Today is the big day today. We’Re doing the thing we are going full manual mode, which is what eric has been most excited for: i’m ready for it i’m ready to get some of these nanny modes off, because it feels like a nanny at this point i’m trying to get the drone to Turn past this point, so i can make the turn smooth and it’s just like running into a wall. Normal mode was too easy for you, sport mode. You picked up no problem, we started turning crash. We started pushing you a bit with cruise control and making you do the roll and yaw mixing yourself, but you’re doing great at all that you started. Shooting gaps started orbiting really great. That it’s fine don’t worry about the crash. It happens. It happened. You didn’t even break the drone, but i think we’re gon na be increasing your uh chances of crashing a little bit we’re going into full manual mode this time. So that means most importantly, that the drone won’t have self writing. When you let go of the stick which, by the way you when you’re flying when you want to recenter the stick don’t, let it center it with your thumb don’t. Let it do that, especially in manual mode. If you hear that it means the drone is going to do that, every little movement translates. I mean it’s not as important on some of the camera platforms that you’re flying you’re cooking it on a phantom, and you want to bring it to a stop.

You can just let it go right, filter out some of that, but if you let it in the center it’ll blow in the in the drum, i love the technical terms here on this channel it’s very important. I do want to remind you one thing: the last time i flew in manual mode went like this and then this and then it fell over upside down skidded, underneath the cop car and slammed into my building. It would seem like 100 miles an hour, so this may be the last time you ever see it. Looking no i’m very confident, you’re gon na do fine. First, off we’ve been working you through all the flight assistance modes, uh. Second off you’ve got the panic button right, so even in full manual mode, if you accidentally get upside down, you don’t know why you’re upside down! You hit this button right here, just one click and it’ll wow right back to center back that technical terminology. Thirdly, we’re not gon na, let you fly it just yet: i’m! Actually, gon na, have you practice in the sim? First, no! Hang on you teased this to me earlier, but i don’t need a computer for this sim. Do i right so with this system, dji has come out with a sim that lives on your phone and we’re gon na plug my phone into your goggles and you’re gon na be able to fly the sim using your radio in the goggles all just using a Phone you don’t need a computer, you don’t need to download steam or any of that crazy stuff, that’s freaking sweet, i think it’s, pretty awesome and what’s cool is the sim is built around this system and that it’s got it simulates everything you can actually fly.

The sim in normal mode and try to fly into an obstacle and it’ll slow you down, like it, simulates everything that’s, really cool, but we didn’t really mess with that stuff before we clearly didn’t need to you’re doing great but as we’re going into manual mode. I strongly recommend no matter how great you did i’m, just remembering this crash over and over again in my head, don’t stress about the crash, but the sim is highly recommended because, no matter how many of the steps that you go through, like we’re, showing in this Series, the first time you go into manual mode, it’s, it’s, a whole different animal and using the sim can get you prepared for how the drone is going to respond when it doesn’t have that auto leveling. So i’m booting up the dji virtual flight app and you see there’s different ways that you control it. You can, if you haven’t, bought the system yet fly the sim just using your smartphone by dragging little sticks on the screen and it’s a good way to try. It out and in the normal and sport modes it works all right, but this is not doing. The on screen sticks is going to be very, very difficult to fly in manual mode, so we’re gon na go all the way over here. Where you can see you can connect the goggles and the remote controller and play that way so we’ll get into there. So you don’t need to actually have the aircraft on for this and then now we need to connect the goggles to the phone.

