I get requested this a good bit. “Stew which body ought to I get?” This video goals to show folks what they should know to allow them to select the best body for them.

  1. is the measurement from motor to motor diagonal or square ?

  2. Wich frame is the second frame in the thumbnail

  3. Hey gr8 vid what website would be the best thanks xx

  4. wow, blast from the past

  5. Very interesting, but all those frames have their arms flat under the propeller, this would mean it would be worse for aerodynamics and stiffness right? If these arms would be in a 90 degree angle, they would slice through the air and be stiffer right? do those designs exist? (or maybe even a wing profile) Just curious. Still thinking of building your 99$ drone. Keep up the nice reviews!

  6. we need a 2018 update on the new frames please 🙂 <3 u dude 🙂 show us all your copters on the wall plzzzz 🙂

  7. Would a 270 outlaw frame be a good frame for me to start with . Ive never built a drone .

  8. Hi Stew, on last when you show some frames I cannot catch the 6th “Abby H?.?” The one the one you say you didn’t review it yet. Can you pls tell me the exact name of that one I really like it.

  9. You have a link for that Armatan one?

  10. i thinking about 4 or 6 inches props frame, i want about 100km/h and good for tricks for beginer, allso the most inportant is i could go over a forest as hight as posible, want to see my town from clouds 😀 just joking,but i want to go hight with go pro

  11. Is it not best to get:
    Big size frame to support big motors and props… So it can carry the strongest transmitter.. to get the best fpv quality to goggles ????.

    I mean, what is the point in going fast and blind……

  12. I just bought a sky viper s1750 and want to swap everything out of it to a carbon fiber chassis what would you recommend? Looking for something simple and want to re-use everything

  13. can You suggest some good hexa frame? for 5-6" props. Thanks!

  14. What size frames can take 6 inch props

  15. I was wondering if it made much sense to build an octocopter that was configured like a quadcopter – with coaxial rotors? I figured you'd get a ton of thrust, you'd get the redundancy of the 8 motors and it would be a bit more aerodynamic… Wouldn't it?

  16. I agree with you about the classification change. I have seen some 250mm quads that can handle 6” props and some that cannot.

  17. Or you could just ignore this video and get the best looking frame…

  18. Please, make videos on F450 quadcopter (how to make and also how to fly.

  19. Hi mate, you asked for some frames to review. I have been looking at the Eachine BAT QX105 frame, wich is for brushed motors. I would like to know if it is possible to mount brushless on the frame (becouse it is a cool looking frame, and cheap) it seems to have screw holes for the motor plastic motor mounts, but I can't find any info on the spacing of them. It would be an interesting project 🙂

    Thank you for all the amazing content, I am learning alot and really getting into drones, with all the nice viedos. (waiting for a Frsky transmitter atm., so I can fly simulators, wile I learn more about the electronics and more)

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