It comes in such a nice travel case that allows you to store everything for your mini drone, including the controller, the drone itself. It has eight of the paddles and eight protective covers, which is definitely great when you’re flying the drone, sometimes accidents happen, and i love the fact that it came with extras so that way, you’re not panicking if something breaks as well as it comes with a charging Cable now the charging cable goes to the drone’s battery. The controller itself does use triple a batteries, so the charger is for the drone. So that way, you don’t have to worry about losing battery on that. But when you’re not using your drone, you can easily package it back up and when you are assembling your drone, it comes with a user manual as well as a screwdriver and several screws to get. You started after 10 to 15 minutes of charging. You can go ahead and get started with your drone. I know it’s exciting. I was stoked to use my first drone ever you can choose if you want to sync it to your phone. That way, you can use the camera features or you can just click on the power button that’s on the top of the device and from there you can look at your controller and when it’s flashing you know it’s ready to fly. You do want to place it horizontally on the ground so that way it takes off properly, but once you have it placed properly, you can go ahead and push on the left.

Joystick and you have takeoff fly drone fly. This drone does have three different speed modes from low to medium to high, and you can actually change the speed when it’s in flight, which i thought was really amazing. I personally love that there are the landing and takeoff buttons on the controller itself, because it provides some reassurance when you’re landing, that the drone will safely make it back and not you know, crash and which may happen already. If you’re, you know it’s your first time, but at least having that you know landing button, it’s reassuring that it can safely land as well as with the app which is downloadable on google play and on apple, you can actually choose the direction. You want. Your drone to fly, which is a unique feature in itself, with the dual cameras that come on this drone. You have a camera at the very front and then you have one at the rear of the drone itself, and that allows for you to have a 30 degree adjustable angle and a 120 degree super wide angle, and what that allows you to do is actually change. The point of view that you would like to record or take photos at being that this is a smaller drone. You don’t want to fly it in wind speeds that are over a level three, but it does have the ability to throw and go trajectory flight fpv transmission altitude hold app control, headless mode and 3d flips.

This is the wi fi, so you can record in real time and you can connect your phone to the controller overall. This drone was really easy to get started.