The last time we spoke was probably like two three weeks ago, when the mavic 3 incident occurred and then probably two years since the last time that ive vlogged like this pre, the thing that we dont talk about on youtube but uh. So forgive me if my vlogging skills arent the best. I am relearning im trying my hardest here but anyways in this video. I wanted to go ahead and fly my mavic air 2 for the first time in quite some time, as well as just talk about making sure that you can fly your drone in different airspace, especially when youre traveling, with somewhere new and youre unsure, as well as Getting lance authorizations to fly and control their space, whether you are recreationally flying or you want to fly with part 107 commercially, and then, on top of that, i just wanted to give a couple updates on the whole mavic 3 situation. Um, i did go ahead and send it off to repair but ill just leave it at there for right now, but first uh before i get to talking about all that im gon na go find somewhere to sit considering there are no benches around here im guessing My best bet is probably gon na be over here sitting on the curb. Unfortunately, but you know sometimes you got ta do what you got ta do to get your drone up in the air anyways when choosing a new location to fly for the first time.

Ideally, you would typically do this before you go and find somewhere and sit down like i am right now, but i actually already did that, but to show you how to do that, some suggestions i have first off. There are quite a lot of options as far as drone apps go that you can go and use to do this so im not going to say one is better than the other, but the ones that i typically use personally is air map, as well as before. You fly to go and scope out a location that i want to potentially fly in so air map, for example, if youve never looked at this before it will be able to go and pick up your location and you can go and drop a pin somewhere where You potentially want to go and fly so i just dropped that way over there, but you can expand the radius of how big of a radius you plan on flying in. You can move it around or you can even draw a box which is pretty neat and it will go and show you the different advisories for your potential mission, so you can go and change between either flying part 107. If you do have your commercial license or you can get the advisories for, if you are a recreational pilot as well, which is pretty neat in my opinion and its pretty much why i always go and default to the air map app here.

But because i am going to be flying faa 107, i can then go and view all of my advisories. So this is in controlled airspace. There is a class c controlled airspace above, but you can get automated approvals or authorizations at or below 400 feet in altitude, which is pretty cool theres. Also, some other smaller airports around whether they be just heli stops or other airports. And then there is a specific heliport section here that you can view, but other than that, of course, here on the map itself, you can tell all of those different airports nearby. So, as you can see, that class c is the purple right here and that is limited, even lower the nearer you get towards the airport, but because im right on the edge of this airport – and i really only plan to fly – you know down this way. A little bit to check out this big water feature im not too worried about really interfering with that airport. However, i still plan to go and get authorization to fly in that airspace, just in case im touching the edge of it and because it is right outside of that airspace, it would still be nice to give the airport a heads up. So the way that i do that another app that i use is called a loft. It used to be called kitty hawk, i believe, but its now known as a loft and through this one you do have to sign up for an account and thats.

Just simply so they have your information when theyre sending it to the airports for authorization. It does show you. The wind shows you the current temperature gusts of wind visibility, stuff like that, which is also important when you are flying but anyways to go and get authorization. You simply go and after youve created an account youve logged in click, the add button in the bottom middle and then click request. Lance authorization. Then from here you can simply go and touch the point that youre currently at or plan a location in the future. That youre planning to fly at and you go and click on get authorization from here you can choose whether or not you are either flying recreationally or commercially. In my case, as ive already said, i am flying commercially so from here after youve clicked on that option. You can go and move these different points for the area that you plan to fly in. I usually go and give myself more space than i expect, just in case theres something cool to go and shoot, but nonetheless, once ive got that set from here, you can go and set your max intended altitude if you go and set like 100 feet. That means you cant go over that amount while youre in flight, especially if you are in that controlled airspace, if youre outside of that and youre in class g airspace, then its not a big deal then, but you should still go and set the max height that You intend to fly up to while you are in flight, so im not really sure so im just going to set the max of 400 feet.

I havent had any issues with doing that in the past. So unless you are near to an airport, then you shouldnt have any issues. Then, of course you have to set your date and time for when you intend to perform your flight, so it is currently 1 42 p.m. On december 30th, and then you can set your duration im just going to set two hours, its more likely going to be about one hour, but next its eligible for auto approval. So it gives you more information there. Then you just review your information, make sure you got your phone number in there. Your part 107 number. If you have that or if youre flying recreationally, then you wont have to do that agree and submit, and there you go. You should get a text message if youve got a cell phone for the uh approval. So if you are approved, youll get the approval. If you are denied, you will get the denial message as well, but i am luckily approved alongside that text. You will also get an email if you input your email. One thing to point out is that max um 400 foot agl altitude that cannot be added to even within the confines of. If you have a structure nearby, you know like you usually would be able to. If you are in uh class g airspace, but because i am in controlled airspace, you do have to stick to the max height possible.

