The weight is 722 grams, because each battery weighs 155 grams. Two batteries are showing their weight 308 grams. We will add this 308 grams extra weight on the drone to test. If it can fly with this 308 grams or not, Music. Total weight is now 878 grams, with extra two batteries Music. First of all, i will fly this drone without any extra weight and check stability of drone with original weight, Music Music. To fly this drone in door, we need to activate the mode 1 from remote by press and hold the video recorder button for 3 seconds or until the beep confirmation as showing Music. Turning on the motors for flight Music, as you can see that the flight takeoff is smooth and flight is controllable easily in the room Music, the drone is flying smooth and with power. The motors are not struggling too much to keep the drone in the air with its original weight. Music. The altitude, ascending and descending is easy at the moment for drone to keep stable and control able Music. Now we will stick one extra battery on top of the drone. It will consider as 155 grams extra weight on this drone to test flight stability. Music takeoff is slightly bad and it was about to crash into sofa, but luckily i controlled it and lift it up. It can still control the extra 155 grams of weight and seems to be in control, but, as you can hear, the motors are sounding bit higher than before, because motors are struggling and moving faster than normal to keep the drone in the air Applause Music.

I can feel it that it’s slightly struggling, but not too bad. I am sure that it can fly in the open air. I will make another video in the open area with adding 155 grams and we’ll see if it can fly normal and also we’ll check that can it go to its maximum altitude of 120 meter high in the air Music, as you can see on screen that i Am flying this drone in a small room, i can say that it’s flying in control, Music, Music Applause, Music, Music Applause landing – is not too bad, but little harder than normal. Now we will add another battery on top of the drone as more weight of 155 grams. So total extra weight will be 310 grams. Please keep watching Music it’s 308 grams extra loading on this drone. You can hear that motors are spinning at full speed and making extra noise as well, because it’s very heavy at the moment and it’s barely flying extra spinning at full speed of motors can cause the battery drainage too fast and it’s not controllable. At the moment. I am struggling to control this drone at the moment, and drone is also using its full power to keep itself in the air, but unfortunately it is not flying higher than one meter, as you can see, that it’s staying close to ground and control is bad. It’S hovering here and they’re because of extra 308 grams on top of it, and now it’s not flying more than half meter of height, because battery is losing pretty fast.

The drone is not able to fly with 308 grams extra on it Music. I just landed after this critical weight loading on this drone. Then i touched the motors these all four motors were burning hot then i checked the battery. It was 50 percent left and also it was hot as well. So i can recommend that you can add maximum 150 grams extra to transport from one point to another, but please stay in the battery limit, because the overloading will cause the limited control on this drone and also the battery will drain faster than normal. Because all four motors will spin faster than normal to keep drone in the air on the other side and safe flight, the 100 grams extra could be more safer than 150 grams. So in this situation you can add an extra 1300 milliamp battery to increase your flight time.