I did a review the other day of the amazing dji mavic air 2 case, which takes multiple batteries and other bits of equipment from banggood, absolutely amazing products. I love it to bits, and this is something else banggood sent me to sort of test and sort of review. This is more of a video of showing people how to collapse. This landing pad after use um theres, not a lot of people that realize how to do this, so these little tutorials do help the spring loaded. So once youre taking out there its gon na pop open – and this is 75 centimeters once its sort of opened this one – if you can see it is 110 centimeters. So this is huge when you do take it out and sort of ping it up, and you can see this thing from the moon. I think you know nasa aircraft flying in space. Theyd say this and probably come down and land on it. Well, brilliant! If youre in an area where theres a heck of a lot of dust or rain, etc, youve got a bigger area to land on with that. But what i do prefer is something that will be big enough just to land your drone on whether its a dji mavic air 2, your family drones, your minis or whatever. This is a perfect size. In my opinion, this is a medium that were not assured. Is a large it does come with pegs.

Also. I took these out prior to the video because once i opened this, they just follow my kitchen floor, but these do go inside here. So again, another amazing bit of kit from banggood ill leave links in the description where you can purchase it. Just click on it. You say you cant go wrong guys, and i say if eleven pounds sweaty something pence prices may vary a little either way but again, another great product. So this thing will send that back so, first of all ill show it going into the bag unzip. It lets see this is the custom carry case sent to me for review without battery compartments in like say, were tilting it the way it is now. Nothing is moving in there, but that will just sit on the top and it will zip up no problem whatsoever. It can go in the compartment at the back so ill, just pop this down here and zip it up so thats inside there with your drone spare batteries, control up all the bits you want to put in and your landing pad. It also fits in the back. So take that out unzip the compartment place that landing pad in zip, it back up like say, thats in there no problem at all and ill just zip straight up like so so i will now show you how to put the landing pad back inside the case. So you perhaps back to one side like said they are spring loaded, so when taking them out just so keep hold of it.

So you can either throw it on the fly it might pop out itself, but the technique used is, i say, im holding it like that, but to put it back in youre doing a figure of eight twists, theyre tied it up, and then it will go straight Back in so well undo that so youve got your blue side there and you saw oranges out there. They are waterproof great, its okay ill show photographs of my mavic air, so on the large pad and on this one so putting it away so im holding my hands. I want one that way, one that way it doesnt matter which order you do that and you can be left or right handed its whatevers convenient and you just twist in a figure of eight as youre twisting you just tied in a little bit so so thats Gone back perfectly so obviously, after you finish flying that little figure of eight technique get your bag pop it inside and there you go very, very easy to do like i say just a figure of eight twist and that will go straight back in there. You can either put it in your bag. Um ill say something like that: connect it through the strap at the top and hung on a belt preference. Is all yours guys so great bit of kits great bit of kick with the case. You cant go wrong, like i say ill put: a link in the description to purchase this watch, the video just click on the link purchase it for 11 pounds.

20, odd pence really so guys.