Try to record it on the phone, so its a toy, its a like 50 bucks toy on sale like now its about 40 bucks at costco website on amazon im, not sure how much so its a basic toy. When youre going to high speed its a better flying drone but again its a toy, and you need to learn how to fly it, you can do some tricks as well. Lets check it out. Okay, so first you need to turn it on. Okay, you will just hold it, it will blink. Then you take this okay now its good, so it takes some time so now in order to start to fly it, you press this button, okay and then to move around you just press this joystick on the left. Music Applause and if you want to move further, you press this one up and heres the drone. How far it can go. I dont know but ill push it itll fly. I can turn it around. I can do the tricks. I press this button and move this and it will flip. Okay, did you see it and then i can press the button and go down and it can go probably about 10 miles again. I recommend you to learn how to use this. Uh dont fly in a windy conditions, also try to do in a park with less trees and dont, try to lift it up more, like 20 feet of the ground, its better to change the speed.

So once you change the speed to the high speed, much easier to control it and it flies pretty good on the high speed. So it takes about five minutes to learn, and then you have good time and many people uh wonder how the camera works, and i know its fifty dollars uh drone, but lets see how the camera works. So i decided to record it and i tried many times it was unsuccessful because it was keep freezing. So this is the only one. I were able to record the footage about minute long and, as you can see it just record whatever, because i lost the control of this drone since i didnt fly for like a month and when i start to record it, it just start to fly away and At the time, actually, i lost the drone. As you can see, video will be freezed up and not because its too far away, just because the quality of the camera and connectivity may be very poor thats. Why i lost it if its fly away just push the button over here or here? This is the bottom. You just press it to go down this way. It will not fly away, will just go down and thats. It dont wait until its far away, and i have a good news, the good news when one of them fly away. I found another one, because one of my neighbor told me somebody landed on his backyard and never claim it.

So they gave it to me how cool is that and actually it can connect to the same controller. So if you lose one use the next door or facebook, local groups post it and maybe youll find it again.