul. My name is rob super glad to be here hanging with paul chatting with you thankful that youre spending a few minutes of your day with us. We aim to bring you a tremendous amount of value and i would appreciate you reaching out and just letting us know how we can do so. We need your questions at askdroneyou.com. We need your reviews, wed love, to hear how you think were doing. It is very important to us and when you subscribe or even better become a member, it helps us out tremendously. So for all of you that have done that, thank you and if youre, just listening for information were happy to have you, we are definitely happy to have you and our goal, and our purpose is to help you live the drone life thats. Why drone you was built to go beyond above and beyond flight school because getting your 107 as many experienced drone pilots will tell you really doesnt do much in helping you actually live the drone life thats. Why we build a library of classes to help all of you, pursue your creative or technical dreams using drones and so theres, no greater purpose in helping someone else, uh enjoy the liberties of being an entrepreneur. So indeed that said, our question today is all about battery management, especially for public safety, which brings me to our sponsor of the show.

He normally goes as special agent, bald no thats, just his contact in my phone im talking about rob here, uh. No, i thought they were going to be ill. Do that on the next show. Well, actually ill do them as well, but uh long story short is, if you are in public safety, whether youre an leo or if you are in emergency management fire ems weve got two new programs that we just launched uh. Well, we launched one on props and were launching the second one at the end of the quarter: props public safety. So we have props public safety leo, which is a chronological series of courses to take police officers law enforcement officers through a specific set of classes to essentially provide them with the right information to be proficient in the field. So the leo class. To give you an idea of some of the courses and modules that are involved in that the leo class includes flight operations, dont crash course part 107. The mapping course accident reconstruction mapping, so much more detailed crime scene, essentially mapping and also search and rescue. So all those things are included, pilots do get access for a year and so do managers as well and managers. Remember props was built for you to create professional, reliable operators who practice safety because a pilot can be current. But how do you know theyre proficient with props uh? Our second sponsor for today, thanks for your email, john uh, right here at colorado, drone chargers, our newest sponsor of the props program, is colorado, drone chargers and since were talking about battery management.

Today it seems uh. Quite well pointed to give john a sponsorship spot. If you havent heard of colorado drone chargers, they are the most robust and reliable charging system for a variety of drone batteries. They have smart chargers that charge four batteries all at once so thats, very different from the dji hub chargers and a lot of other chargers that you see on amazon. Most of those chargers charge in sequence, meaning battery one is charged and when its done battery two begins charging and then battery three thats, all fine and dandy. But when i can charge four phantom four batteries in about 45 to 50 minutes charging, all those batteries at one time really makes a big difference in my business. So if youre scaling your drone business and you need to have a lot of batteries charged all at once, you have got to check out colorado drone chargers, just go to coloradodronechargers.com and check them out man. We used to have a promo code with them and im trying to remember what it was, but well get back to all of you, uh with that promo code. But i have to say, ladies and gentlemen, we have used these chargers for what four years now three three four years, uh at least yeah – they um yeah, theyre, amazing, i mean they are truly truly amazing, highly recommend them, especially if you are in public safety, so Check that out hi, i just finished watching your battery maintenance, video and it was very informative.

Thank you for your work. I work for a fire department and we have a fleet of drones that we have to fly at a moments notice. The batteries will sit for weeks on end in storage mode, but then have to be used immediately at a moments notice for an emergency situation. My concern is that the batteries not only will die quickly but were flying drones with batteries that are not fully charged. Is there a way to mitigate this situation or a way to keep batteries in optimal condition, so we can fly them quickly at a moments notice with our drone, we are flying an m210 phantom 4 pro and we also have a couple mavics that we fly thanks Again – and i look forward to hearing from you guys thank you – todd uh thanks for uh what you do putting your your life on the line, frankly, um, probably on a regular basis. We appreciate that and for the question askdroneyou.com is where he asked his question. Um very important, obviously, that your batteries stay healthy, given just in general. We want our batteries to stay healthy, so they last longer and we spend less money on them, but also in your case, you need to be able to get that drone up quickly with healthy charged batteries and uh. I think weve got a few ideas um. Certainly our our friends out in the northeast part of the world that do this every day as well have some ideas so uh.

