This is the ruin lichtenfelds on the opensteiner strausey, and i got my gear with me, so i have to use it Music, Music. What a big Music! I thought mistake i wouldn’t break. I need something else to clear my head, someone to tell me how to live instead, just open your eyes and take my advice, stop holding the dice and just compromise it’s the chance of your life. Take control of your own life control of your own life. Without any thought, i keep moving on, i don’t even care if my soul is gone, so many words that i should have said not concerned about how to live instead, Music, just open your eyes and take my advice, stop pulling the dice and just compromise it’s the Chance of your life Music, take nothing Music Applause, Music is Music. Okay, try to be brave, you have so much to say, take control of your own Music Music right now. Every mistake makes you feel like Music, so Music, okay, very nice location with lots of boats and it is ruined so check it out next location, hello, next location is a bit chill. We are tired already, so i will fly from this nice bench with a little smart 35 to this nice castle over there. You don’t want to talk to me Music. I think every single day, Music, bye, Music, Music, Music, but Music Music. It was really nice exploring this castle here and we met like the guy who works here in the garden and he was very friendly, so very nice session, uh up to the next spot, bye, okay, the last location, is nice church in golden sunlight.

What more can you want? Let’S check it every out day, Music, Music, i Music, but Music, Music of mine traveling through wasted time. Think of how i will rewrite every single song, Music, Music. I keep repeating Music, okay, nice third or fourth session of today.