She is. The sweater fly regularly its the apex, build hd with a catas vista inside and im going to be making basically a backup quad. Just in case, i smash this one when im out flying and were going to be doing this from start to finish. Right now, stay there guys, Music, hmm, Music, Music. So all bits here were going to be starting with the frame. Obviously, the five inch apex frame ive got the motors im going to be leaving the list of all the parts down below so do check that out. These are the f40 t motors. I believe these are version. Two weve got those there crossfire. As you know, brand new crossfire receiver thats going to be going inside. I have a cadex vista, which is basically an old one, that im going to reuse from a quilt. I dont use anymore, save it going to waste and what i seem to be liking. These days, this is the t motor f7. You can get a hd version of this, which is a plug and play. This is the standard f7 which im going to be um just soldering up to the actual flight board. You can do a little bridge for battery power and thats, where, where were going to be doing it so thats a great little stack, thatll be fine and thats about it. Ive got some tpu or some 3d printed parts, obviously for the dji action cam and that will hold the mcat vista antenna because i may swap that one out ive got one there.

If youve seen my apex 4 build, and i might swap that out so that one i will also link down where i got these down below but thats. It were going to get on with this apex frame because, as i remember its a bit of a nightmare to put together so lets, get this cracked open ill, be right. Back Music, so theres, all the parts laid out were going to crack on were going to put this frame together as quickly as we can and get into the build guys so obviously decide what stack youre going to use. So this is the bottom plate, because this has got the grooves. I remember doing this wrong once and basically im going to do a 30 30 stack. If you want a 20 20 in, it obviously use those 20 20 stacks. Those are nuts and bolts pour those all out just get stuck in, so these are just your mounting screws, for your stack put it actually. One at a time is obviously easier. Theres your mounting screws with stack. Obviously so it goes flush to the bottom and then just put these on and repeat for a fall. So there we go. Weve got the mountain bolts in place, theyre all there nice and flush ready to go. This is actually the um back. So i dont know why i get it wrong, but that is the actual back. This is the front, and you know this is the front, because that those two there thats the mount for the camera holds Music and the front should go lower, so thats how it will go.

It goes lower like that, so lets. Look at the arms were going to attach the arms to that bit. There make sure you get your arms to crack where theres a hole in the middle and thats where your motor sits. So they are that way, and you also need these little grippers theres. These little silver grippers and they go into the ends just like that, and then what you need. You need four of these little bolts like so, and you need these. They go in there like that, and you do these one at a time but youre looking at the middle parts and then youre screwing it down screw them down, so that ones attached and you do it loosely for now and you can get them into position. So we can go there, we go last one so ive just tightened up all those arms theyre all in place and were looking pretty good. So that is the front. You know thats the front because thats the actual camera mounts there thats the back part that we did previously lets, get it the right way and that sits like so and what we need now. We need these funny little bolts. We need those plastic things again and we need some more of the grippers bolts through there. Now these go through the bottom holes in here you just set them down, make sure everythings lined up. If youve got lined up, it should go through easier.

There we go get all of those in place right now, so theyre all in place there. Now this this sits on like so what we need to do is we need to get the grippers into here, thats, these silver parts again, so you need to get these grippers into the holes here and there is a smaller bolt provided that will do this. For us, so that will fit into there fine, you can line these up. You can line this up and get them in place and it grips into the carbon and then you can remove it ill. Keep on going so thats one in place and then repeat for the others. So there we go all four of those are in place, so we can now stick that on a lot easier, just start screwing it all up there. We go everything tied up nicely in place and that that is the hardest part of the build probably done. I love this frame, but i hate putting it together, if im honest with you, but there lets crack on all right, so its just some standoffs and stuff. Like that now were going to put these loosely in because we are actually going to build the whole thing, so you can see theres a whole selection, theres some shorter standoffs and bigger standoffs shorter at the front. Ive done that wrong, even shorter at the back god. Im in the middle shorter at the back longer at the front, do you want to put the nose plastic on? I do like the nose plastic do so theyre, looking good these last little ones should go in the back, like so im going to leave them out for the moment, because we are what i am im sticking the vista in there and obviously were going to put Our flight stack in the middle, so we need a bit of room im, probably going to have taken these two off again, but that is pretty much the build there.

Theres lots of spare parts always comes with spare parts. A lot of these are actually um for your motors and stuff like that, but you get bolts with your motors as well anyway. So a lot, a lot is just spare, so dont overly worry about it, but thats pretty much the build there. Youve got some well thats, not the build its the frame, build youve got your camera mounts there, you go there and there you go there and your top and obviously fits on there. So your apex is pretty much done, but were going to do the complete, build and were going to crack right on now and were going to crack open and see. If we can get this fire stack in and see where everythings going to go stay there guys. So lets start looking at the actual build lets crack open this um flight stack. I did an unboxing of this previously ill, probably link some bits up if you want to know more but were just going to tip everything out and just do the build above. My will just stop and pause because it gets me every time. It is such a beautiful stack, its a shame that esc gets covered up. I think it looks absolutely beautiful ill stop. There lets just crack on doesnt know really nice, you get everything you need everything youd ever need to get your battery cables. You guys can use that as a little standoff with your one theres.

