This fridge freezer up as high as it’ll, go and see how long it lasts so let’s. Do it welcome to truck house lab baby Music Music so right here behind me, we have the iceco 40 liter fridge freezer and we have the blue eddy eb70 portable power station. So today i want to push this fridge freezer to the max and do it as cold as we can go and see how cold it gets. At the same time, i want to push this blue eddy eb70 as hard as it’ll go and as long as it’ll go and we’ll see how long it lasts. First off i want to talk about the blue eddy eb70. This is a 700 watt portable power station and, as you can see, it’s got four inputs for 110 volt. It has a cigarette, lighter 12 volt plug. It has two usb chargers that are three amps, which is pretty high and it one really cool feature. Is it has these two usb c ports and they’re 100 watt charging stations, which is super powerful, it’ll charge, your cell phone or any usb c device extremely fast? So that’s cool there’s, also a flashlight in the front right here, so that’s probably won’t, use that too much but it’s there. If you need it, it’s, not the smallest portable power station, but for 700 watts it’s, not that big let’s get a little bit of weight to it, but it does have a nice carrying handle right here to pick it up and transport it on the top.

It does have a wireless charging, so you can put your cell phone right on top and charge that wirelessly here, so that’s pretty cool to charge the eb70 up. All you need is 110 volt, so you can charge it from just a wall outlet anywhere or you can charge the eb70 with blue eddie’s 200 watt folding solar panel, which is really sweet, collapses up really small and yeah. You can just charge it from the sun. So that’s pretty cool there’s, also a 12 volt car outlet charger. So you basically put it in your cigarette lighter and you can charge the blue eddy up while you’re driving around with your car’s alternator i’ve had a jackery 500 before this and it’s awesome it’s only 500 watts so i’ll be curious to see how well the 700 Watt performs and how long this battery lasts so let’s get to it all right and right here we have the iceco 40 liter fridge freezer. This thing’s, pretty sturdy, comes with two sturdy pickup handles right here, carrying handles um. You want to check out the inside. Essentially, it has two compartments that can be turned into one real easy by removing this, and you have another smaller compartment up top, so plenty of room to keep stuff for the weekend food cold in here and stuff frozen. If you want to and keep in mind, it’s a fridge or freezer, so you have to pick which one so to power the fridge, freezer there’s an option to do either 12 volt or 110, so that’s pretty sweet.

You could charge this thing with your solar panel, with your car alternator, with a portable power station or just plug it into a wall anywhere, so that’s pretty cool on top. Here you have your control buttons, so there’s, a simple on off switch there’s, a max eco. So we’re gon na put it on max today and push it really hard and you adjust your temperature right here so really simple, so let’s get the blue eddy and the ice co all powered up and push it to the max and see how long it lasts. So today, we’re going to use 110 volt power and really push this blue eddy to its max and then see how this fridge freezer does in the coldest setting trying to freeze some salmon we’re, all plugged in so we’re, going to go ahead and fire everything up And we’re going to come over here and turn the fridge freezer on. I don’t know if you guys can see that but it’s at 52 degrees right now so we’re going to cool it down, put it on max mode, so it’s on max we’re, going to cool it all the way down as cold as it’ll go negative. Eight! All right, then, checking out the power draw. It looks like it’s putting out 52 watts right now at the moment, so we’ll see what happens here so typically, when a refrigerator or freezer first starts up. The compressor takes a lot of juice to get it going and then it’ll calm down after that and use less juice.

So right now, we’re only burning about 50 watts at startup, so that’s pretty good let’s check this thing out and see. So i can hear a compressor going, it’s really quiet, but there is a compressor running right now. You can see it’s powered up because the little blue light’s on yeah so set as cold as it’ll. Go we’ll see what happens here. So what we’re gon na do is throw in some alaskan salmon that uh dip netted for and see uh. If it’ll keep this frozen essentially and see how long it will keep it frozen. Also so let’s throw that in there all right and we’ll come back to it in a bit all right, looking at the time, it’s 1, 20 right now so let’s get to it. Let’S see how long this thing lasts. So it’s been 25 minutes let’s check in in the fridge and see how it’s doing we’re at 23 degrees, so it’s dropped about 30 degrees in 25 minutes and let’s check our power consumption down here, it’s down to 42 watts is what it’s pulling right now and Plenty of juice left in the blue eddy, so looking good, oh yeah, it is noticeably cooler in there. You can see the frost starting to form in the inside. All right. Checking back in has been just shy of two hours, so let’s see how the blue eddie is doing here looks like we are still over 80 charge, still pulling 40 watts so still doing well here and checking the temperature.

It is seven degrees inside of this cooler. It is cold and yeah that’s super cold salmon, still rock hard it’s a good sign all right here. We are it’s about four and a half hours later. Music let’s check this out still at about 80 battery, putting out about 40 watts. Temperature is now at zero degrees, so it’s super cold, frozen rock solid, it’s, uh, seven and a half hours later, let’s see how it’s doing eb70 is at around 40 battery. The ice co is negative, six degrees fahrenheit – that is super cold and yeah it’s super cold. In here, it’s like a chest, freezer rock hard salmon still frozen so i’m gon na check out the iceco and the blue eddie eb70. Before i go to bed and we’ll see what it’s at and then hopefully it’ll last overnight. So we’ll see right, it’s been nine hours and ten Music let’s minutes how it’s, looking so about nine hours and 10 minutes later we’re around 40 battery on the eb 70 and the temperature is down to negative four in the freezer and salmon’s rock hard frozen. Pretty cool good morning, guys it’s uh, seven o’clock in the morning ten minute shot of seven, which means it’s been seven hours plus. So this would be 18 hours later let’s see how it’s doing Applause Music. Oh the battery, is dead. The fridge is still powered up, but pretty much, not working anymore it’s on 21 degrees and the salmon’s still frozen hard, though yeah guys.

So there you have it. The iceco fridge was able to last about 18 hours on full bore all the way down to negative six. So in less than 18 hours, the eb70 was totally depleted, but keep in mind i was pushing it really hard. We had that fridge freezer from isco on negative eight degrees fahrenheit, which is really cold and uh yeah. It did pretty well, i feel like that’s pretty good, so i bet if you just use the refrigerator feature, it would definitely last a long weekend and uh keep your stuff, nice and cool, so that’s. My review, if you guys enjoyed this video, make sure to smash that like button and subscribe to the channel. If you would like to see more content like this and also i do adventure, videos and other kind of videos every week, so we’ll see you next time.