Dji gives you this little adapter thing where you can convert a usb a into usbc to go into the goggles you can just plug whatever you need to plug into your phone like lightning and iphone whoa, very cool. Is it fully in there yeah? Let me see. No it’s mine now it’s awesome man it’s, like everything. Even the menus are in here, that’s awesome, yeah, all right free flight. Here we go. Where do you want to fly? You want to fly. Oh, the factory factory is the best like a bandeau all right. Bando time all right, goggle up man, oh yeah, yeah, remember that’s manual mode now, so i feel the view is weird: do you think it’s not it’s, not 100? What you saw in the uh in the actual drone? No, it feels like it’s a little bit more aggressive. I think that you’re feeling that you’re in manual mode now so it’s definitely going to be more aggressive than sport mode, because you’re not fighting any sort of auto leveling like the problem, is just going where you’re pushing it. The problem is, i thought it was backwards. It’S, not it’s, not okay, i’ll shut up now yeah. It just takes some getting used to it right see. This is why you do the sim, because the first time you touch the sticks in manual mode, it can be like very disorienting because it is so different. No matter how much you’ve mentally prepped, like you’re upside down, hit that panic button.

Look at that panic button even works in the sim, but i mean see you’re so far up there, which i mean is good, because uh was that, oh, that was cool yeah! Oh you’ll see that when you want to switch into manual mode from a normal and sport mode in the drone there’s a little bit of a stick sequence, you have to do and they even mirror that in the sim. So everything in the sim recreates. The experience of flying the drone from normal mode to sport mode to getting into manual mode the you can change the camera angle with the dial. If you want everything this is trippy, my kids are going to love you guys. Can you shoot that he hit a gap all right so we’re gon na? Let eric get some stick time in on the sim and once we’re feeling a little bit more confident that he’s not gon na, take off and do exactly what he did. The first time we take off where it’s freaking out, which is what the sim is for. We’Ll go out to the field, we’ll put the actual drone up and hopefully have a really good experience. I’M. Having too much fun man, we can’t stop. We’Ll have some fun rip around for a little bit. There’S, no rush, all right, so you got your mode switch right. I do so all the way up is n, neutral, normal, okay, middle s, sport sporty.

So all the way down says m on it, but they don’t want you to go into that accidentally. So you’re gon na have to go into the goggles to turn this on so we’ll pop it back up first or go into uh click your wheel in and look for settings settings and then look for bluetooth control, button, customization rc! There you have button customization uh! There we go sport mode. We want to turn that into manual mode, so that’s for the m button right. Yes, so they block you out, they don’t want you to turn it on by accident. All right. How do i get out of this uh there’s? A back button got it just back your way. This is actually ridiculously easy to, like intuitively figure. Your way around, because that’s the first time i’ve used those buttons so yeah. I was just like it’s somewhere in there right, so you got ta turn. You got ta turn that button, so that m actually means m, and now it does but there’s another thing and we’re not gon na turn this off yet it’s. Actually, your angle limit, so you are in manual mode. It will not self write, it’s, baby manual, it’s kind of it will it’ll still stop you from going past a certain limit, so it’s it’s still manual, but it won’t. Let you flip so it’ll get used wise let’s, be honest! Probably why so you’re used to being in full control of the drone, but you can’t accidentally end up upside down right, probably a really good plan.

I think i think it’s it’s good baby steps yeah the other thing um. So i want you to have your finger on the panic button. Any button and just feel like you’re out of control, just happen in fact, we’ll even practice that okay, let me practice that when you get up but let’s go ahead and get the drone up now, do you want to take off in manual mode or do you Want to take off in i’m, going to take off a manual mode when i go straight forward i’m going for it. Okay, you ready yeah and nothing happened, so it won’t. Let me launch in that mode, will it well? No, it will so well one you weren’t were you in it? Yes, i was, i was you can launch in that mode, but it’s different the start and stop button that becomes an arm switch but it’s a double tap all right, because, because i mean think about stick arming why stick arming is so bad. What if you were in doing an inverted jaw spin, so you’ve got your throttle all the way down, you’re holding full yaw and then maybe you roll out or something point it you do this by accident. Now you disarm your quad like there are drone moves where you might do that. You do realize that he just spoke a language that i don’t understand. If you don’t know what any of that means we’ll get there we’ll get there episode 27.