Your uber is such a full thing: theres your bloody mounts, all your connections, theres your battery, cable, theres, your gummies and stuff like that loads of bolts, theres, a capacitor in there as well standoffs. If you want to use their own standoffs as well, weve already done it though capacitor so lets, make sure everything fits absolutely perfect. I will have some gummies on it or something like that. Make sure you get this the right way, its that way its marked with an arrow. If i mentioned it before theres the little pads here, because im gon na wire, it im gon na wire, the vm vista to these ones. Here theres a bridge thing here: five volts over here battery power over here and the vista can run off battery power rather than messed around, connecting it to this constantly im just going to collect these two nice and easy or plus or minus here actually im running On battery power, so that fits absolutely wonderfully thats, no problem at all there. This will run under thatll sit there thatll sit there. I may put these standoffs on. I may leave them off to be honest with you, nice and big cable. You can stick it out. The back, if you want, i mean thats, huge isnt it so im going to stick it out the side im going to leave it, how it is and stick it on the side thats, where mines gon na go and well probably do that a bit right now.

Lets do that get all my soldering gear out im gon na crack on soldering this up and getting this build done. So ive got my soldering gear already. This is a bit of blue, taking underneath im, going to put the capacitor im going to stick a capacitor on this, build its going to go right there, and what were going to do now is were just going to tin these pads up with the capacitor in Place so its ready for the battery connections – nice hot iron – this is on 380. im gon na rest. It on here its going to stay there im going to keep going so that is nice and hot. You get a bit more on there repeat. For the other side, rest it on gets the pad nice and hot im, basically just going to leave it on there. So we are going to need more than that good blob on there a little bit more on this side. Thatll do nicely so weve got busters. All in place, theyre tender im going to use this the length that actually came out of the pack here and we are going to connect this side and side. I dont want to work over myself so im going to start with the negative and then well put the positive on, but its going to get really hot. So you are going to need a pair of pliers. If i can find mine, put this iron up a little bit, lets see im going to hold this here and keep on heating until it all melts until it all joins up you so weve got it right there.

There Applause! That would be good there. We go thatll come around like so its going to be tied up with a tie anyway, so thatll be absolutely fine and next thing were going to do the vista or were going to do the um crossfire crossfire actually were probably going to do crossbar. So here all im doing is im actually planning out where everythings going to go so ive got the flight stack pretty much in place, calyx vista at the back. Obviously, the camera goes underneath the front. This is the 3d mount that ive got that goes over the struts at the back, conveniently it holds in place the actual uh antenna, which is really nice and its going to go up through that middle bit. There thats going to come out there and its a brand new um crossbar, so the crossbar unit is going to be actually double sided taped to there, like, i did on my actual mini version or micro apex version thats going to go there. One thing to note: with this stack, i am going to rotate it im going to rotate it 180, and this is easily to correct in b to fight. But i find its going to be a lot better because for some reason on this stack they have the actual connection points at opposite sides and where the actual vista is im going to be able to wire it in a lot easier. If i actually rotate it.

So this is going to be battery power at the top. Here i can make these two battery power – or these ones over here actually im going to use battery power over here and then ive got a tx and rx pad here and over here, ive got another tx and rx pad with a couple of power theres ground Somewhere there will go ground and a five volt there and thats going to run my crossfire so very easily good idea to make sure you know where everything is going to go before you sort of get yourself in a mess thats where that is all gon na. Go but i think, first of all, what are we gon na do now were gon na wire. These in right now stay there, guys, okay, so thats the direction thats im actually having it. That way – and these are the ones im gon na bridge – im gon na bridge this here – just to make it battery power uh and what weve done there is weve just bridged battery power. Hopefully, you can see that so thats made this this ground and this positive battery power uh there we go thats, the vista wired in and then well just give you a little twist there we go thats wired in there. So youve got your ground. Your 5 volts youve got rx and tx, make sure. Tx goes to rx and rx goes to tx and youre good to go.

Okay were going to jump a little bit and were going to get these motors on, were going to get the escs tinned up and were going to look at getting the motors in place. And then, once the motors are on, weve got those wired in were pretty much done. Weve got the m crossfire in place, weve got the cadx vista, all wired up and then itll just be putting it all together. So lets go so there theres the esc, all tinned up no f40 motors. I love these motors. These are great motors f40s from t motor. As i said, all parts can be listed down below guys. These are lovely little things thats. What i fly. These are what i recommend. They are brilliant, absolutely love them. Oh, i cant get them out of bloody box, though there we go so im going to get all of these opened and get them attached. So there we go ive, just added all the motors in place. Now were going to just trim these and get these actually soldered into place. So lets do that right now guys. So what i do is roughly get where they need to be, and i give it a little bit of extra room because theres no going back once its cut cool, uh uh there we go all in place. So what were going to do is were just going to tuck these in get a bit of tape and stick a bit of tape around the arms.

