We are hey everyone and welcome to another interesting episode of ask a drone you joining me today is always bald headed bureau. Welcome rob. How are you i am fantastic super glad to be here and so thankful for the folks that are out there listening in and hoping that we give them some nuggets, they can take and make their lives better with. So let us know what your questions are, so we can do even just a little bit to help you ask adronius.com by the way before we get into todays uh question, which is kind of regarding uh some flight over water settings to avoid disaster. It is a good opportunity and reminder that if you are looking to really one up the drone game when it comes to subject tracking when it comes to flying over water, whether thats wake surfing or wake boarding or surfing as a whole, you know if you want To fly closer, you want to fly lower, get the shots and keep the jobs highly recommend that you check out the props pilot program. If you go to propsflightschool.com or props.thedroneyou.com and check that out its a sequential training to help pilots face various problems and issues that arise in different environments of flight and one of those thats gone over in depth is exactly what were about to talk about today. So if you like, that sequential chronological training, where you like the structure youre like me, your little add and you you need a little structure to succeed, thats what props was built for drone? U, as ive said, is built for pilots and props is built for teams, but props is always built for those who like to get serious and like to and like to speed up their learning curve, so check it out.

Props.Thedroneyou.Com hi guys derek here from ohio. Again, my question today was regarding flying over water, more specifically filming wakeboarding on a lake. My relatives enjoy wakeboarding and i filmed them once before. While it wasnt a major fail. The footage was just not that good and i had more issues and you can shake a stick at so yeah im. Just looking for some tips, you know some settings. I should have on my drone to prevent an accident, or you know, to keep my drone from sinking to the bottom of the lake. I know paul. Does he films, wake surfing and im sure he has a lot of great knowledge from doing that, so yeah anything on this would be awesome thanks guys for the great show. Thank you derek um. You know we were talking about this before the show, and i dont know that we have much to offer you frankly because uh sorry goodbye just kidding just kidding no, this gotcha, though everyone whos, like oh theres, the real ball, just im just kidding. No, this could not be more in impals wheelhouse um. You know its funny because theres settings and theres all the tips and so forth that you have, but that youll have and theres our class by the way that you definitely are going to have to dig into um. Frankly and paul can talk a little bit more about that and whats in it, but it makes me think, like you got to think outside the box like who knew, and i dont mean to throw you under the bus, but it happened.

A lot of people have seen it who knew that when the wake surfer threw the rope, then it would get the drone. It would get the drone its just, not something that you thought about twice right and you had done it a lot already. Thats, the negatives of flying low and close well, it is, but it also is like okay, what direction will you throw the rope? So the point is like you got ta just like talking to a client. Well, maybe the wake surfer or the wake bird. Is your client, but you got ta talk to them um in as much detail as you can to kind of understand the circumstances right. That brings up actually a very important point that i hadnt thought about. Youve got to have trust with the writer. You have to have trust with the writer, because, if the rider freaks out and youre flying in the in some sort of close proximity, uh things can go bad very fast, which also brings up something extremely critical. And i was even watching the olympics in some of the drone footage and i was like um, but you could tell someone was flying in gps mode or position mode because as soon as they let off this as soon as they let off the sticks boom that Camera came to us a halt, a stop and it was. It was uh very recognizable, maybe not to the layman, but definitely to us drone pilots, which actually brings up a point.

I would love to hear everyones feedback about the coverage regarding the olympics. This year. I dont know i dont know im, have you been watching it at all, because i we have been trying to watch some parts and i dont know why nbc does this? But when you try to watch some of these different sports, you get this quad feed right. Where its literally four camera feeds at once, and it is astronomically difficult to watch im like this – is like doing a switcher except normally id be selecting which camera feed i want to go big, you know and uh i dont know it just seems like something. I know that theyve had to theyve had to overcome a lot of problems this year, im sure its been a lot of difficulties um, but it also seems, like some of the protocols have uh, have really changed this year and weve been seeing a lot of cable Cameras as well theres, one yeah seems like im, seeing more of those yeah than drones, actually even with the uh, the rowing row, crew or crew row, whatever uh yeah, it was a very, very, very long, cable cam. So but that said, that brings up an important point that if you are flying wake surfing or wake boarding you you are going to be limited by what you can capture. If you are flying in gps or sport mode attitude mode is really going to be the key to really matching the speed of the the subject that youre tracking and to get those really smooth shots uh, so thats, uh, thats safety number one is, is attitude mode For me – and i will say you know – we have a class droneu members – have actually exclusive access to this class, which is called flight over water, and we go over a lot of different settings that i dont think we could actually cover in one podcast so ill.

