I love this drone. I did a review video on it and a lot of people have asked me: how did you get the look of that footage because i had some footage in my review, video and well. I have my own techniques to color grading and adjusting the image to my liking, and so i thought why not show you guys. So if you do want to find out more about this drone, specifically the r2s, which i think is a beast of a drone – is the perfect price point and its packed with great features and its just really awesome and fun to fly. Footage looks phenomenal. So if you want to check out review video click on the card up above or theres a link in the description, but youll find it on my channel its overall just a wicked drone, so um lets just dive into some of the settings that ive changed. So i think the best thing to do is actually power this on, and then i can actually just show you in my app once im connected all the settings that i have jumping into the app. This is the dji fly. App ive only got like seven percent because i literally just flew it but im in the manual mode. If you jump up into the settings up here, theres an absolute ton of things, whoops dont want to change that theres, a ton of things to change in here. The main ones youre going to want to go to are the camera, so my format is an mov format, thats just better for editing.

Just for me, i mean mp4 its better. If you want to upload it straight away, but mov is kind of the way to go just overall, its gon na be better and then for color ive got d log set. This is just a flatter color profile. Normal does look good, but when you get on your computer and youre trying to edit, you know like the exposure and youre trying to like color grade it, its gon na, be annoying so put it on d log youll. Thank me later youre gon na get so much more detail in those lows in the shadows and everything and especially low light youre gon na get better footage. If you just record in d log its going to help you out so thats, pretty much the color grading youre going to want to set in terms of the mode youre going to want to set it to manual mode. So you can change in the corner here. Whether its auto or pro manual mode, and then you can set the resolution, i stick it to 5.4k, but if you want to use some of the master shot features youll have to step it down to 4k. You also cannot use the flat color profiles when youre in master shot, which is kind of annoying, so try and keep it in 5.4k. Then, in terms of all the other stuff, its going to depend on your lighting conditions, unless you want to pick up an nd filter, okay, so im in final cut pro 10.

This is what ive been using for literally like six or seven years now, and im super familiar with final cut, so lets just go into what i would normally do so command n to create a new video. I normally stick with 496 by 2048. Gives you that nice, two to one aspect ratio, keeps it nice and wide and considering its 5.4k, you can crop in boom. So we have all of our footage up here. As you can see, this one was recorded using master shot, so it does have the standard color profiling, but then all these other ones are going to be much more flat like this. One here lets just grab this footage and then were going to sort of get the bit we want command b is for the blade tool if youre curious and then yeah im going to kind of want all of this clip and then to get rid of those Black borders at the side and to chop off a bit of the top were gon na crop. It into 113 im going to use the y axis here to shift the image more to the middle and then im going to want to go and get my lut from the effects rack so theres, actually one now in final cut. You can pick up this other one by motionvfx um, but i just use the standard one now and then up here you can select your lut, so you can actually go choose custom lot, its gon na pull up your files and then you can choose the luts.

After youve downloaded them, so the link will be down below, but the ones i would recommend theres, actually a mavic air to one so that kind of pre applies the colors for you to kind of look normal and you can go and adjust the mixing here. To kind of give you a better result, thats going to give you like a pretty average looking color grade. I dont really like it too much honestly. What i normally do is apply. This pocket fall vibes one now its gon na look a bit bland, but i actually apply a few, so lets grab another lot and then we can go and throw on this one, which i really like right here. So this is the gfx 100s f log um ill leave the link down below to this specific one, and then it gives it like kind of a punchy. Colored look, but it has like an autumn vibe which i like because of the fall vibra applying on top. So i really like that command. Six is gon na bring you this color rack up, so you can go into your exposure. You can bring down your shadows, i kind of think theyre all right and then your mid tones maybe bring them up a tiny bit but and then maybe maybe bring the highlights down like a tiny bit. I think its actually pretty good how it is um and then obviously you can boost the saturation. If you want so overall or you can adjust, maybe the shadows, you want to give a bit more saturation to those trees and those darker areas and then say theres.

Maybe like an odd tint of like an orangey kind of tint, in maybe the shadows, we can grab the shadows and reduce the orangeness. Just like that. So i really like this so far. I think it looks really great. I think it all looks pretty well exposed. Im not really liking over by the houses over here, its looking a bit too bright, maybe but then its kind of unbalanced just because of the the light at the time, theyve only had an nd filter. I also have this really nice footage of this boat. So im thinking, maybe we can grab it from about here again just b press b on the keyboard to get the blade tool up and you can go ahead and clip where you want it. Then you can actually copy this preset command c and then command shift. V, you can paste the video attributes, so all the positioning and the effects you can paste that onto this clip, to give it the same look. So if you want it to be consistent, you can do that or you can just go ahead and actually start from scratch. So were going to go 113 again were going to adjust, so the boats come in the middle. We could even crop a little bit more and then shift the x axis just to get the boat a bit better in the center and then were going to bring on our lut some a really nice look is the trent 18 one.

This gives you like. A really flat kind of look, so if the image is a bit overexposed or it just doesnt, look quite right, its maybe too bright or too colorful add the trend. 18. It kind of dulls it down a little bit. I really like that, but then were going to apply the fall lut again and then one more lot on top and were gon na. Add this gfx 100 s again, because it gives it that nice color and then were gon na go command. Six pull up our color rack, then um adjust the shadows, bring down the mid tones, a tiny bit its a little bit bright because of the sun over there, but i dont think were gon na beat that i think its gon na look like that. No matter what bring up our saturation a pinch, theres kind of a greenish tint going on in the shadows, so im gon na bring it down a little bit where the green is, and then that looks uh. That kind of looks pretty good, so thats before and thats after so it just kind of brings it that autumn kind of look a little bit more. I really like that autumn. Look but yeah that is pretty much. It thats how i color grade and get my footage from the dji r2s. Looking like it does, so you just need to like crop it a bit make it a bit wider. You can sort of zoom in reframe dont, be scared to reframe after youve actually taken the video thats.

The whole point of having the high resolution on the drone so crop in make those adjustments reframe re angle. It change the rotation, get it correct, get it like positioned how you want. It then add your lut. Then you want to go and adjust your exposure, your color settings. You can even adjust your hue if you want, if you want like a slightly different color than what it captured or what the luts applying then yeah dont be afraid to just adjust the hue a tiny amount, its gon na look, not quite as realistic but thats. What makes cinematic footage what it is? So thank you so much for watching if youd like to see more videos on drones in general and some tips.