So you cant go over that. So i am all good to go ahead and begin. My flight Music wow. I did not realize how much slower the mavic air 2 is just because i have not flown it in so long, but compared to the mavic 3 man, the mavic 3 just can fly. It is very fast. This right here i mean 23 miles an hour in normal mode. Its not bad its, not quick, though like the mavic 3 is for sure anyways. Luckily, ive got this nice water area over here that i can film people just pretty neat ive heard from some people that supposedly this man made lake right here is used by the olympics for rowing, which is pretty neat thats. What those um piers right there are is rowing team peers. Something that i find kind of odd is how they have this ongoing, pier along the entire length of this lake, which is pretty interesting. Ive, never seen something like this before and it appears to be. I believe its floating on the water. I do not think that its on land, but i could be wrong, but considering that its like right down the middle and theres water on both sides, im gon na assume its floating there, which is kind of crazy that something like that can be floating and can Be this straight its more than likely just due to the fact that its anchored, but still pretty pretty interesting, its more than likely for uh like photographers and spectators and stuff, like that, all right, all right, so update on the mavic 3 for those who are interested! First off, if you dont know what happened to my dji mavic 3, which i spent 2 200 on um, i would definitely make sure to check out that video right there, but the quick overview is basically it crashed itself, while it was in active track five mode.

I got everything on camera, luckily um and there was also the logs, but apparently according to dji, the logs, really didnt matter, which i will talk about in my dedicated mavic 3 dji support, slash, dji, refresh review that ill be uploading, probably in about a week or So after i get my hands on my replacement, mavic 3, but essentially in the end, i decided to go and send it off to dji support. So they could go and take a look at it and hopefully repair it. But when i did that initially they went and sent me a quote. That was honestly quite disappointing. I will say i did not have, or i did not have at the time – dji care or dji refresh for the mavic 3, but because its such a new drone, it was an active track, 5 mode and i figured they would want to give good service on A drone that somebody spent 2200 on um, i figured they would give a pretty decently low quote or just completely outright replace it, but it took some fighting to get them to honor a replacement. In the end, i was able to get myself a replacement, and so basically that replacement is sitting at home right now, unfortunately, im not able to get my hands on it because im not home, im 1200 miles away from home right now, but it is at home. All safe, which is good but im eager to get it up into the air, just to make sure that it fully functions as it should and that it repairs and everything.

With my controller and everything like that, but yeah, so the mavic 3 situation, it was repaired or replaced and its not been tested yet by me, but i will be testing it as soon as i get home and i will be making a dedicated video talking about My entire support experience, including chats um emails, everything that was exchanged between dji, so you know what youre gon na be getting out of dji support if you happen to have to deal with them yourself with. That said, though, um my battery is getting pretty low im at 34, so im going to bring it back to home, okay, so some quick thoughts about flying the mavic air 2 in comparison to flying the mavic 3 for about a month. This is a very good drone, but its definitely not as fast as the mavic 3 and the mavic 3 has by far an incredible battery life over this mavic air 2, which claims to have like a 32 minute flight time. But that is not what i just saw here. I will say its a little windy out right now. The wind is probably about seven miles an hour, so it was having to fight that. But even so i mean the battery is definitely not as much as what dji claimed for this mavic 3, but anyways. I also just noticed that there is a crack on the body of this. I dont know when that happened ever anyways.

One other thing that this has over the mavic 3 is a camera that isnt going and like dangling off the bottom of the drone. The fact that the mavic 3 has that super low gimbal, honestly, in my opinion, really is what went and caused my drone to break so substantially this right here with it just being kind of protected by the top and the bottom, because it doesnt even go and Go past the bottom really would protect it if it was in a crash anyways. Now that weve went up and flown thats pretty much it for everything that i wanted to cover in this video. So if you found it helpful as far as figuring out, if you can fly in an airspace or not and getting that lance authorization definitely make sure to. Let me know by clicking that thumbs up button down below as well as subscribing for future videos. For me and updates about that mavic 3 situation um once i get home also, if you want to check out some of my other videos, ive got my last video right up there and some random video down there. But with that said, that is it for this one.