Does it different? I guess, but me i i’m more of a if it works. It works. So my my quads actually aren’t even tuned don’t, tell nobody. I know it’s terrible. I should probably do better, especially since this is kind of my job um, but yeah they’re literally not tuned. I adjust the rates and everything you’ve seen thus far is just exactly that straight out of the box. No tuning took it outside, put my rates on it, fly it around. If it’s good enough, we go with it so that’s what we do, but what do we have so in my bag? Here? Let me make it so you can actually see what i’m talking about so in my bag, here you can see here is a back up chase. Pod literally is just a back up. It got maidened and that’s it. It will only be used if i blow up the other one. I’Ve got a nice big pile of batteries, random lens laying here from earlier, but a bunch of 4s glacier 1550s. I use these just for power, my goggles and then down here. I carry 12. 6S. 1300 milliamp hour fun fly batteries now the reason i use these honestly they’re cheap, like the the cost isn’t terrible – and you know they have my name on them, because i don’t want to misplace them. One cool thing i like from brain 3d, is these little caps. I’Ve got green ones for fully charged batteries.

I’Ve got red ones. Well, you can see in here kind of i’ve got red ones for if they’re dead, dead and then no cap would be, you know, storage charge. Then we’ve got my dji goggles axia antennas on it. With nice, buddy rc logos my tango. The reason i use my tango is because i can fold it up and it fits in my torval bag really nice and easy. So i do love my radio master but that’s at the shop, for if i need anything that i use my radio master for you know if i’m on the road and i’m out here, filming i’ve got my tango pro and here’s. Just a nice gopro bag. Tons of batteries nd filters and then when we open this up, so i did buy a tool kit from newbie drone. This honestly wasn’t too cheap, but it works great. It has everything i need in it and i didn’t have to piece together a tool kit. This is just a battery, so you know literally a battery for charging gopro batteries. If i need to i’ve got nothing down in there a little prop tool, so goggles go here. Tools. Tango pro fits in here now do have an isdt k2 charger. This is probably a lot bigger than most people carrying their bags, but i like it because it’s ac dc charger and then all of the different little i’ve got two para boards in here: power cord for the charger, different charger connections and then one cool thing.

I do like about torval is: i did buy this battery bag separately and then that battery bag with 12 6s batteries, six 4s batteries – everything in there actually fits down inside this hole, so really cool. Everything i needs in here also got my line of sight warp. Quad in case i want to do any kind of warp, quad line of sight and that’s pretty much it. You know the whole point of this video is chasing things, letting you see it now. The quad yeah let’s talk about the quad that’s, exactly what we need to talk about, because that’s the whole point of this entire video. So one of the biggest difference i think with me versus other people, is if it works, it works. There’S. No reason for me to go out spend a lot of money. There’S, no reason for me to have a lot of other people spend a lot of money or send me fancy things if it works, it works if it works good enough. I’Ll use it to chase an airplane and that’s kind of what the the quads that i use now compass, so there’s! Nothing too fancy! You know: we’ve got actually these motors, our sunny sky edge racing motors they’re, not new. These are actually kind of old they’re. Not being made anymore, you know they were actually in the warehouse and they can run 6s batteries. 2207 1800 kv motors. They just work, they were cheap, put them on the quad they’re good enough got hq.

I think there are 38 props got these because they’re a solid mix between power and efficiency. Now one thing that is on here, that is not cheap, is dji air unit. So not that i really use the air unit, for you know what it can be used for, but the picture quality is great. It works with the goggles, it plugs directly into the stack and what is the stack? So this is the diatone f405 dji flight controller. With i think yeah these are so the esc, i think, is the f50 esc it’s. Just a stack i’ll have a link in the description for it. So motors, sunny sky, they’re old they work dji air unit. Then we got the diatone mamba, f405 stack and then the diatone. What is this, the f5 roma dji frame again very very cost efficient, it’s beautiful it comes with all these little white pieces on it. Gopro mount actually came with it and then we’re using the gopro hero8, just like flight test nice hot glue, globules to hold my antennas in so i don’t have to worry about them falling out. Could that be better? Of course, yeah we go top to line. Everything is going to fly, better chances are we’re not going to notice, or at least i’m not going to notice been doing this a long time. I can’t tell the difference between two quads for the most part, unless it’s like a three inch versus six inch versus five inch type thing.

If it flies good, it flies solid. You can fly it and capture some cool content. So one thing i do want to touch on real quick is a lot of the stuff i’ve done before is 4k 60 with was a hyper smooth on the hero, 8 and that’s kind of what we just did with andrew, since everything before right now has always Been with hyper smooth, i do want to test out real steady, so we’re getting real, steady and now we’re gon na go chase dan’s. What do you got? Commander e flight commander? We’Ll go chase dan’s e flight commander. I’Ve got this set up with 2.7 k. 60 frames 4.3. What everybody says to use for real steady. So if real steady works, this footage is going to look awesome. If i don’t do it right, you’re still, gon na see the footage but it’s, probably gon na, be terrible. I don’t know but yeah we’re gon na see dale you’ll hold the camera yeah and then, of course, depending on what we’re chasing might have to adjust our camera angle, depending um we’re still going to stay about like what we are now. We should be about 25. 30 degree, angle there’s. Another thing i do like about the diatone frame it’s hard to see here because the sun, but on their camera plate on the side, it actually has like 10 20 30.. It maps it out, so you can tell what you are and right now we’re setting about 25, so that’s cool and then my gopro, i don’t know.

