We are hey everyone and welcome to another. Well interesting episode of ask a drone you, as always my name, is paul and im, rob and excited to be here with you thankful that you are spending a few minutes of your day with us. Thank you very much and for all of you who have sent in questions appreciate that thats, what makes the show go its for you, and so we need your questions to make it for you askdroneyou.com, for whatever is on your mind and uh. We got a got. A good one today we do uh in fact um before we get into that one today, uh todays show is gon na be brought to you by race, day quads, and the reason that i have unilaterally uh chosen to do this. I did not discuss it with rob before the show. I probably shouldnt have said that either uh, but what else is new, but we all know uh long story short. Is you know, with race day, quads uh legally challenging the faa on remote id? I feel a very uh passionate desire to support them in any way that i can and unilaterally this weekend i was like you know what i want to make them. The sponsor and drive more awareness to their gofundme account its very expensive to challenge anything in federal court and theyve got a great team of legal assistants and attorneys, and if you would like to support the fight against remote id, you can go to their website.

Racedayquads.Com. The gofundme is like literally linked and on the front page, you can just click it there um. That said this. If you havent heard that episode yet on the lawsuit uh against the faa, they are essentially challenging the faa on numerous constitutional issues. On top of, you know forcing the faa to define what is truly navigable airspace, because this this could fundamentally change the entire industry, and they also made a very good argument, and i think it goes to show again about really question who you support in this industry, Because rob john and tyler made an amazing argument about why remote id essentially, is the bottleneck to the industrys growth that, when you dont know whats coming with these broadcast modules and and whats going to be required and how to work. Inside of that that it really slows down development and innovation, and it really hurts the industry grow when theres, not new things being produced that work with inside or coincide with uh regulatory burdens and whatnot, and also you know, their entire lawsuit and discovery found that the Faa uh really was not uh. How do i say this uh without being too pejorative, but they were not really transparent when they put down the remote id nprm and there were actually a lot of phenomenal comments. Uh, you know asking very legal, uh, legally binding questions in regards to how remote id would comply with these things, and you know with so many lawsuits out there already protecting peoples, collection of data, everyone whos an uh.

Well, a protection hawk was saying how the hell is remote id gon na go through when its gathering even more information than things like your cell phone, which require a warrant to be able to aggregate uh data. So honestly, i love these arguments. I think its about time that the faa answers some of these questions about what is really navigable airspace. How are they not violating the first and fourth amendment and i think its actually good for the industry if this challenge goes through, because i think its going to open the floodgates for domestic manufacturers, i think its going to open up the floodgates for international manufacturers. I think uh that you know at the end of the day, society really dictates the rules. You know its whatever we decide that were going gon na put up with ive used the example before of look at texting and driving. You know its illegal everywhere and people still do it all the time they still get in car accidents, because theres not really a forceful means of enforcement against it and uh without the ability to enforce laws. What are laws you know or not, even in this case laws with the faa, but rather regulations? And so you know, i i hope we dont get any blowback from the faa for us asking these questions, but as a part of being the you know, media in this industry and as a trusted news source. We have to ask these questions because they deserve answers and we cannot live in a country where, when the faa is doing, you know a webinar about issues and they continually delete comments that are asking legal questions and they just oh, that doesnt exist.

Oh, that doesnt exist that sounds like were living more in china than it does in the united states, and so it just goes to show too what nefarious things can happen when legitimate questions are censored, whether its about you know coronavirus whether its about politics, whether its About the drone industry, if things are being censored, then people are really never going to know what is and what isnt and rather were going to have a facade, and it seems like in the age of security we give up more and more privacy, and i think That edward snowden very eloquently stated we dont have to give up privacy for security, thats, a thats, a facade, thats thats, a false narrative, and so once again here we are being sold on uh security in the eyes of safety, yet were giving up privacy – and i Just uh, i think these questions need to be answered. I think its fantastic, that we live in a democracy where we can have foia requests. I mean even from the foia request that came out this morning about fouchy. I mean thats fascinating, you know, but in into staying true to the topic and staying in our lane here in the drone industry. These foia requests have showcased not only uh lack of transparency but potentially uh nefarious intent. I mean when, and i mean that and specifically in their discovery, rob there was a document that was signed off on about demonstrations regarding remote id and when the law firm had asked for these documents, they were published online without dates, but when they did, the foia Request the foia request showed the dates.