What have we got for old todd here? Yeah um, you know i had my answer, which i did um bounce off a couple of uh, firefighters to say hey. This is what i would tell them yeah. What would you tell them and uh do appreciate that feedback um? I think the the real really the best answer – and we did include this in the maintenance section of operations for every props uh program, which is all about setting the discharge rate on the batteries. So this is also one of those features that dji took away for consumers, but remains in enterprise drones, while im grateful that they left it in enterprise drones. It makes me ask the question of uh well hold on whyd. You take it away from consumers, because theyre gon na buy more batteries thats. Why, anyway, lets uh lets get to the meat and potatoes? So what we tell everyone is to set a discharge rate of eight to nine days on your batteries. What does this mean? After eight or nine days, the battery will start self discharging itself, because if you store batteries with a full charge, it will actually uh break the battery. Youll ruin the endurance of the battery its capacity as a whole, but its also its lifespan. And so what we tell everyone in that class is that you set up your discharge rate for eight or nine days and then one day a week and it has to be the same day.

One day per week you go out and fly for us. We call it fly day friday. Now this is dual purpose number one is to cycle the batteries. You have to continually cycle the batteries for those batteries to stay quote unquote. Good okay, thats really important, but also we see a large problem, especially with public safety and drone programs as a whole, really that theyre not practicing enough flying drones. Rob is not like riding a bike. Yeah you dont, just pick it up. Okay, i mean maybe if its a tricycle, but not the same. So that said, flying drones takes practice. Youve got to continually practice flying and if you fly every friday at a given time and you use the batteries that were charged and then immediately recharge them. Well now, youre good for the next week, youre always ready to go for the next week, and as long as you follow that system, your batteries should have a longer life span, say 70 cycles or more. If you do not do that well, what happens is like he said uh, you know weve got batteries, but you know we need to use them on the fly. We dont have time to charge, blah blah blah. There is car charging. I dont know how many uh 12 volt ports are in a fire truck, though id really be curious about that, probably more than we would think i mean you can charge them on the go but uh, i know thats also, you know not a viable solution either.

Um it, but it really is about planning i mean in talking to john theres, just not theres, not a magic formula, its about systems and having a plan. It really is and then having as many batteries as you reasonably can within budget and that are manageable. I mean you might have a budget for 50 batteries, it doesnt mean you should have 50 batteries, but maybe 12 or whatever. The number is. That brings up a really important point, as i think about it right, because you think about budgeting, and one of the sections in the public safety props course is about procurement. Yeah and normal drone programs could probably buy what five batteries a year and be okay, but it seems like public safety should have a budget so that theyre buying batteries quarterly yeah right. You dont buy them all at once. You know you kind of. I know this is probably not the right word, mr financial whiz, but amortize them. You know over uh over the years fair. I think everybody knows what you mean by that. So um lets say: you know you buy five q1, 5, q2. Q3. Q4 sure um, but it seems like that that would be another helpful solution for them absolutely, but i think, more importantly, in terms of the the health of the batteries, its going to be what you described. What john talked about you keep, however, many you think youre going to need on that moments, notice that todd described and then, if you take off to go, i dont know if this is exactly what he meant so correct me.

But if you take off to go, fly youve got batteries to get you going immediately, but then you have a rapid charger that should be charging more batteries within 40 to 50 minutes, while youre on your way, yeah and that way, youre covered you get there. You can fly and then youve got a new set of batteries if you need them, and that goes back to the colorado drone chargers, because thats the only rapid charger system that i have seen reliable chargers over vast uh. You know a wide variety of models and they last and they work. Now. That said, there were some older models that didnt fully charge. Batteries like it would be a rapid charge, meaning you get to 99 or 97, but its not like a deep cycle charge. That is something that is important to note. I know his new chargers do the full balance charge even in rapid mode, so i would say it seems like public safety departments, and i mean this is something that i use all the time, too, is having that rapid charger. It saved my ass more than once sure you know, so i think these departments having them is critical, and i think you know what youre saying uh with john that uh johns advice regarding having some always ready to go and and whatnot um. I think thats important now. I think that there is another solution right, like john mentioned um, i think that we are going to not put out that information, though i want to give that information to john at colorado drone chargers.