Give you one golden nugget um, but i really really really recommend you watch that class. I mean its a few years old, but the information is still very relevant, um and, frankly uh. There are a lot of nuances rob like even when to take off and land from a boat. There is one particular thing to do when taking off and landing from a boat to avoid imu errors and even compass errors um. But that said uh in fact that reminds me the old solo. They would always blame the boats and not knowing uh how to take off and land when people wanted boats wanted to take off uh their solo drone from boats. I actually thats a thats a long long long time ago, solo, yeah literally um, but that said, i think, the best golden nugget that we can give you, and this is also related to mapping as well. This is why i feel like having knowledge in mapping is very relevant to drone pilots as a whole, because the rules of photogrammetry really apply to sensors on the aircraft and whats possible and whats not, and i mean you really are, in my opinion, a better pilot When you understand photogrammetry as a whole, but that said one of the things you absolutely need to turn off is a visual positioning system or vps, because what happens is that, when light reflects off of the water, those cameras cannot get an accurate representation of the true Altitude over the water and i have watched rob even in our subject tracking class.

I have watched people literally sink themselves and their drones because they had vps on and it literally sucked them into the water and goodbye yeah and thats. Exactly what hes asking like? What do i need to know to not have that happen so thats one but yeah youre right in terms of camera settings and all of that information return to home settings are absolutely critical. Right watched a few people lose drones over those settings as well, but again theres just way too much to go over in one podcast um. I mean that class. I think, is really really going to help you. I didnt hold back at all um im, not you know, worried about uh, stealing jobs theres enough to go around for everybody, and i have a. I have a skill im, confident in that skill and and i love to fly around wake surfing. In fact, i was actually so stoked uh to get back and and film with uh ashley kidd out in austin youre doing some more here coming up, arent you the worlds greatest so funny yeah, i actually just emailed them uh asking them questions about that uh. But i hope to do that: its not set in stone just yet but uh the the offer is there and i hope it does come to fruition, because i love flying action sports. It is so much fun and it really tests your ability uh to fly. Now that said, i would also recommend a drone that has a fixed lens, meaning its a camera lens combination.

When you fly some of these more advanced drones, the perspective of various lens options can make it more or less difficult, more difficult to fly and track objects. So because you kind of get used to one field of view and learning how to match the speed of the subject with that field of view and by the way in that class are exercises on how to practice this stuff and you dont have to be out On a boat or anything to practice this stuff. So so that said, if youre a journey member, you already have access so woohoo um and if you really want to go down the rabbit hole check out props pilot, its our system to sequentially train pilots in multiple environments. I think youll find it extremely useful um that said, uh rob thats pretty much all i got for this one. There are settings that are specific to certain aircraft and uh. There are also some settings that i would say are subjective, such as obstacle avoidance as a whole. I do not have mine turned on ever uh because you cant trust it, especially when youre over water. So that said, i think uh. That is a succinct answer to the question. I do really appreciate the question: if we have more questions, uh like this definitely send them in askdroney.com and if all goes well and uh, we dont get a shutdown here. Uh we are planning on actually doing a subject.

Tracking class coming up in december in arizona, so you could join us for that, although it is very limited because you can only have so many pilots on a boat. So true, one question which drone is your go to for subject tracking of wake surfers i feel like there are two answers to that question. Uh there it is. There is the bootstrap answer as if i didnt have drone you as my backup and then there is the drone you as my backup answer so um. Well, i would argue that the phantom 4 pro version, one or two – is actually one of the best for action. Uh sports and the reason that i bring that up is just because it does shoot 4k 60 and it doesnt crop in on the sensor when youre shooting 60 frames per second, like the x7 on the inspire 2 does um, but also because you have full control Of that aircraft youve got addie mode built in its really really really easy to control that drone, and you know, the other thing is – is that its more stable than the mavics a lot of people like well? Why not? The mavics, the mavics theres one particular motion that if you fly this motion, youll fully understand what im talking about, which is try to make a perfect orbit on the move around a boat and around the bow of the boat. The mavic just cannot handle the articulation of the aircraft and the gimbal.