Okay, let’s try again double tall, the old double tap to start. Okay, so start flying forward and let’s see a turn. Let’S see a turn: you’re panicking uh, not blue, oh okay, panic that is sick yeah. So if you get you’re freaked out, so what happened there? I mean if you get freaked out, we got you it’s all good. So what happened on that turn? I think i just kind of fell out of it. Let’S see it again: Applause, okay, yeah, so you’re, you’re, yawing and then rolling gotcha. So i got ta induce kind of like an airplane. I should induce it first well it’s, just like and it’s just like when we were doing in cruise control lead with the roll. You know all right, you’re going fast. This is gon na, be a fast church. No guys geez that’s accelerates like mad okay how’d, that look hey that looks perfect all right, so just roll it’s. You seem to be doing better with it at speed, but there you know what i think yeah see not enough roll you. The way you spun out of it and you still kind of washed out and ballooned up, gosh roll more like really carve that turn get that nose down. That was good. That was good with a lot of speed. Oh boy, Applause. I keep reaching down, though oop that pillow that one too uh yeah it’s just it’s, just like we were practicing um.

When we turned off the auto coordination, you got to do it yourself and it seemed like it’s a little better to lead with the roll. Just nice, nice and together yeah that was better and you come off the power a little bit too. As i exit, i think, and once you that one you came out kind of under yawed, almost you came out still with some roll and then you had to correct it with roll, so you could either use more yaw to have turned more or use less rolls That you didn’t come out. Cock, eyed, it’s a lot more sensitive, the throttle, i know it’s, probably not actually, but it feels like. I have to use so much less. Oh, no. It is going to be way more sensitive because now it’s a throttle stick before it was an altitude stick. Gotcha, so above above halfway was telling it to go up at some speed below halfway was telling to go down at some speed. Now you are just controlling the throttle: it’s a real throttle. Stick so it’s going to be way more sensitive. I feel like the one area where i’m really struggling is, as i come back on course, i’m not getting the i’m about to say wings level, you’re, not getting the aircraft level it’s kind of wishy, washy it’s, real chopping, nice together, so that one’s decent. But i still have to finish the roll that was fun i’m using about 30 power yeah, i mean that’s that’s it and i think that’ll be a little something to get used to in that in the normal and sport modes.

It’S always center stick it’s right over the water right over the water. These are waterproof right. Uh it’s, like the new iphone let’s practice, a panic though, before we start trying anything advanced so just hit that button see what happens there. You go so it just locks. You in and now that’s like cheating center throttle, though there yeah, so you have to have that center that you have to have your throttle, centered um, to keep your altitude and then now, when you switch it back to normal mode. Now i heard you switch it back to manual mode, but you get that on the screen, your kind of that icon, yeah, it says, switch to manual mode use the control stick to move the cursor to the green line right, so you need to center the right. Stick all the way and that throttle stick. You need to match the throttle they’re telling you to match because they don’t want you to when you switch them there. You go that when you switch to manual mode that altitude stick becomes a throttle stick. So if it’s not matched to the hover you’d balloon, which still happened a little bit balloon yeah, i punched it right after it drive said it. Alright, you’re cruising man, i’m, so blown away by how smooth and how good the visual is like compared to analog goggles. This is just silly yeah i mean the the hd video is insane you’re going kind of sideways, oh god, you’re in control, i didn’t okay.

I was expecting way more panicking i’m, a little freaked out, but honestly, if at any time just hit that panic button, it’s confidence inspiring enough. That it’s, like it’s all good. But as we start to do more of the advanced tricks, i think you’re going to want to be even closer friends with that panic button. So we could, you know we could practice that again, maybe like something right in the middle of a very aggressive turn smack it. You know really see just how powerful that is as a recovery and panic it’s crazy, but you really have a lot of control in manual. Oh, my god. Okay, are you going for a gap? First manual mode gap? Oh boy? Oh boy! Oh boy! I hit it. I hit it: okay, okay, we okay, it’s, not dead. Yet we got one down: we’re, just gon na we’re, just gon na break our rule and bend it back a little bit a little bit. I think i think she looks good, so you had it. You have to double tap that button down yeah i did double it, i did double tap and i think you double tapped it after i did oh did you did i heard you tap it once it didn’t stop yeah, and then i came in you yeah. That was there’s a little bit of chaos, Music, nice and easy nice, and i don’t know nothing about nothing easy. I just shoot this gap a little hard, a little higher a little slower, double tap, triple tapped, she’s up right let’s.

