This is a giant one fifth scale. All metal axle straight solid axle gas powered 49 cc engine monster truck. If you know what a Traxxas x max looks like that little fella, then you get an idea of how big the RAM inator is, but unfortunately, as I've had this vehicle over quite some time, I've never really been able to tell how fast it goes, because the X max weighs about as much of much as one of its tires so has a gas powered truck. I figured the only way to really test and because I've only had it really during the winter, any runs I've done with. It have only been on ice and snow. I would rather find out away so I wasn't sure how to do it. But then I was looking on Amazon and I found right here from from Bushnell some sort of V, low city rat or goon. I don't know German, but it registers the radar fumes of a car. A hundred and eighty five points whatever that is, so we could still figure out I'm just fuckin with ya. I got a radar gun. I want to find out exactly how fast the RAM inator goes and from sure one day I'll find out exactly how fast my xmax goes, and now I can find out exactly how fast everything goes and I can even get the radar vapors yeah take off the End stick to up the rear there.

You go it's pretty much. What I tell my haters these days. There you go get in there. Nice I've always wanted to have one of these around here, because there's so many times we could have used it and this haven't right on. Oh, it does have kph on there very good Music. I guess I I guess I should let it warm up a little bit to see your breath pull down here. What have we got here, ice everywhere, right, that's, how cool it is, and yes, it is the right time of year. This is typical for where we live, so this suspension is going to be ultra stiff today, because all the fluid is going to be extra thick from the cold air, so it should be incredibly bouncy. You see underwater no I'm, not interested in a rear, stick Music! I can't feel my hand. I can't feel my face: okay, let's get to the field 17 Music in minus 17; okay, we might as well point the radar gun at it and let her rip okay, let's find out how many MPUs this force knows: Music, apparently slow shit, it's 20 miles an Hour I say we rip it again and it probably needs a good tune and I bet you it's gon na go a hell of a lot faster one arm and it's. Scalable too, I would say it is scalable one fifth scale at the size. How fast is a monster truck actually go? I got a steer with one hand and point at it.

At the same time, you ready babe I'm, ready, okay, pushing Music; okay, No right now, I've got to interject on the film as I'm. Editing this to say. I see where my mistake McCain, because obviously I was very excited. I moved the radar gun which I shouldn't have done. I think it's my first time using it that seemed to increase the speed. Now was there a little increase in speed on the RAM inators part? Maybe, but I did see it register at 2021 before I actually moved now with the TMR performance engine in there. How fast does a monster truck actually go in full size? Have a look, mr. Google? How fast does a monster truck Gold, the world's fastest monster truck, gets 264 feet per gallon. The RAM inator monster truck set a speed record at 99.1 miles per hour at the Austin Circuit of the Americas in 2014. So right there. That shows me even if I'm clocking in at 20 miles per hour 21, whatever that still gives me an extra 5 miles an hour at a 5th scale right because 5 times 20 you're 21 you're gon na get yourself a hundred or a hundred and five miles Per hour at scale speed so with the TMR performance, with the stock gearing that is gon na be my final conclusion on this video. Although I do have some Bashan footage, you probably want to check it out so hope you enjoyed the video leave.

A comment smash the like button. You know, I always beg for it anyway. Thank you, huge jump. Okay, now, let's get a shot at Book; One I'll go that way. This is basically one huge chunk project coming this way and we're gon na try to make the truck fly. That way, for you at least one on this freezing cold day got ta pass the time somehow Music. Do we hit it at 31 bushnell's an hour yeah, that's gon na be very bouncy. You ready one shot once I wonder: Music Applause, Music, Music, it's, like jumping in a TV Music performance all day, long, Music, Music, Music, Oh Music, Music, Music, it's, intense cuz, your fingers froze okay, so it is way too cold and I am calling it quits. But at least we got outside to have some fun with the RAM Nader today we know how many miles an hour goes, or an idea on the TMR performance.