The 18 pound spider drone set was a good set. Dont get me wrong. It gave us a brand new vulture, which was incredible. The spider man, the black and gold version is clearly from the new film. So it gives us a good way of getting figures from the new film and this that may hint to vulture being in the new film when the film comes out, as we know hes in mobius. But i keep thinking about going back and trying to make a sort of 1299 kind of set, because it makes me think of the potential that this set could have been. If im honest, i really wanted this set to just be the vulture and his wings and a homemade suit spider man. Maybe if you wanted to make this an 18 pound set, you could have included the aldi that he drove on the way to fight vulture. But hey thats, just how i do this set. You never know the no way home implications of this set its just this way you get more peace count going into the vultures wings to make them look slightly nicer. I mean in the original set theyre, not bad, but at the same time these wings just seem really thin. I dont like these turbines and the fact that the minifigure cant even stand up on his own. All of these issues, which i really didnt think would be that big of a deal, but at the same time i just cant stop thinking about them, so ive decided im gon na build my own vulture wings, but something else i cant stop thinking about is rage.

Shadow legends, thats, right rage, shadow legends is actually sponsoring this episode. If youve never been on the internet before and you dont know what rage shadow legend is its a free to play, rpg game with a really awesome, visual style and its packed full of content. For you guys to try out ive only been playing for a little while, but its a really really fun game. A game. Ive surprisingly found some time for between making all these lego videos. I really like the way that raid narrates and tells their stories theres, always something new and interesting, going on, as well as having some really awesome challenges for you to face within the game. Like this, the end game of rage, shadow legends introduces doom tower its. Basically, this huge giant prison locked inside a monster on each floor, infused with eldritch power. Oh yeah did i mention that the tower was magic and the thing is doom tower, just isnt holding the way that it used to. Thankfully, the arbiter is sending you and me in to go and crack a few heads and hey, maybe well, actually be able to do a thing that she couldnt actually take care of these monsters. One things for certain, though: im not sticking around to see doom tower fail, so i always make sure to fight my way up every month and try and take out as many enemies as i can along the way. Another thing i really like about raid is the fact that youve got unlimited possibilities in upgrading your characters after every fight, characters, drop artifacts, and you can combine these artifacts to make your character way more powerful than they were before and swap them between champions, giving them Extra defense and extra agility, depending on what items you get from winning fights, not to mention the extra quests you can do to get yourself some extra dosh, as well as raider, always introducing new and upcoming stuff, like their massive halloween event.

Thats about to come out were talking big rewards, big tournaments and fragment events, to get yourself on some new champions raids, bigger than ever at the most so theres, no better time to join than now. If you want to get a head start in raid, all you have to do is hit the link in the description or scan my qr code. Youll get a free epic hero chinoroo, who is also amazing at doom tower, by the way, 200k silver one xp boost. One energy refill and one ancient shard, so you can summon an awesome champion as soon as you get in game. All this treasure is waiting for you here, and these rewards will only be available for new players for the next 30 days. Once youre in you can find me under thomasy bricks, and you can join my clan, so we can do some battles together. I truly love this game and i cant wait to see you in it. Thanks ray for sponsoring this. One first thing i had to do was pick which suit i was going to make. Was i going to make the regular suit or the high altitude suit? I ended up going with the high altitude suit just because, if they do make a homemade spider man suit ill be able to recreate the battle from the end of the film, which was one of my favorite scenes, so yeah high altitude suit. It was, and i began scouring the internet for reference to use what im trying to make these wings.

My goal was to make them a lot thicker and a lot more stable on the minifig, and people have done so many different designs that i wanted to try and take inspiration from a couple of different designs and then combine them into my own design. I ended up finding this picture. I will credit the person here, but this picture and a few others were my main inspiration for trying to create my own wings and then i jumped into studio. Now, for those of you who dont know, i like building digitally first and then building it into real life, there are definitely a few disadvantages and advantages to doing it this way, but this is just what i prefer to do. I ended up coming up with this design, which i was super happy with. One thing i really wanted to do was use ball joints instead of any hinge joints as ball. Joints are a lot more stable than something like a hinge joint. So, finally, incorporating all of this into my model, i came up with this Music Music thats right, these wings turned out great. You can definitely see where ive taken some inspiration from the original picture, especially on the wing tips, but the rest is pretty much my design. A lot of you will be asking where the instructions are for this now. I dont really think you need instructions, theyre so simple, to build that youll probably just be able to look at this video and build them.

However, if you want more high detail pictures of these wings, you can become a member all of the members get exclusive behind the scenes. Previews of future videos coming up, and some of the pictures from the original studio file are up on the members exclusive page. On my discord, as well as a high res version of the thumbnail, you can use it as a high quality, desktop background or phone background or something along those lines, all of it. In the exclusive content section over on the discord in the members section, the ball joints on the back really do make this incredibly stable, and this is what i was talking about. How i mean brick built detail could really go a long way. These little connection pieces at the top here with these one by one with bar, and then these bar attachment holders on there really do make it look like mechanical detail rather than just using a sticker. However, im still thinking about buying a sticker sheet, because i want to add those sticker details. The model is incredibly posable being on ball joints and one hinge joint meaning you can do some incredible poses and yeah. If you hold the model in the wrong spots, things do tend to break, but, as you can see from the shake test, its actually an incredibly strong model, the weakest point of the model is definitely these turbines on the back. However, the reason they are so weak is because i wanted to make them easily flippable, so you could either have them in the upwards position, like you see in the film or the downwards position with the fans pointing outwards kinda making it look like his original look.

Rather than the high altitude suit – and i like the way that ive used a printed piece on the front here instead of the actual fan piece like they use on the actual model, because this allows me to have the extra detail with this translucent blue piece on The back to try and show the energy thats coming off the wings and because theyre so thick, they stand out a lot better than something like these thinner, vulture wings and really do make the figure look like a proper figure, rather than just something thats attached to The back and one incredible thing that i love about this figure that ive managed to incorporate into the wings is the fact that it can stand up on its own. I dont understand why lego decided to make that nexo knight shield piece stick out below the feet. I understand that the nexo knight shield piece looks very much like the backpack that he wears in the film, especially when that stick is on. There definitely looks more like the jet pack than mine, but it does mean that lego decided to have the nexo knight shield. Stick out below his feet, so he cant stand up properly unless hes, leaning forward. This is just not an issue with my one. The wings help support on each side, so he can stand up and just look cool, so you can have him standing up on the table or, however, you want to display him, but my personal favorite way to display him is actually elevated in the air.

If you look at the bottom of his backpack ive put a 1×1 stud there with a hole in it, so you can attach one of these bar pieces. Now my one is gray. I think it would look way better in clear, but i used all of them on the daily bugle, but you can put that bar piece into this backpack piece to have him elevated in the air, and i think this looks way cooler than just having him displayed On a table – and i dont believe lego didnt – think about doing something like this in their set with a flying vulture creature in it a massive missed opportunity in my eyes the one thats easily fixed with this design. I think these wings just really set this model. Apart from the other spider man figures, i now have in my collection and if you wanted to see this bottle as part of a mock, please do let me know in the comment section below hey. If you wanted to see where this figure originally came from, you can click.