If i showed you, i got a nd filter on there. So all the settings in the gopro are locked in no variations on shutter white balance. Nothing. You set everything up: swiping nd, filter on there i like using the app, so i can kind of see what it looks like that little screen’s hard to see we’re good to fly let’s go find dan. Another key thing: if you’re doing multiple cameras like this, you got to sync them up so now i can sync it with that clap and now you know, while we’re flying if we’re talking to the camera it’s still the same thing all right, daniel good, when you Are windy that that was good, Music Applause, Music? All right, you just fly and try to keep her as steady as you can and wind is really making you go like 30 feet up and down yeah it’s brutal coming over the lake. The gusts are what Music hurt trying to stay within the wood line. Oh you’re, good man, you just fly her and i’ll. Try to stay on you. This wind makes it a lot harder on you to try to keep it steady. You want to do an inverted pass is what you’re saying? Oh you can’t even hesitate threaten you with a good time: huh Music, oh wow, nice, Music, flip it over pretty close that tree yeah, you ready, yep Applause! Oh no you’re fine same thing down here: okay, yep, rotate, Music, it’s close no.

I was far away my screen it’s gon na look pretty on screen, though oh yeah i’m definitely gon na have to. I might have to walk for my quad i’m just going to bring it straight in. If i can crap, i might walk for it it’s the third time today, dan. Why do i keep draining my batteries? Good job man? You got something else you want to fly. You want to fly quad wonder if we could fly a quad, be cool chase. You let’s, try that i haven’t chased a quad in a while Music, all right, we’re gon na put dan in a quad or a hex. I don’t care what he gets. We’Re gon na put him in something with propellers and we’re gon na see, if i’m chasing around a little bit like that kind of interesting to see that we’ll see in a minute all right, i got ta walk, get my freaking drone. One thing i do want to change so the commander flight was 2.7. 60 frames, 4. 3, no stabilization for real steady, so we can test it now, i’m, going to switch it back to 4k 60 with hyper smooth just so we can have that different footage to be able to compare to the commander flight plus if the commander flight, doesn’t, look good And real, steady, we at least have this, and i know this is decent it’s. What i’ve been flying with for years, another key to think about, while you’re chasing anybody is communication, so always talk to them.

Let them know what you’re doing what you’re planning on doing. You know the biggest thing i always tell. Everybody is no abrupt maneuvers without telling me so if i’m riding on an airplane and then the guy flying airplane decides, you know, hey he’s, just gon na pin the stick and fly directly into me, obviously not cool. So a lot of communication be beside who you’re flying with talk through each maneuver, but once you start doing it with somebody for long enough, like me and josh, you know, for instance, it becomes second nature to where i kind of know what he’s going to do. He knows where i’m at – and we can talk through that, but, for instance, dan, when we do this one yeah, you know nice smooth flying no crazy, fast, nothing. I want to get some cool establishing shots really up close to you and then we can play with it, and this wind is insane. Do i look majestic right now? I feel like this. Video is just gon na flop and nobody’s gon na watch it because this is like insane all right: ready, i’m good man, Music. All right, you flying i’m, just gon na try to stay on. You that’s perfect speed right there, man. What quad is this? This is the flywoo hexacopter it’s got six motors and long range, lr, basically it’s a four inch scalar. It looks good in my view. This is actually pretty awesome.

You can bring your own back if you need to man i’m good, it was just fighting the wind. Basically, okay gotcha, not enough well, this is actually really cool, so i i’ve i chased like the dji fpv, which was cool. This is the first hex i’ve really chased and it looks pretty neat in my screen. I am so close to you right now. I can read the serial number on your antenna. All right. You stay right like effort, man, i’m gon na try to circle. You, oh yeah. I got you kind of interested to see what that looks. Like yep, you do your thing, man just like that. That’S that’s awesome that’s what i like about this quad. I can do this for 30 minutes, just 30 minutes and that’s. With your lithium ion batteries. Yeah i got a 2500 lithium ion, 4 cell and didn’t. You build that battery yourself. We made it there in the shop yeah we got a spot welder now with that said, i think dell can make me shut up if i’m not supposed to say anything, but i think we’re actually gon na be coming out with our own lithium ion battery packs. Both for goggles transmitters as well as quads, just like this one, that dan’s been testing so definitely keep an eye out for it assembled right here in columbus, Music windmill. I saw you in my goggle, oh yeah. Oh, that was cool and see so there there’s a thing guys.

I film in 4k 60 i like to do all my gopro stuff in 60 frames per second just because whenever i am actually making a video, i tend to do 24 frames per second, and i can slow that 60 way down and make some of these shots. Look extra cool, whereas if we were just filming a straight 24 or 30 yeah, we get that cool. What you call the cool motion blur, but we don’t really get the the slow mo effect that we can do while it’s not necessary. It does add for some kind of depth – Music that was cool. This would be a lot of cool stuff in this video. Oh, we weren’t recording we got ta. Do it again, you serious? No, that would have sucked all right guys. So if this style of video is something you want to see more of just us, you know hanging out having fun trying to figure out things to talk about, such as chase quads leave a comment. Let us know like this. Video subscribe, if you’re not and otherwise guys dan, you got anything to add no sir i’m good thanks when we first met he swore he was not going to be on video, so this is awesome. He’S growing, not only behind the camera in front of the camera.