Do a quick prop inspection get in there it’s just this is a difficult gap, because it’s so low yeah and like i don’t, want to get too aggressive, but at the same time i really want to be able to do this and not suck at it. So i was not planning on you doing gaps today, i’ll do whatever you tell me to do. If you are into it, i think you should go for it i’m into it and then just find your speed and let it let it go through. Just remember like a cruise control mode once you’re going forward, it wants to keep going forward. It wants to go through that gap, just steer it in steered in oh okay, nice bail, nice bail, nice bail, no, shame nobody’s right there when in doubt throttle out just like a race. It was right there and then it was not right there anymore, but i mean it’s really going to feel similar to that cruise control mode where just get the drone going out of speed and find that sweet spot on your throttle. Stick where it wants to stay at the same height it won’t be in the middle, or maybe it will be depending on your battery life, but just just hold it right there and just let it let guide it through. With light roll and yaw there, we go just guide it through there. It is there. It is. That was amazing.

That was amazing. What oh, my gosh! It gets the heart rate moving yeah, i kind of want to go upside down. Now i mean you ready for that already and if you’re ready to try and flip it just bring it in for a landing it’s off i’m hitting the button i hit the button. Like nine times. Don’T set up this close to the gap. It could have taken 30 seconds for us to drag the gap back out on the lazy. I hear him running away and i hear the drone bouncing closer to me like push the button i was trying to get over to hit the button i was like dude. I had my hand on the button the whole time i was ready dude. I had that too, and i just came in it was like right here and i was like i’m too high rolled right over it. That was nuts. If you guys go through this and it’s, not as easy as he says, it is don’t be discouraged. This is this is a very difficult thing: he’s picking it up very fast, i’ve hit the ground so many times yeah. I think i’m it’s still very impressive. How fast you’re, moving through it’s crazy, it’s, very impressive, if you don’t think pick it up as fast as i am it’s, because you don’t have a really good teacher, that’s that’s, all there is to it there we go it’s, simple, simple math let’s hit the flip.

So you go to gain an expo and then at the bottom, do you see uh angle limit or something like that? Ammo attitude limit that okay, so go ahead and just turn that off and it’s gon na? Warn you all right so first maneuvers! Obviously, now i no longer have grainy keeping me from doing barrel rolls. Did you just flip it? I did a barrel roll you just flipped. It loop forward loop Music. I kind of went straight toward the ground at full power, but you didn’t you’re, well, you’re you’re. Doing what’s, smart and you’re several mistakes up yeah, so i don’t want to be you’ve, got lots of altitude to panic and recenter it’s. So weird how? When you come off the power it carries the energy away like that’s, nothing else. I fly. I fly airplanes. I fly paramotors i’ve got one whole hour in a helicopter. Nothing else carries the energy like this. Does this is trippy it’s, so much easier in acro mode. I hate to say that like it’s scarier, because there’s, no like nothing helping me no, this is how this is how drones should be flown man it’s like you’re in control, you’re, not pushing you’re, not fighting it you’re, not holding that stick forward to go forward. We started in a full self leveling mode, with gps holding all that stuff and just started pulling some of those things off, pulling away the the coordination pulling away even having to hold forward with the cruise control.

And then i think each of those steps just kind of felt a little weird, but when you put it all together and you let yourself feel it it’s it’s way more natural, all right so dji, please, may i get this uh. Can i find my inspire like this that’d be nuts? Oh boy, i was going for it. Well, i see as you’re approaching the gap it looked like, you were trying to correct with just yaw, but you got to use that roll. So if you want it, you gamed right so yeah. If, if you’re a little off center, you can strafe to line it up or you can steer use rolling, yaw together. But if you use just yaw it’s not going to help you line up for the gap. You’Re just going to be wagging your tail. Oh, is it dead? Uh battery came unplugged damage report is some more props you’ve been going through i’m glad they’re cheap you’ve been going through props prop that’s. The thing you want to break dude i hit so hard that’s that’s, nothing. I think it’s okay, man dude. That was like here. I am talking about how it’s easy and it is easy, but when you try to get it precise and that low it’s a whole different game. Like i changed my mind, i don’t want the inspire to uh no to fly like no, never mind, inspire don’t, no fpv don’t. Do that our poor drone starting to look a little beat up.

