E520 4k fpv drone the little camera on the front. This is a basic model to do an e520s, which also has gps system in it, and this is the basic one. It costs all of 26 pounds from banggood, which seems very cheap. It just comes with one battery with this model. You can get them with more batteries, but they had the special offer. The single battery in stock in the uk for 26 quid, which i thought was quite a good bargain ive, had it open the usual instructions you get in multiple languages, two spare propellers for a left and a right propeller. We have propeller guards but wont be bothered fitting those. Then we have the controller transmitter unit takes four aaa batteries, not supplied supply your own. These little antennas are dummy, they dont do anything. Then we have the little folding folding quadcopter itself, the arms just fold over lock this switch on the top, you press it and it starts flashing. Looking to pair up with the transmitter switch, the transmitter on then thats it paired now just raise and lower the the left hand throttle and the lights are now going solid. Theres, a one button uh take off system, you just push that button and it rises about five feet in the air hovers there. Then you have your sticks for uh uh, forwards, backwards, left, right, rotate, left, rotate right up and down, and then theres an auto landing button as well.

These are just trims to stabilize the the flight or stabilize hover or whatever. There are three speed modes: uh controlled with this button here uh then theres a function button there for 360 degree, flips uh this button. You can take a picture with it just pressing that button, and then this one, you can sort of get a heads up mode or rotation around the access mode type ill switch this off before i take off and fly through the roof. You can pull this out and clip your phone under there as well clips back in there. You just put your phone underneath and use that for first person, view with the camera also accesses various other functions, direct from from the app on your phone. So i have flown this, it was reasonably easy to fly and the only problem was the camera was focused about four inches rather than towards infinity, which wasnt very good uh. Viewing uh landscapes with the the camera, so ive fixed that involved taking the the camera off. It doesnt intended to come off and get adjusted like this, but obviously in the factory they they managed to get the focusing wrong. This is the little lens in there it just screws in and out, but uh its its glued in, where its varnished in place to stop it moving. So i had to pick the varnish off. I dont think ive still got it perfect, because i was looking at my image on my phone, which is pretty small.

What ill do is ill, refocus it and use my ipad. Weve got a bigger screen and ill be able to make sure the focus is really really crisp at a decent distance theres, a 4k camera that seems to be reasonably good quality in definition, albeit at four inches good for photographing grass, as you land on it, but Not much good for anything else or a couple of lights on the front and then your flashy blue lights and things underneath it doesnt come with a memory card, but you just use a micro, sd, 32 gigabyte card just plug it in thats your little antenna for The the fpv module now battery is in the back just pulls out, and it charges up with a standard usb micro usb lead just plugs in you, plug that into a usb outlet. It does take a fair while to charge up be handy if it okay, the version that came with multiple batteries that took about an hour to charge back up and gives you suppose about 10 minutes of flight 7.2 volt battery 7.4 volt battery 1200 milliampere saying that Just slots in the back clicks hold, but just unplug it so to fix the camera. There are four screws need to come out and the unit can slide forward and then you can disconnect the cable and you can get in to remove the back of the camera. Housing and extract the camera on its rim, cable size.

These are quite long screws, these ones some of the other ones just followed. Then we have a little connector for the power connectors in there. Just unclip that to the side now, weve got two more screws here to take out the third screw there and if we lift this part away, should now just come apart. Take the top off theres a ribbon cable in there. Try not to damage that and theres. Two screws in the back, which need to come out put the back off a little camera sensors in the center, its fairly well shoved in. But if you just use the blunt end of a plastic screwdriver, you can push it out of the housing theres. Your little camera and to adjust it, you just unscrew this lens thats, easier said than done, because they had uh some varnish holding it in so youve got to pick the varnish off and possibly even try and dissolve a little isopropyl alcohol and then its a case Of screwing it out to get the focus back, but to do that, you really need to connect it back up in the quadcopter, just temporarily hold it in. So what i need to do is fill this up and point it to something in the distance saying you can download the app to your iphone or your ipad or an android phone, but ill need to it should pop up there. It goes and then thats the up into the app, and here we have an image from the camera.

Of course, the camera is wiggling a bit underneath, if view outside that, so i can see in the window blurry there sharper there blurry again so back a bit that seems pretty sharp there so well. Do is just put a little dab of varnish back on there. So it doesnt undo itself in the meantime. Well switch that off lets. Do it again, just off the transmitter close that up right, just let that varnish dry and then i can reassemble it right again. The back goes on with a little cut out towards the ribbon.