We get an awful lot on the channel. How loud is the Mavic mini now, where I think this question may be coming from? Is there a lot of folks out there that are considering joining the Hobby and they're looking at the Maverick mini as their first purchase? I also know seasoned pilots like myself that own a few drones are ready and we're always on the hunt for something smaller that's. Easy to bring along on vacation that we can throw into a backpack or suitcase not have to worry about bringing it along, but we want to draw them it's still going to capture some great footage and take some beautiful pictures. And the Maverick meeting is really the perfect drone for both of those scenarios because for new pilots it's incredibly easy to fly this and a couple of minutes you can charge it up, have it up in the air and capture some amazing footage and for seasoned pilots. It'S just a whole lot of fun to fly because it's, a small drone that flies like a big drone, because DJI is taken all our wizardry, that they've built into the larger drones and somehow shrunk it down into a tiny little package. That really just flies like a much bigger drone and it's a lot of fun to fly. It takes amazing footage out there in the field and it's become my go to drone for travel and where I think the noise questions coming from, especially with new pilots is that we all remember the first time you put a drone up and there's really two things.

You'Re concerned about you're certainly concerned that the drone is flying like you want it to fly, but you're also a little bit worried that somebody behind you is going to tap you on the shoulder and go hey. What are you doing with that drone? So creating noise is something that will draw attention to you and with new pilots. I think they're worried that if the drones noisy and they're on a beach and they're having fun flying it, they're gon na draw attention to themselves and people are gon na want to know what they're doing with the drone with seasoned pilots we're used to noise, because We fly bigger drones. Every drone out. There makes noise because it's got to move air around so it's going to disturb the air, but the trick is it's it's, two components really it's. How loud is it and how annoying is it and I'm gon na go through this in a couple of minutes to show you the amplitude, which is how loud the drone is which really isn't the part of a drones noise for lack of a better term that People are annoyed by it's, really the frequencies that generates or the frequency profile that the drone generates, and what DJI is done with the Mavic mini is somehow they're defying the laws of physics, because typically small drones like this, have to spend the there's a lot faster To keep themselves in the air and when you spin the propellers faster you get that whiny kind of sound out of the drone, which is really annoying the most people, it's sort of like a bunch of bees head in your direction.

This one because the physics behind it is not only less noisy from an amplitude perspective, but it's less annoying as well. So I'll give you the examples, because what I'm gon na do in this clip is show you number one, the amplitude with an audio meter. So you can see exactly how loud it is and then I'll fly it near me and show you how it almost becomes silent in the air when you get it far enough away from you. Unlike a lot of other drones, you can still pick out 50 feet or 100 feet away, so I'll do that. Next then, I'll come back with some conclusions at the end, but if you're looking for a drone, that's incredibly fun to fly and that's, really pretty quiet in the air, this Mavic mini is the one you want to own. So stay tuned. I'Ll show you those tests! Next, another reason to love the Mavic mini is its low, sound profile, and what I mean by that is: every quad makes noise when you put it up in the air, because it's moving a lot air and some quads tend to be very noisy when they're up There, and that has to do with their propeller design, the type of motors the companies using and the EEOC's that actually drive those propellers. What DJI is done is really focused on that technology to improve two things number one, the loudness, which is the amplitude of the sound and, more importantly, the sound profile which are the frequencies that the actual quad generates when it's flying.

So it tends to be less loud and less annoying when it's flying. So I want to show you how that works, because it's really important if you're flying this in public places, you're not gon na fly over somebody, but if you're flying near people you don't want them notice in the quad because of the sound and then start scanning. The perimeter looking for the person flying it to come over and ask you a lot of questions. So a quiet quad is a good quadrant you're in public areas. What I'd like to do is to show you a couple of things. First, I'll put the quad up. Pretty much a shoulder height, I'll, listen to it with this audio meter and give you a DB a reading of it just sitting there and then I'll actually fly it in a condition where I'd normally fly it in the field. I'Ll start at 50 feet away 50 feet up and then 100 feet away a hundred feet up, and you can hear the difference where I'm standing of how loud the quad is. I promise you, when you get about 75 feet away or 75 feet up, it's almost silent, you almost can't, hear it it's, actually quieter than geese. Flying by. I had a big flock go by before and they're pretty loud in the air, so stay tuned. Then I'll show you those two tests before you do the audio test than the Mavic mini. I wanted to give you a base, sound level for this field and I'm standing in, because obviously there are noises in the field, natural and thematic Minnie's, gon na add to that sound level.