As far as we know its, not even a thing yet so theres no reason to mention it exactly yeah yeah yeah, but i want to give the intelligence to john at colorado drone chargers, because if he could develop a product that essentially other john mentioned, then um It could be the solution for this issue. Oh my gosh thatd, be so powerful, uh yeah, i sure would so uh right. Now, though, i mean the real solution is one day a week, youre flying because you got ta have the practice. I know we kind of like breeze over that, but youve got to practice flying and also and by the way we have a drills and exercise course as a part of props, where you can get ideas of like how to practice um, because that is a thing. Sometimes you go out to the park and youre like okay im flying, i know and im guilty of that too. What do i do? Yeah its just. Am i just trying to get the battery discharged or whats my goal here so for me, im always trying to split the gaps im, always trying to make every single movement smooth and beautiful, because thats the real test is keeping those fingers smooth through the entire flight. It is also things like were sort of getting off base here from batteries. It just makes me think of going learning how to fly with the screen and not looking at the drone, but i mean going back and forth.

I dont know just things like that. On a swivel head on a swivel, absolutely but no youre right. Some of those training tips are really important because you really do get out there and you kind of have some ideas before you go, but once youre there youre just kind of like okay im flying now what yeah! So you really it. It takes sorry to cut you off again. It takes perfect practice right. You got to practice the right things, thats right, no, not just popping the drone up in here. I think someone should ask that question thats. What i was going to say is someone go on astronomy and say what, like what advice? Do you give us for doing practice because in my eyes, im like? Oh, you know what theres probably three things that everyone should practice each week and so like the hover drill, being one reverse orientation being another um, but ive got kind of like uh my mind, spinning now on like that system, but uh. It goes back to the importance of systems for scalability, especially when youre in public safety, especially when you have multiple people flying the same aircraft. Youve got to have those systems its just so critical. I mean i will never forget one particular guy in a drone group that we trained had forgotten that there were batteries on the bottom of this m210 case and never charge them. The funny thing is, they went out to the field and they ran out of batteries and they didnt complete the job and they had to go back the next day.

Well, the site foreman, who was our client said: damn it this showcases the role and importance of not only systems but specificity, because there were batteries in the bottom of that box and guess what they were charged and we would have been able to finish the job That day, instead of wasting a whole another day – and it just goes to show theres so many nuanced problems that can happen in drone programs, especially when youre just working in groups yeah and again, it goes back to why we developed this props uh platform to really Make those the lives of uh drone pilots and managers easier, so anyways uh shameless plug, forgive me but dont um do or dont its up to you. I wont read the comments: oh no, but im just kidding um but thats not, but that said uh i. I hope this helps. I hope that there will be a product out soon uh. I would love to see colorado, drone chargers. Uh actually do this create this product and uh. It would be the solution that would solve a huge problem for departments as a whole yeah. So keep your eye out on that todd, definitely throw it on charges. Take them a little while, but um yeah there could be something coming. That would really help the very specific issue youre dealing with. Sometimes they do take a while. But what i will say is one thing about john who owns colorado, drone chargers when he says hes gon na do something he does it yeah.

I mean like i remember one time at the fly in and he did what he said he was going to do. Even though it wasnt the best situation but yeah, no hes great and hes dealing with supply issues like everybody else, so yeah thats a challenge for sure he said due to demand. It will take about a week to get a charger. So no thats, not bad thats, not bad at all. No, i guess he doesnt need many microprocessors for that. No, no! He doesnt! I would imagine, but i bet the the but he might for this new product. This is true. This is very true. Good point rob holy cow uh but uh. I bet theres a bunch of crypto miners that uh isnt happy to be in the vicinity of colorado drone chargers as theyre buying up all the power supplies evga. I bet you got a great client. Everybody wants their piece of the access thats right anyway, that is gon na. Do it for us today, if you have a question go to askdroneyou.com, if you want to support the show theres a couple things you can do, leave us a review on itunes, spotify or wherever you listen to the show. You can become a drone, you member, because, as you probably know, and as i can as i continue to learn, we should always be learning to just expand our toolbox. So if you want to support us, become a drone, you members 47 a month.

I promise you will not regret it. Thats gon na do it for us today. My name is paul.