Well, maybe not exactly like this guy. He looks kind of embarrassing, but you get the point. We all want to be successful in what we do and especially if we get financially compensated for what we do its even better. I dare to say its the best job that you can do, the one that you love doing and you get fairly compensated for. So in todays video well take a look at how im able to fly my drones for a living and earn some. I would say good money out of this hobby and share some really valuable tips with you. So you can do it too. Music Applause, hey whats! Up everybody: this is mike welcome back to another video happy new year, everyone, i hope we all have a fantastic 2022 and we all crush our goals. So for this video i will share all of my income streams. I will show you what else you can do. Besides those income streams to to add on top of that, so you can generate even more money. As we all know, there are so many possibilities, so many options to earn money from what youre doing. But i will share my personal experience first and then i will show you some more examples of what else can you do on top of that, so you can earn even more so. The first income stream that i have on my channel is, of course adsense. Adsense is a program by youtube which allows advertisers to put ads in front during or after your videos, so when people watch them or click on these ads, you get some kickback and you start generating some money.

Adsense is very unpredictable. It comes and goes as it pleases and really depends on the season. For example, the holiday season is one of the strongest periods for adsense, where advertisers are spending ton of money, so they can put more ads in front of everyone, so they can do more shopping and buy their products. However, during january february, or more of the slow months, the adsense money is just very unpredictable very low compared to some other months and its not ideal to rely on this income stream. Adsense is currently responsible for roughly 25 of my total income. So, as you can see its definitely not something that you should put all of your hopes in, because its very unreliable and its also not very high when it comes to comparing it to other income streams. The second income stream that i have is affiliate programs. Affiliate programs is huge for my channel, as it generates almost half of the money that i make during one year. 42 of my income is due to affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are very basic thing uh. Basically, you register on a companys website where you can generate a link for a specific product and when you recommend this product to your audience and they click on it and buy something after that in a specific window of time, sometimes its two weeks, sometimes its a Month after clicking on that link, you get a kickback in a different percentage, depending on what theyve bought you get a kickback in your account.

So, for example, if i recommend the dji mavic 3 to you and you click on the link in the description you go to djis website and you buy one. I get five percent if im not mistaken. Five percent of the total amount that you spent on the website in the past. These affiliate programs have been a very small percentage of what i earned during a year because i didnt have a lot of audience. I didnt have a lot of clicks towards these affiliate programs and i just didnt generate enough sales, so i can have a lot of money from this income stream. If you take a look around, you will see that pretty much every company has an affiliate program. So if your creator yourself its a very wise idea to register for all of these affiliate networks and start generating those clicks towards these websites, but its important to not make it in a spammy way its important to not just mass paste these links everywhere, you can Because its a very spammy and bad behavior that obviously will get you banned from most platforms out there. So its important to keep it natural and, of course, only recommend products that you would actually recommend its a very thin line between being authentic and recommending products that you like or being greedy and spamming. People with links, because you want to generate more sales. So be careful about that. Some of the affiliate programs that i use the most are amazon, dji, iflight, real, steady epidemic, sound or art list insta360, and a couple of more.

As you can see, these are all big companies that are very popular. They have a strong name that people are familiar with and obviously they produce good products because its important to recommend good products to people, instead of just everything that you can so you can generate more sales. The next income stream that i have on this channel is sponsorships and im only scratching the surface of whats possible with sponsorships, as i only recently started accepting sponsorship videos on this channel, and here again we have a thin line between what is acceptable when it comes To a sponsored video and what is not, there are so many channels that are promoting uh, some really bad looking mobile games or some some pills for hair loss or viagra pills or some other stuff that i just generally dont understand why they would accept. However, theres some really good sponsorship, ideas which, if theyre connected to the topic of your channel, might be a great way to not only get some extra income, but also recommend something to a part of your audience that might be specifically interested in that exact product sponsorships. Are currently responsible for roughly 18 of my total income that ive made during the year – and i have to be honest – i plan to ramp up the sponsorship videos on this channel as i passed 100 000 subscribers and im getting a lot more interest from companies that Want to work with me and are proposing some really good ideas for sponsored videos and im.

I have to be crazy, not to accept them, so, of course i will make sure that these videos make sense for you guys. I will not just accept everything that is thrown towards me. My next income stream is my webstore on my webstore. I sell a lot of digital products like some luts for different drones, like the mavic 2 pro the mini 2, the air 2. im working on a lot for the mavic 3 and i also sell my lightroom presets, which you can use to quickly enhance the look Of your photos, on top of that, i also have some t shirts, some hoodies, some hats, and recently i also started doing coaching on my webstore. The coaching thing is still kind of new and i still havent really explored it completely. I havent really talked about it that much on this channel as well, but i plan to do it in 2022, as i get a lot of questions that require a lot of attention, a lot of dialogue between me and that specific person and as i value my Time its impossible to answer all of these questions during the day. Otherwise i will do nothing but answer questions, so i decided to do this instead and sell this coaching session, which is 60 minutes long. Where you can ask me anything – and i can give you all the feedback that i can all the little tips and secrets that i have its not really a secret, but all the things that i know i can just dump it over you.

So you can have all that knowledge uh quickly and efficiently, instead of just writing back and forth on instagram and i wouldnt say wasting my time. But you know what i mean its just a lot of time spent in chats in dms, where i can. I cannot really focus on anything else if i want to help you currently, my store generates just seven percent of the total income that i make its something that i see a lot of potential in, but i still havent fully developed so im working on that in 2022, to make better products that i will sell on the on the web store and also to improve all of the products that are currently on there. I would like to to present the best products that i can for you guys. My next income stream is local filming, and this is something that uh i dont have a big passion for its just something that i do on the side, while not working on other projects here for youtube, and this is something that happens very naturally, because people just Hear about uh what i do and they want to have a video made like a small commercial or a personal project for someone or an event that one they want me to cover by flying with my drones and record something and edit a video for them and Its uh, its something that happens very naturally, it happens because of word of mouth and happy.

