com. This will just be a quick video, because i got this part right here, which is the drone arms for the dji fpv drone, and i wasn’t really planning on ordering it. But if you saw my review videos – and you guys know that i did crack my arm a little bit here on the back. I did put some sealant on this plastic i’m, not sure exactly how much that’s really gon na do. But i did have some stress cracks here and a little bit of cracking here on the arm when this thing did tumble on my review. I’M. Not really sure, if it’s going to hurt or help this arm i’m not sure if it’s going to help like give it a little bit more support or not, but i figured either way let’s just give it a try in this video. I just want to show you the quick install of this part and then, of course, in a future video i’ll. Let you guys know if i see any flight characteristics after flying it for a few times, so first things: first let’s get this thing opened up, got a little instructions here, and then we have the two parts. So we have the support arms right here, and here is the brackets that are going to screw in and hold it in place. Now here is what the part looks like up close. What you’re going to want to do is look at the very back of this piece right here and you’ll see, it does say.

L on this one which means it’ll be on the left hand, side, and you can see there’s a little hole on this first. One right here and on the back there’s, not on the back side. This is where the light is going to go, so this will be, on the left hand, side of your drone you’re going to want to place it just like this right here and i actually snapped on the first one on the right hand, side, and it does Snap in pretty tight, so this i don’t think this is something you’re gon na be taking on and off so here it is right now i’m gon na be clipping in the front first and you’ll see where the light goes in the very back and i’m just Going to press this up here – and it is pretty snug, so push this up just like that now the front one is on. You can actually see the light here coming through. So that looks right. You have the antenna here at the very front, so that looks good, pressed up all the way and then now the back one as you can see, it’s a little bit off that’s just because you have to give it a little bit of a snap here and It will snap in place just push. This up got ta get a little bit of force. There you go, so it does feel honestly. It feels a little scary clipping it in and once i did that on this side, i was good to go now.

Let me just do the back one. This is the one that has the cracks on it, so this is the main reason why i wanted to get it just to give my arms a little bit more support. So let me know, let me put this one on okay, there you go, and now we have two brackets, that you’re gon na need to put on the rear motors right here now. What’S interesting is that they gave me the brackets and the two screws and looks like it’s a standard allen screw to uh, tighten it up, but they did not include an allen wrench or a wrench in general to screw them in which i’m kind of surprised they Couldn’T include a small one or anything in here. So from what i see in my package, i do not have the actual tool, and i don’t think it shows in here that there is a tool and we have a little hook, that’s right there, and that hook is gon na go on the back side of This mount right there, you can see a little area where that hook’s going to go it’ll hook in right there and then, on top. It now should line up with that screw hole. Now, when you are screwing it in, i feel like there’s a little bit of a loctite on there. So you do have to put a little bit extra force when screwing it in. So you want to put that bracket over it and make sure that these two pieces, these two plastic pieces, are pushed together first and then screw that in now that i put this brace on, it actually looks like the crack here, sealed up a little bit better Because it was a little bit shifted, so it does look like it at least try to tries to put it back in place a little bit.

So i think possibly this might help, but of course, we’ll see i’m gon na go test this out and see how well it does with these arm braces on here, but either way just wanted to put a little bit of support on there, because i had those Issues but there it is the arm braces for the dji fpv drone we’ll see how much it changes the flight characteristics, but for me it was more about keeping this arm a little bit more stable, a little bit more secure, because i was having those issues here. After one of my crashes, and of course, if you guys got some value from this video, a big like would be much appreciated. If you guys want more information on the dji fpv drone check out all of my videos down below in the video description, as well as a link to these arm braces. This is ultra station with i’ll, see you guys.