To give you a perfectly smooth motion for some people. It might be smooth enough for me not smooth enough uh, the the phantom with the center of gravity, where it is with the setup. The way it is its a much more stable aircraft and it can also handle more uh adverse conditions for flight. I mean i mean as a whole. So what about the inspire too so thats? What i was just gon na say is my answer for bootstrapping your business, meaning you know youre covering the cost youre amortizing everything youre youre it right thats, why i say the phantom, because theyre all so easily replaceable theyre, not super expensive. You know you dump one of those in the water, youre, 1500 bucks, uh and maybe a moral obligation to try to get it out of the water thats about it. Uh when it comes to you know, having drone you as my backup and my absolute favorite aircraft for action, sports im. Definitely in the camp of the inspire 2, even though you dont get nearly as much flight time as a phantom. But i like the inspire 2, because youve got that ultra wide 2.44 over one. Some people call it anamorphic, not really really anamorphic, but that really wide camera view. I love that the only issue is you can only shoot 30 frames max with that which really limits your ability to slow footage down, which you do a lot of that.

Yes, thats yeah. I told i told ashley that what i really want to do is i want to fly an m600 around her and have 30 rx0 cameras set up as an array. Shooting 960 frames a second each one, so i can do hyper slo mo, but then move around her in real time. Can you imagine how intimidating that would be for her with that thing buzzing around on her, not her but other surfers for sure, but not her. Well, you get, she is like brass, nonetheless, that shes not flown with an m600 in her face either. This is true. She also has a tremendous amount of trust for you, which takes us full circle. The trust issue that person has to trust you its so true, thats, really important now its funny, because we did do that shoot back in march and may and i had the inspire to a few inches over the water. For the majority of the duration of the fight and between ashley ripping tricks left and right, i mean every 30 seconds. Shes got something spectacular. There were boats following us like taking photos of the drone and her because i mean im literally a few inches off the water, because i love that super low perspective, because no one else can get it um. Where is that video? Can people see it uh? Has it been released its on instagram? She released it on all her channels. That was part of the deal and centurion boats released it on their channel, so got it, so you can check them out there yeah i mean what we can do, though, is we can put those two different uh edits in this video? We have full authority to do that so ill.

Make sure that we send them to the production team. Thatd be cool, so you guys can kind of see some of that b. Roll throughout this show um. But that said, um heres the thing i will warn you of we are all kids at heart and it is so easy to get what i call giddy its overly excited to the point where youre, not really thinking straight. You have got to remove that emotional aspect before you fly especially around boats and water, because, while flying over water has a lot of benefits, not many obstacles, the issue is: is that if you actually want shots that you can sell, youre going to have to fly Closer youre going to have to fly lower, and that means that things can go bad very fast, which brings me up to if youre not familiar with the term thumbs up buttercup. You better get used to it and i am going to make sure that we protect that one, because every other, every other saying that ive said on this show, someone else has has uh decided that it was theirs. Even though yeah the important thing is people fly safe and have the tools to do so, yeah and and thats it, because at the end of the day, we all want to have fun and we all want to get those cool shots, and you feel like proud. You feel uh like in a sense of accomplishment, and so you know i would really recommend.

I know a lot of people are like why dont you keep recommending the phantom, because its still the powerhouse guys, because at the end of the day, if you want a scalable business, where you dont incur a lot of costs, you have that uh low bottom line. Then you got to start thinking like this. You cant pretend to be a a youtuber and buy every dang aircraft that comes out and expect it to be better when its not theyre, theyre compartmentalized. More and more and more and more i mean i, i saw someone recommend the air 2s for action sports and i was like what like no doesnt, no its, not even safe to fly over water like what a joke, and so i you know i just want To illustrate again one more time for all of you that listen and thank you for all of you that do listen, that look from the bottom of my heart. Ladies and gentlemen, i am trying to give you information not to provide rather instant gratification but sustained scalable success to provide reliable results over time. Thats.