So right now without me, talking I'm at a forty four point: eight so that's the base level of sound in this field. Now I'll put the Mavic mini up again a couple of feet away from me and we'll measure it again and see how much more noise the Mavic mini, adds to this environment. Okay, I've got the Mavic mini about six feet away from me. Six feet in the air and I've got an audio level of 58 DBA, which is about 13 DB a louder than the background noise in this field. So it is pretty quiet, even this close in what I'm gon na do next is fly it out 50 feet 50 feet in the air. Well, listen to it then I'll put it out a hundred feet at 100 feet in the air and we can compare the two noise levels. I'Ve got a microphone on my shirt in the front, so it'll be like you're listening to it, where I'm standing and I think you'll find the further it gets away. It almost disappears when it's flying so let's. Take a look at that next, okay, I'll take her out the 50 feet now: that's right at 50 feet and even a ground level. It'S almost silent, but let me take it up 50 feet because you're gon na fly it higher than that all right. That'S 50 feet out in 50 feet up now. If I listen, I can definitely pick that out, but there's so much background noise between the woods and the traffic and cars going by I'm hearing everything else more than I'm hearing the drone.

So let me take it a little further out a little further up. Okay, now it's out a hundred feet, it's still at a 50 foot height, I can't hear it at all. Let me turn this way, so the microphones facing it yeah again totally silent to me. Well, let me take it out because I don't fly it 50 feet if I'm anywhere near people I'm going to typically be over a hundred feet or out a hundred feet just to get around them. I wouldn't fly over them, obviously, but if I'm flying near them in a public place to get to a location where I want to take that shot or record some video I'm typically up at a hundred feet. So let me take her up to 100. All right. That'S 75. I can still pick it out if I'm looking for it, but if you're sitting here, I don't think you'd even notice it. But let me go up to 100 all right. That'S 100 feet a car just whizzed by so that's gon na that's gon na make it a little loud see that disappears. Let'S, listen up! There goes another car, alright, so to me and I'm, trying yeah I'm telling you that's silent. So what I love about it again is that the way I fly when I'm on vacation again I'm typically 100 feet up when I'm around people, but even coming down lower. I felt very comfortable with that at 50, feet not being terribly annoying.

If I was at least 50 feet away from people and that's perfect for me because most of the shots I do are pretty high up and then down on a particular target, but no one. I can go down to about 50 feet and not have people immediately swing to see the drone and then start scanning looking for me who's flying it is a really good thing. So I think that proves just how quiet this drone is. I hope those examples were helpful in showing you just how quiet this Mavic mini is when it's flying now to give you some reference points to compare to from the amplitude side, when I had the drone up about six feet in the air about six feet away From me, I was reading 58 DBA on the. I am eager to put that in perspective that noise level, that amplitude level is about what you'd hear in an office or if you take your family out to dinner and it's a busy restaurant sitting at that table. You'Re gon na hear about 60 DBAs of background noise from a frequency perspective. I think they've done a great job to tamp down the annoying frequencies, so it's really really quiet in the air, but the annoying factor is a little bit different. A little bit more complex than that, because there's creatures, we don't, notice random noise as much so when you're out in nature and a tree branch snaps or something happens over there it's a random noise.

We don't pay much attention to it, but one thing that drives us crazy as humans is a repetitive noise. So when it's generating frequency, some of those frequencies are going to be generated all the time by the drone, and we tend to key in on that and that's what catches our attention just the way we're bill. So the repetitive frequencies in this are low enough, where they're not that annoying it again. When I got a 50 feet away, I know I'm getting a little bit older, but I was listening as hard as I could to try to pick that out and if I was looking for it, maybe I heard it, but if I wasn't looking for it that Drone could gone past me and I wouldn't have noticed that at all, so I think it's, an incredibly quiet drone and really the perfect one to take with you on vacation. So I hope you found this clip helpful. I really love doing these kind of clips, where I dive in at the technology. So again, if you're enjoying I'm gon na continue to do them. If you haven't, subscribed to the channel, please consider subscribing by hitting that icon down there in the corner, I've got a lot more content coming for the Mavic mini Evo to sky, do to and a bunch of new drones that are gon na hit this spring. So stay tuned to the channel for details on those we also have a ton of accessories for the Mavic mini i've got a link below where you can go to our website.

If you want to support us, hit that link and buy a couple of accessories to enhance your flying experience, that's pretty much it for me today.