Why would the faa put out a document redacting dates about when people sign something? Is it because, maybe, according to the laws in which we have to build regulations were broken, was it an attempt to hide that i dont know, or was it an oversight who knows or did someone spill coffee on the paper and theyre like it might just be Easier to wash this out, who knows you know, but these things deserve answers. Thats all thats, fair enough, isnt it schwarzenegger who just recently said: f your privacy, oh god, right dont get me started yeah yeah yeah, but the point is um theres, more people. Thinking that way, which scares the crap out of me, i hope it scares you too its not okay anyway, and this is why actors should not be. Oh. My word in government athletes. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, okay anyways, but then again they have as much right as we do sure right. But you know what rob. Let me ask you a very poignant question because ive been kind of stirring on this for for months, maybe even a year now, but when you see whats going on tv, what smart person is going to want to put themselves out there to be the forefront of Common sense policy in politics uh, meanwhile, their family might get threatened. They might get death threats, they uh they. You know people might make shitty videos about them on youtube that you know turn on some trolls and activate some very messed up.

People uh. You know, i feel like the options that were given even good ones are often shut down in the name of uh whats comfortable, and i say that because i go back to the 2020 and well get well were going to be done with politics here real soon. But go back to the 2020 uh uh. What is it called democratic, primary right and im? Not i think everyone knows this im, not very liberal at all, and that said you look at someone like tulsi gabbard, whos, a whos, a veteran right, whos educated, who is also very common sense. I mean it really seemed like on the stage that, like she had the merit on top of a lot of other candidates on that stage, uh and you know also had legitimate claims to ethnicity, unlike some of the other candidates. On that stage, elizabeth warren wake up. Lady uh, but anyway that said i just. I was fascinated that it seemed like comfort and complacency: kind of chose, uh, the old man, the old. He really reminds me of the puppet by the way you know a lot of people. Uh know that i used to love doing the trump voice, but i got to figure out how to do the old man puppet voice that uh, you guys know what im talking about the the ventriloquist ventriloquist. Yes with the angry old man. He literally looks exactly like that. Come on youre killing me were gon na get in trouble.

We are gon na get in trouble, but i think the bottom line is uh. People need to go. Listen to that show its very important that people listen to that show which show the faa show not the ventriloquism, no no thats. What i was i was like. I was just trying to make a point that it seems like todays day and age. Merit is not uh is not given well merit uh its not given credence thats all thats. That was my point of my diatribe just now about yeah, not all right, its uh. Who can we control thats what thats, what oh geez thats dark on that bombshell? Um? If you uh, if you dont, like control and you like your constitutional freedoms, think about supporting race day quads and help their gofundme out as they are suing the faa, and, i would say, um from my perspective. The reason that one at least that i would see supporting them, is to get to the bottom of whats yeah, really what were really looking at and and is it within the the realm of what we should be um able to expect as americans right. A hundred percent thats what its about its its, not about yeah. If anyone fights this online, too youre going to see exactly who those people are fights, what fights the faa uh lawsuit this lawsuit, because ive seen it in the facebook groups already so – and i mean i no no, its so petty, but youre gon na learn who People are, and i nor other people are gon na – have to say anything about it.

Youre. You are going to see based off of what rob just said that we have got to have answers to these questions. I agree 100 thats why we are in a democracy. So if you see any pushback in these groups and whatnot um well, then you know that uh theres, probably some mal intention and probably some uh. How do we say this uh some vested interest vested in? Thank you vested interest, rent seeking behavior, thats kind of what i was thinking of, but i think vested interest is better and it also just goes to show that i think we do deserve answers to these questions. Theres. A lot of questions that have not been answered by the faa and a lot of facebook group admins. Oh it doesnt matter, oh wipe it under the rug. Oh thats thats, not important. You know its like you know what gfy it is important. It is very important because, well, i think asking the questions is very american, i mean: are we american or are we not so yeah anyways? I think weve said enough. All right people can go. Listen to that podcast and and or watch that podcast, its probably longer than the show than the actual, like you know, usefulness of what were going to talk about, but anyway i apologize. That is not true. Actually i mean meaning we wouldnt be playing this. If it was not worthwhile, no, no, no thats, not what i mean is that i i just hope that my like go support race day.

