The fixing screws take down the propeller and distinguish propeller a and b during replacement, replace the battery twice the buckle take out the battery upward take out the replacement battery and insert it into the battery salt. Multiple charging modes charging with usb cable charging, convenient and fast preparation before flight. One turn on the drawer on slide ground. All right lights of the drone will become rapid, blinking and pair. The frequency automatically 2. turn on the remote control, pushing the left joystick to the top, then push it to the bottom now front white light and black blue lights of the drawing become rapid, linking now pairing, successfully Music, three connect with wi fi and enter eye push The joysticks into the one r 11 o’clock position, let’s rapidly, blinking, blue or right back in white or right front f joint schedules, campus calibration four pick: drone off and rotate 360 degrees, spike blue, alright lights turn solid blue then hold the drawing face down and rotate 360 degrees, front white or white light turn solid white set the drone back down to ground surface now, starting to search the gps signal when front white lights and black blue lights become solid light. Gps calibration successfully push the joysticks into 5 r 7 o’clock position to starting the motor push the joysticks into 5 or 7 o’clock position again to stopping the motor the default gps mode is beginner mode. Please refer to the minue for details. Demonstration of basic functions push the joysticks into 5 or 7 o’clock position to starting the motor push.

The left joystick up to take off then push the life, the joystick down to line or click the tick off and the landing button to take off the landing press. The tick off and the landing button for three sec to emergency stop push the light. Joystick ascend descend, left, rotate and right rotate push the right, joystick forward backward fly, left to set world and fly right. The world speed adjustment, the flying speed of the drone, can be adjusted freely. We point flight after clicking root planing on the interface. The right circuit will appear on the mic, simply type a test of coordinates on the screen within the last circle. Click stand and confirm the drone will fly according to the planned road 16 points at most point of interest, hovering the drone around the center point, twice photographing or shooting at the same time, and move the encircling radian with a white joystick, twice photographing or shooting again To start encircling gps follow me after clicking follow on app interface. The drone will move with the positioning co ordinate of mobile phone image. Recognition follow me. Click follow on the screen, then tap the object or person you want to check then tap or confirm your selection. The drone will move accordingly, the object or person you tap, adjust the angle of camera, the wi fi real time, image transmission with 1080 hd, wide angle, camera adjustable 90 angle, camera digesting of the angle by remote control, gesture control, click, gesture photographing on the screen operate.

According to the promo code of pop out box, the v gesture of the right hand is to photograph, and there are three seconds for countdown during confirmation. An open right palm is to recount a one key sharing function, open the folder choose a picture to be shared. Click share to share the pictures onto all platforms: gps, reaching home after pricing, the cost reversal on remote control or app interface.