Just keep these wires in place and simple as that and then well be back and well. Look at getting everything in place on top, so all ive done here is ive. Put the tape around the arms. Just keep the wires in place. Ive got the calyx vista attached, so shes just on the back there. This is all the work we did previously. So theres, the actual um flight controller and the flight controller is going to sit here. Just like so were going to attach the um crossfire, and that is going to sit there as well. And that gives us enough room to actually add a strap on as well. Get the camera in get this antenna attached attach this with a cable tie and thats. It were pretty much done so were going to whip through and get these things done right now, like so so toughest just pushes through there. We go attach this antenna ill. Just take this strut off fine thats nicely in place. There antenna is attached in there and then i feed it through here all right change of plan with the actual crossfire antenna, its all just a little bit too tight at the back here. So im going to do what i did on my original build and that is, i actually attached it to the underneath of a front arm and actually utilize the free space at the front. There all seems to be so much space at the front, still available, classifier ill see if you can go down here until i can come up here, everybody seems to try to ram everything in the back for some reason and this space here its just not used.

I dont know why so thats what im going to do so all it does is go up. There itll be attached in there and thats it there. We go a lot easier lets, get this shrink wrap in place and then well look at attaching everything Applause. So there we go ill show you that thats all in place now thats just going to sit around here somewhere. I might even just tuck it in the front by the camera. 10 is going to be attached to an arm at the front and thatll work perfectly. So everything is pretty much in place now. Lets get the camera attached. This cameras a little bit short, so we actually need some space and what i do is i actually use some of these gummies there. We go cameras in place. Finally, uh one thing we do need to do: we need to plug in the actual esc and flight stack flight stack, flight controller and esc, clearly marked fc esc. So there we go, those cables can just stay. There, remember ive, rotated, the actual flight controller. For some reason, the cable would go its. I think its better, like this so were gon na, have to rotate the actual flight controller in beta five, but thats really simple to do and now because i can just stay there, thatll be fine when the lids on the top were gon na tie the antenna Here and well do that right now, a bit of tape and a couple of zip ties is what i use there we go.

I will add a couple of zip ties. One each direction just to reinforce it stays on there, thatll be absolutely fine. Let me get some zip ties actually well. Do that and well actually get the battery cable into place as well and were pretty much there guys and well grab a battery and well actually see if she sparks up okay, thats tied in nicely so were pretty much there. A couple zip ties on here, just like so getting the top on and lets get these struts back in. I might put the one on and thats it because theres not enough room for that. This is the standard i dont know. If i actually mentioned this its the standard apex frame, its not the hd frame, its just the standard with vista in the back – and it does get a little bit tight now and again so lets see if we can get these struts in place or not standoff. Struts, whatever you want to call them im gon na leave that one off on my actual build ive left both of them off and its been fine. Okay, so theres the top on just loosely for now. Theres. The camera lets see. If we can get that on there, we go so that is pretty much general. I normally put some velcro on. There wont be putting the pads on just a nice strip of velcro and thats what i use, but that is the build done guys.

I think she turned out okay, its because here or pretty much like my other one, so lets see if she actually starts up or she um ignites just interrupting. I always forget this guys, always forget one thing and thats props. How can i forget bloody propellers? These are the propellers that i actually use. These are um johnny, fpv, props and theyre. Pretty cool theres. You props, i dont know how you pronounce that name properly, im pretty sure thatll do so. These are johnny, freestyle, props and then type 48380303 and yeah. I use the teal, i use the green. I like a mixture. I think it looks nice so lets just get these on and then we will be done my stickers as well. So i like green at the back, so just a quick little overview, propellers pointing down this is props in. If props are out, then they slope outwards its that simple and play with the front thats it im not going to put the actual nuts on ill. Do that in a minute, but there she is superb there you go guys back to the end of the video ready, sounded pretty good, so thats how the battery will go on the back, everythings flashing, crosswalls, flashing, stacks flashing and vistas on green light, all good to Go so everything worked out absolutely perfectly great stuff there you go guys. I hope you enjoyed that im, trying to get better at doing all these videos and doing these builds and stuff like that uh.

Hopefully i will get better as time goes on. Hopefully, youll stick around, hopefully, youll smash that thumbs up, hopefully, youll smash that subscribe as well, and i may be doing some first flights with this and were going to do some. There is some piece of flight configurations that need to be done, so i may look at actually doing that video as well, because we do need to rotate the stack make sure the motors are spinning the great way and we need to set up how the actual Thing flies, but for this one i will just be copying the settings pretty much over from my existing flop. My existing quad onto this one and thatll be about it. Obviously rotating the stack and good to go thats.