Quad segment and diatribe is not longer than the actual answering of the clips. It probably will be, but thats, okay. My apologies. Ladies and gentlemen, i have a deep passion for flight. Okay, well, uh! Well be more sus! Well, i dont know anyways well be succinct, yeah and answering this question all right. Well, lets hear that question go support race day, quads uh! If you want the question answered of uh is remote id actually violating our our god given rights and our constitutional rights and uh get us answers to what does the faa actually control? Hey guys jared avales here located in stillwater oklahoma, really appreciate everything you guys do for the drone community phenomenal stuff big supporter of you all, keep up the good work. I wanted to ask today about custom unlocks with dji im having a little trouble finding information about this on the web. I have a very specific question in my little town we recently this year got the lance system. You know for uh airspace authorizations, and so now i can, you know, get real time authorizations with the lance system and according to the faas website, they want pilots from my understanding to use that system when theyre getting you know, authorizations to fly and control airspace. Well, my question is some of the areas i fly are geofenced in the precise fly database with dji. You know the altitude areas and even the restricted areas prior to the land system.

Coming here to stillwater oklahoma, i had gotten on the faa drone zone and i had basically got a blanket waiver of authorization to fly in stillwater. I used that documentation to upload to djis website to request a custom unlock. Now my my waiver expires this december, and so my custom unlock is going to also expire this december. So when that time comes around, am i able to still go on the faa drone zone and continue to get a waiver of approval through them? So i can have that documentation to upload to dji, because my my waiver lasted a full year and it was really convenient that i didnt have to do a custom unlock. You know every time i flew, i had a unlock license that lasted a full year. On my drone that was really convenient, or am i going to now have to use lance and when im in a restricted area, you know djis restricted areas or altitude areas. Am i going to have to use lances information and then get online and try to get a custom unlock when i do fly in those areas every single time, which would be a little bit of a hassle for me anyhow. I hope that question wasnt too long and i hope it made sense, and i really appreciate everything you guys do looking forward to what information you guys can give us on that particular topic thanks so much. Thank you. Jared really appreciate the question really appreciate you being a part of the drone you community.

It means a lot. It really does and uh your contribution means a lot as well, but yeah. I wonder now that lance is in his area in stillwater. Does that mean he can no longer get that long term waiver that he had before um well uh? If you remember a while ago, we kind of talked about the way to get some wide area authorizations at a lance airport was to piggyback the nighttime waiver, and i have even seen in some facebook groups recently that a lot of pilots have these wide area authorizations And now that they, the lance, is active at the airport and whatnot they were given. What is it called? They were given instructions that they can expand or uh duplicate those wide area authorizations, but multiple users reported – and i actually saw this on friday – multiple users reported that when they went to apply for an extension, they were repeatedly denied over and over without explanation um, and I mean on a human element that makes sense if i was the if i was to hold my hand at the ffa id be like no son, you cant do that, but well, but the other i dont know i mean the other side of that might be. We have the system for people to use its called lance. We created it for you to use sure, use it sure but heres. The problem is that you have the americans telling you use this system.

It works lightning, fast, trumps, back its okay and then meanwhile, the chinese, like no you cant fly. You got to send me that you got to send me that authorization sure you know, and so you have two kind of systems clashing, and i think everyone knows uh whos been listening for quite some time is im very anti uh, the daddyisms of dji of telling You where, where and when you cant fly, but that brings us to some important news. First of all, before we get to that important news. Um lets talk about what his options are. Unfortunately, hes probably going to have to apply at lance every single time so that sucks um the dji geo zone, which is what hes referring to i dont know if hes on 1 or 2.0 remember geo zone 2.0 is bow. Ties, 1.0 is circles. So with that said, um there is actually now a way around applying uh for daddys uh authority to fly and when i say daddy, i i mean dji, i mean mr frank, wang, um im, probably not saying your name right. So i apologize on that im. Not trying to be disrespectful yeah, i dont know, i know its frank but im, probably not saying the last name, probably not actually frank, yeah, im sure youre right. So you know what at least i got the pronunciation right on one of them, even though its not right, but i dont think the wings hard either.

