So, on the controller you have two joysticks and these two joysticks do different things, depending on the configuration that you have set up so im going to be talking about the standard configuration, and this is what comes on most drones out of the box. Now, if you dont, like this configuration, you can set it up to what makes more sense for you, however, lets go over the basic configuration of how drones fly. So when you look down your controller youre going to have two joysticks one on the left, one on the right so on your left, joystick when you push up thats going to cause the drone to ascend into the sky. Now, if you pull down thats going to cause your drone to descend so raising up and lowering down now on that joystick, if you push left with the joystick, then its going to rotate the drone left and think of the drone just sitting in one spot and Pivoting on an axis, so when you pull it left it pivots left now, if you pull that same joystick right it pivots right and an easy way to think about it is the left. Joystick keeps you on one spot on the earth. It doesnt move you in any direction. Just goes up down and rotates around now the left joystick. You can think of that as moving away from that single point. So when you move forward on the right, joystick thats going to cause your drone to push forward now, if you pull down on the right, joystick thats going to cause your drone to go backwards.

If you pull left on that right, joystick thats going to cause the drone to move towards the left so instead of pivoting its actually going to be just facing one direction and moving so think of the drone, just looking straight at you and moving one direction. So if you pull right on that joystick, it goes right. So the drone is basically doing this in the air and keeping the camera facing forward. So youre going to use a combination of both of these joysticks to be able to move your drone in space and also use a combination of both of them to be able to create better. Looking footage now also on the controller youre, typically going to have a way to control your gimbal on dji drones. Its going to be right here in the upper left, hand corner, and you could basically just pull it down and up and depending on which drone that you have. You can go from straight out ahead to straight down and some drums. Even let you go up a little bit further than 90 degrees. Most new drones are coming out with this feature that let you go a little bit higher so that you can get lower on the ground and actually point up a little bit now. I have worked with some other drones in the past that allow you to do a 360 camera view, and those controllers will have additional abilities to rotate the gimbal in that 360 degrees.

However, the majority of drones that i work with and probably youre going to work with as well just have the gimbal that goes up and down, and so typically these are a jog wheel on the top of the controller that allows you to pull it down or Pull it up so its a two direction: jog wheel and depending on how much pressure you apply to this wheel, its going to make it move fast or slow, and these are settings that you can change in your software now, depending on which drone youre flying with And what style of controller that you have theres? A few other things that you might encounter now on? Djis controllers, youll have a speed in the middle, and this changes it from super slow to a normal speed to super fast now. Youll also have a return to home button, and what this button will do is bring the drone home. So if you need to return to home its an easy way to push this button and the drones going to go back to your initial gps point that you took off from now most situations, you could just use this button return home. But there are some situations where, if youre moving youre not going to want to use this button and then youll have to fly home manually, typically with the return to home you set, which height that you want your drone to get up to before it returns to Home, so if youre in a place with lots of trees, youll want to make sure that the drone flies higher than those trees before it returns to home.

Now, if youre, in a situation where theres not a lot of tall things around you, you might not need the returned home to be super high, so thats something youre going to have to go in your app and change. But you want to make sure you do that before every flight and the last thing that youll typically find on your controller to control how you fly is a function button and on djis controllers. You can change this button to two different things and one function. I like to have set up when im flying is automatically adjust the gimbal. So when i click this button, it automatically snaps the gimbal up to 90 or straight down its an easy way to move the gimbal. So its looking straight out so in case, i need to see what im doing when im flying or i want to shoot straight down. I can do it with a flip of a button and not have to wait for my gimbal because typically ill set my gimbal to super slow. So i can actually use the gimbal when im flying to get cinematic. Looking footage. Now, one of the things that i always suggest doing is take your drone out to a big open field somewhere, where theres, no chance of you hitting anything now take the drone up and just fly around using the joysticks, really learn how these joysticks work and how Your drone moves in space because, if youre in a situation where youre flying close to an object or something happens – and you have to move the drone fast to get out of a situation, you want to make sure that you fully understand how you actually move the Drone in space so that you dont accidentally fly the drone into the building or fly the drone into a tree when i was first flying drones way back on like the phantom 2.

That was one of the things that i didnt do and i took it off and i hit a palm tree almost immediately. That was because i wasnt flying in a big open field. So when it comes to flying a drone, practice is key, and what you want to do is learn your controller inside and out and learn how you can fly and move in space and when youre, looking at the drone up in the sky and youre. Looking at the screen, objects sometimes seem closer and objects sometimes seem further away from the drone, and you want to make sure that you have a good understanding of where the drone is in space so that you dont hit something and crash your drone. And next i highly suggest you check out this video right here.