We got all sorts of scuffs. We got bent props she’s still flying though i’m still flying. I think we, i think we do have to replace yeah. This prop’s got to go yeah. I i just i deserve that. No it’s, fine man, it’s fine, you haven’t, broken anything yet you’re you got ta. Keep pushing so hard when i hit. That is crazy man i mean, but you fly like real things like you, your body is up in the air. This is still scaring. You i mean it’s. It feels hyper real. It feels like you’re a part of it because it’s first person view so when you slam into a two by four. You know it feels like 70 miles an hour and i know it’s more, like five uh, it it’s. Definitely it wakes you up in the morning. That’S for sure and that’s, why i find fpv so addicting is that you really feel like you’re flying, especially when you’re flying in manual mode, like you feel, truly connected to the drone it’s doing what you tell it to do. You’Re, not fighting some sort of auto leveling and you don’t have anything to to save you other than the little panic button, but you’re truly flying, and so i i mean i really get that feeling. But i was wanting with someone that had actual aviation experience. If this would still be thrilling, it definitely has a thrill and what i’m looking forward to most when i fly in my paramotor right, there is i’ve got to the point where i’ve flown so much that there’s no thought i don’t have to think.

Okay. I’M, going to turn left i’m going to lean left, pull left, add a little power. It all just happens, instinctually right. So i think if i can get that point with this, it becomes almost a zen experience. It really does it’s like because it’s it’s something that i’m becoming aware of as i’m trying to give instructions and that, like i’m, like how do you? What exactly do you do with the sticks again, because i don’t really think about the stick movement. So much as you just do it and you’ll get to that point too, the more and more that you fly, but i mean you’re already doing awesome man you’re doing coordinated, turns you did some rolls. You did some flips, you shot some gaps. It was awesome. I can’t wait to fly it some more and uh i’m i’m honestly impressed because we had a pretty hard hit and i thought we’d see more damage than there is. I mean honestly me too. I mean this is a plastic drone. This is not going to be durable, like one of our carbon fiber drones, but clearly it can take some moderate crashes, but we’re going to be careful we’re going to need some so you’re totally able to navigate this thing. I think, with a little bit more practice. It will be time to start having you learn some real freestyle maneuvers, so in the next episode we’re going to take on an actual freestyle trick.

So i think my next step is to take this thing home and spend some hours on the simulator honestly, because that simulator time beforehand really gave me the confidence i needed to go into manual mode to feel as if i knew what i was doing. Yeah – and i know that my kids are gon na love – it so i’m – probably not going to get much time in it at all, but they’re going to love it yeah, but it was a blast get in there get some more stick time in on it and Then, in the next episode we’re going to teach you like a specific freestyle trick, either like a power, loop or rubes, cube or split s, any one of those things are really going to start getting. You a feel for what it means to do freestyle where you’re really doing multi axial very dimensional tricks where you’re flipping upside down pulling out doing all sorts of crazy stuff, like that things that you just can’t do i’m smiling but i’m. Also, just like i’m, not gon na, do that don’t be scared. Don’T, be scared, you’re totally gon na. Do it more same time? First, thank you so much man. This has been a blast. Thank you guys for tuning in to the series make sure to check the link in the description to the playlist. So you can follow this entire series and, if you’re not already subscribed, do so and hit the bell.

So you can be notified whenever we post an episode of this series or our regular monday episodes and if that’s not enough youtube for you again check out eric’s channel, the aviator show we’d love to have you guys. We do new episodes every friday lots of cool content coming out soon, including flying with some elk moose bears you name it. We got some cool stuff happening. It’S gon na be fun, fly all the things guys.