I think you nailed it. I cant rob anyway uh long story short is. There is now actually a very beautiful, simple solution to this. You dont even actually have to really hack your drone anymore. You can get the dji certificate to unlock your drone now available through dronehacks.com, one of our good friends uh. Mr tom powers actually tried it on his mavic 2 pro and it works flawlessly. Thank you, tom uh. That said, ive got some friends who have also tried it on the mini two uh, and someone else tried it on a phantom, both worked. So that said, uh you dont, have to apply for djis uh unlock your red zone, and this is another friendly reminder to dji that uh, its gon na inhibit your sales. If you sell drones to people and you dont, let them fly them, but anyway, who am? I um that said, i mean the fact that other companies like autel, who dont have geo fencing, are gaining market share. I think you know tells a little piece of the pie, but you know what im still learning about algorithms right now rob and the difference between descriptive, prescriptive and predictive data analysis uh. I was yeah going through my mit classes this weekend woof they could use some droney platform. They could use some props im. Just saying um long story short, hey, we might be honest with you. Yeah yeah, yeah emeritus were coming after you uh, but uh anyway.

That said, um he can go to dronehacks.com dronehacks.com and he can download that certificate and then he can fly in controlled airspace. Obviously he will still have to go through lance um. I will say: look i love supporting small businesses and a lot of you know that i have been supporting ua sidekick for a while, although uh, recently open sky, not the credit card uh but open sky from google, this little nifty app has done a particularly good Job at providing airspace access, um and its very, very accurate im finding like really really good and so anyway long story short. Is i love open sky for a lot of you who were using what was formerly called kitty? Hawk uh, who lost a seems like some sort of suit against larry page um? You might really want to check out open sky. It is so much easier to use. It is ridiculous and for all of you, using aircraft uh after that faa lawsuit that we just did the show on and you hearing how the faa was working secretly with companies, including airmap, to aggregate and store your data. I would say please, for the love of god: dont use that companys app because remember when the product is free, you are the product, but open sky is free too. So if you dont want to be the product, then go to ua sidekick on that bombshell, you can get lance authorization even easier. Now wide area authorizations are becoming a rarity, especially after the update of part 107, giving pilots the opportunity to fly at night once they pass their recurrent uh quiz online quiz and long story short is, is if you go to drone dash hacks.

com, you will not have To apply with dji to unlock a red zone, and it is very nice now there is one more option if he doesnt want to plug his drone into a windows based computer and fire that thing up and go through the parameters and change. One parameter from a zero to a one. If he doesnt want to do that: uh, thats, okay, uh. What he can do is he can buy an iphone touch its actually not an iphone its itouch. I said that wrong, i touch and then he can go in there and turn you can download dji go for before you do that change the date and time on the phone so that its good for that day, right, download dji go for whatever youre going to Control your drone on and then turn wi fi off to the itouch, no data whatsoever to the itouch and make sure the date and time stays in september of 2021, because thats how the app verifies the certificate that dji gate gave. Him is by a date, and if you override the master date and the, if i touch and you dont, give it data or any way to get data, then his unlocked certificate will be good indefinitely. Interesting bombshell, theres always a way around its just that a lot of people dont want to give up modern day conveniences to do the workarounds yeah, but getting an itouch is a very reasonable way to do that.

Yes, it is, and i mean, if you think about that caller from what was it last week or a couple weeks ago, who said i never updated. My firmware, like you said, and my drone still works flawlessly and i see other people who have features taken away. Theyve got errors all the time and im like this is just a perfect example of you: dont fix something that aint broke. Hmm, what? How did you know? Im freaking your friend i aint, bro thats, true so anyway, yep yep now im not like that. With my truck but thats a story for another time, very different animal uh – yes, yes, so anyway, i hope that answers the question again, you know with uh these lance um updates coming and even the zones of lance are getting uh smaller and smaller were gon na. Have a show on that here soon, but this just goes to show that uh, once you buy an airframe, you wan na be able to fly it when you have permission to fly in controlled airspace and you can go to dronehacks.com. Otherwise, you will have to input a request to dji or we can all go ahead and blow up the dji qep program, email and ask the wonderful executive officers at dji to allow companies to become qualified entities for the qualified entity program so that we can get An unlock for our drones as well anyway sounds like a plan, all right, thats gon na do it for us today.

My name is paul.