tv and in todays video im, going to show you how drone pilots can avoid losing photos and videos, while theyre out on the field flying their drone and its as simple as having one of these guys by your side. Music, this particular drive here is the sandisk g drive its an armor atd drive. There are multiple storage options here, but the reason that this one in particular is so special is because its such a rugged design, you get a rubber casing that actually houses the drive. This particular one is a four terabyte drive, so a large file size there. I can store as much drone footage photos videos whatever else onto this drive here, but the fact that it is rugged its shock proof, its rain and dust resistant means that no matter what youre doing, no matter where youre going with your drone, this little drive here Is going to be able to keep up with all of your movements when you get the drive out of the box, its a very simple setup, its just a straight usb c to a usb, a cable just a default usb setup. But it goes to that usbc. For that reliable, fast transfer rate and its as simple as literally just plugging it in like you would, with any other portable drive and then plugging it into your computer now this is a good way to back up your footage, but the idea is: how can we Back this up, while were out on the field now for the example that i showcased in this video ive got it set up to the rc pro, which is djis latest smart controller.

Now it has down the bottom here: a micro sd slot its got a usbc and a full hdmi slot. Here now what i did was i actually used this cable that came with my mini 2 and its just a straight usbc to usbc. So then, what that means is, i can plug it into the rc pro and then i can plug the other end directly into the g drive, and that means that i can transfer footage while im on the field so lets say i go for a flight. I fly for i dont, know 30 minutes with my my mavic 3 and then i land the drone, and i want to make sure that everythings backed up. So i can just plug it straight into this drive here and i can back it up immediately. The other option is: if you have a laptop with you, then you can go usbc to usbc. If you have a macbook or if youve got like a pc laptop, that may just be straight usb a then you can just use the default cable that you get with it, which is a usbc to a usb a and then you can plug in this drive And back up on the run with the armor atd from sandisk, there are a few different storage options. You can go with a one terabyte, a two terabyte, a four terabyte, which is this one, and then you can get up to a five terabyte drive its such a quiet drive as well, like you can barely even hear it when youve got it connected in the Only thing that you see is just a little light when youve got that little flap open there and you can see the little light flashing away to let you know that its transferring files across or its saving files onto the drive.

I love how simple this portable drive is its actually really lightweight, but its well built. You know that metal chassis is going to be able to withstand any sort of drop that you put it through, not that you would want to push it through lots of drops, but lets say: youve got this in your drone bag with you and you pull it Out of the bag, you accidentally drop, it like lets, say a meter or two meters, its going to be able to withstand that. Youve got that nice bouncy rubber case youve got that solid metal chassis, thats holding. Obviously, all the internals together and its just such a simple design and thats, really all you need just a small little footprint like this, could fit in your pocket. Nice and easily um, simple, elegant design, nice fast right and read speed as well, so its perfect for when you want to copy like high quality video from your drone straight onto this drive its just ideal. You know if you bring your laptop with you, you just plug this in its going to be a very quick process after each flight, just to make sure that everythings backed up. But if youre lucky enough to have the rc pro or another smart controller, then you can actually just plug it in directly and because the rc pro is android, it will literally just copy it directly over like as long as you start. The moving process yourself through the android file system.

It will then just start copying it directly to your drive sandisk like to see this drive as an all terrain drive that can withstand anything and thats. Why this one in particular is ideal for drone pilots. The fact that its actually crush resistant, its shock resistant dust resistant as well as water resistant, just means that its the perfect setup like as long as youve, got that little um door closed there. This is going to be able to withstand some light rain. You know it could withstand a small drop from a couple of meters if you were to put like a lot of weight on it, because the body is is so resistant, its a metal, enclosed body, its got rubber around it. That kind of protrudes enough that its protecting the drive its going to be able to withstand, like all the pressure of you, know, cramming things into your bag or dropping it from a small height and thats. Really, why im quite a fan of this in my kit? Just having it with me at all times, and then after ive had a few flights landing and copying everything over, it just makes the process easy, and then i never have to worry about losing photos or videos again, because everything is backed up immediately after every flight. Sandisk also promote through their website that the g drive can get up to 140 megabytes per second of transfer speeds. Now, obviously that depends on the device youre transferring to it depends on what exactly youre doing, because its going to vary on the device youre using the method that youre going to be doing it.

You know, depending on the cable that youre using it depends on so many different factors. You know if youre copying it to a computer. Maybe there are other things going on the background that might actually slow down the transfer rate. It just really depends, but theyre saying up to 140 megabytes per second, which is very fast theres, not much else to say, though, about the g drive from sandisk. It does exactly what it says on the box, its a reliable resistant, resilient little hard drive that can back up at a blistering pace, its extremely fast transfer rates, um, perfect design, for you know that robust lifestyle of running around to different locations with your drone and If you do have that fear of you know losing footage having corrupt files or even worrying about your drone crashing and then losing everything. Its really nice to have a portable drive with you, so that you can back things up after each flight. Just to make sure that you get all the footage straight away, you dont have to worry about then getting home and transferring it onto the computer. You can just literally keep that process as when im on location, im, flying im, filming and im backing up the footage, and then, when you get home you can relax and thats whats so cool about this. You know today i went out and i had a little flight backed everything up on here and now its ready to go.

You know i dont have to worry about that now, its backed up on my drive that i can just put in my top drawer and its also on the drone, as well as an additional backup. If i need that as well so anyway, thats the end of this short little review of the sandisk g drive armor atd a really cool hard drive that i would highly recommend checking out check the link in the description below to actually go over to the website And check out some of the storage options, as well as more details about this drive thats the end of this video.