Clients are always the ones that are telling other people about the work that ive done for them and they contact me. The truth is i never search for uh local work. Uh its always the other way around people always find me because they want something to be recorded for them, so its its a its a nice way to generate some extra income by basically not doing any uh marketing for yourself, because the the real marketing happens by Word of mouth, which is great because it means that youre actually doing a good job now but uh. It could be something that can take a lot of your uh, your regular time, that you can put in regular projects so its important to to decide whether you want to spend a lot of time for local filming or you want to be focused in your on. Your regular general projects that you work on for for youtube, for example, local filming, brings me just six percent of my total income. So, as you can see its really not a huge thing for me, its really not that important for me so thats. Why? I havent really focused on that too much, but i know for some people it might be great to just explore their area contact some people and just let them know that they can what they can do for them and just start working with some local companies and And people so they can generate some more money from flying with their drone.

And lastly, just two percent of my income is generated by licensing some photos and videos for some companies uh its something that i honestly dont think uh im im going to do. A lot of, but who knows in the future, im open to that uh this year i worked with polar pro to license some photos for them, so they can use them on their website and their social media. I used the gopro hero 10 and their polar pro nd filters for this little project that i shot for them and they were extremely happy with the content that they received. Now, if you go to their website, you can see on the section where they sell the nd filters for the gopro 10. You will see a photo of of mine which im im really proud of, and i really like that photo, but they were also very happy to to have these photos licensed, so they can use them for their own projects as as as they like so thats. Something that you can do if you approach companies that you like, and you think you can deliver some good good uh photos or videos that they can use both for their website or their social media profiles. You can approach them and ask them if they would like to collaborate to work with you and, of course, after that, youll have to talk things through and just let them know what you can deliver and how much youre youre looking to get from this.

But its all a matter of discussing and just arranging things with them, so its its kind of difficult if youre just starting out but the more you do it, the better youll feel about it. And, of course, if you have some previous examples of work that youve done for other people or companies, its always welcome to show that you can actually do the job. Just fine, so yeah its its just another way to to work with a specific company and form. Some relationships, so these are just my personal income streams when it comes to earning money with my drones and the content that im able to make. However, there are so many other possibilities to earn money with your drones and im going to quickly go through them, because i know what i currently do is not its not perfect. Of course you can always do more. You can always earn more, but as everything else in life there has to be some balance and you you have to to find the right balance that works for you. But with that being said, let me just quickly list a couple more possibilities that you can explore when it comes to earning money with your drone. So first you can use your drone to shoot some photos or videos for real estate. You can find some hotels, some villas, some apartments, some complexes that always need those aerial photos or videos. You can contact them directly and start generating some extra income for you and also here in bulgaria.

This is not very popular, but i know how popular this thing is in the us, for example, and that is roof inspections. You can do that too. You can find a lot of companies that need this type of service. So if you have the license to to do it, its always a great idea to explore it another way to earn some money is by creating stock photos or videos. This is something that ive been thinking about, but i find it a little bit boring and i never found the time to do it, but i know for a fact that there are tons of people looking for stock photos or videos right now, as we speak. So the more stock photos or videos you produce the better the chance is that someone will actually look for them and buy them from you. And i know that there are some people who are only doing that as a career and theyre just swimming in money. And if you think its something that works for you its a great idea, the next income stream idea is for those who are a little bit more advanced and that is to use your skills to shoot some weddings, some commercials, some other events or even movies. Recently, we saw johnny fpv and his shots and red notice, which was just groundbreaking for me to see on a big screen. It was just amazing to watch some fpv shots inside a large hollywood production and remember.

Johnny fpv is one of the biggest names when it comes to fpv, but he started as a freestyle pilot and racer, so he managed to to take his skills to the next level and hes earning some amazing money from his skills right now. So its another idea that is worth exploring when talking about fpv, there is another opportunity that can be explored and that is to build fpv drones for other people. There is a big interest for fpv in your city or even in your country, im sure you will find some people who dont want to build their own drones. So you can explore that possibility, learn how to build those drones and just generate money from building them and selling them are ready to fly to your potential customers and finally, the last two income stream. Ideas that i have is to sell your own prints. Its a very popular thing that many people do, but if you are able to shoot some nice looking photos im sure there will be some potential customers for your piece of art that will be happy to hang them on their walls. And finally, you can look into nfts because there are tons of people getting into nfts right now, making a ton of money by selling their nft projects to some other people and its like an online collection for uh people to buy, which is still kind of new. And i know many people are thinking that that is a fact that will go away um very soon.

But for me i think its something that will stay for a very long time and its something that is still relatively new. So not that many people are heavily invested into nfts. So if you want to be one of the first into that nfd drone space, you still have time to do it anyway, thats pretty much everything that i have for you in todays video, its been a very long video, but hopefully you can take away some of The things that i mentioned and incorporate them in your own life in your own career, and even if you only fly drones um on the side like a hobby, you can still generate a lot of extra income. For you and remember, this is how i started too. I started back in 2016 just flying drones for fun as a as a hobby on the weekends and now its something that i can call a career and im really proud of it and im sure. If i can do it, you can do it too, and i know there are tons of opportunities and possibilities for all of us. So hopefully you will get inspired by this video and start doing what you love and uh getting some money out of it. So, thank you so much for watching todays, video, guys, im pumped for 2022, and i have so many projects that i cannot wait to share with you its going to be a good one. Hopefully, with your help, we can make it an even better one.

So stay tuned for my next video. Thank you so much for your support. This is mike from grown, supremacy, ill catch you very soon.