We are hey everyone and welcome to another. Very interesting episode of ask drone you, as today, we try to give you the right formula, the right steps of how to be profitable over the winter time. As so, many clients want to showcase whats green and pretty what happens when its no longer green and pretty indeed well said, yeah im. One of the things im excited about about this show is that i just know theres a ton of people out there that this can help yeah for sure. Obviously, winter affects at least half the country, not more yeah, true true and uh. If youre wondering here in new mexico uh, we do get winter as well, we are high desert uh. So that means high elevation desert, which means lots of changes in the weather. Think flagstaff, think beautiful, think four seasons uh not the hotel anyway, no uh. That said, uh grateful to have you here, as always, do appreciate it do appreciate your reviews and do appreciate everyone who is a drone. You member definitely appreciate that. Todays question is all about paul robb. What am i going to do in the winter? What kind of jobs am i going to do in the winter time and for people who do not have recurring revenue based drone jobs or theyre, not a part of a drone uh or a business that has a primary service thats, augmented by drones? This can kind of be a stressful thing, and so before we answered the question, we want to make sure that we had written out specific opportunities, a specific system to attack those opportunities and uh really trying to provide.

You know reasonable and actionable insight that will help you succeed. So i really hope that this helps and would love a follow up from our Music question. Ask her if you have a question go to askdroneyou.com and because of todays question regarding recurring revenue, jobs did you know, the props program has an entire well course program on solar inspections, one of the best recurring revenue jobs in the drone industry as a whole. If you havent checked it out, you got to check it out, just go to propsflightschool.com or props.thedroneyou.com. Well, give you some props props, hey guys. My name is christian. I love this show um. I have a drone business here in the chicagoland area at boulevarddrones.com and i have a question for you guys. So i have a phantom 4 pro and uh. You know its the beginning of fall now, and winter is right around the corner, and my question is what paul: what would you do? What would be your main source of income here in the midwest during the winter? I im really having a hard time figuring out how im going to make it through the winter, without roof inspections and real estate as my main source of income. So this is my first year with the drone business. I would love your help thanks guys. Thank you. Christian, i really do appreciate the question and, like paul said in the intro we understand. This is something that a lot of people are anxious about.

Come this time of year, and particularly up in the area where you are – and you know, just kind of the upper midwest and all along the northern part of the country where it gets cold the northeast, and i think we have some ideas for him – that that Uh, hopefully, can help him uh feel a little bit more at ease. I would even just throw out there before you get started that i wouldnt give up on the two things that you mentioned, of roof inspections and real estate. I mean people are still selling homes and there might be ways that uh that christian can use his skills to help them even more in the winter, and i know youre not getting the same pretty versions of whatever it is youre trying to help them sell. But they are still trying to sell stuff, and so there may still be opportunities there, but that said he did say paul. What would you do to earn business well, yeah and uh? You know this is an issue that uh that i faced before. I was uh. All in at drone you, i felt ive, felt this the same uh self doubt i felt the same. Uh reluctance to be able to get a job, and i felt the same struggle and hearing his question. I think, second or third time uh. Now i heard a baby in the background yeah. I heard that too, because, because one of the things that we were wondering is it helps to know what your state in life is.

Like you have a family, do you have a young family? Are you single kind of where are you and hearing the baby in the background kind of makes, you think maybe hes got a young family which would be even more stressful, yeah, 100 um, and i know in the in the main business course in membership. We talk about how you know, when youre transitioning into the entrepreneurial world, that you really should have about 18 months of income saved up to support yourself as you kind of go through those growing pains and as you build essentially, as my dad would call it a Rolodex um things we never use again, uh call it a digital rolodex nowadays yeah for sure um, but i wanted to come up not only with specific job opportunities but kind of a system of attacking this to give very real actionable things. It also makes me think about you know i did that sales class in the spring of this year and we talked heavily about your website and having that set up properly. So when people are searching for drone pilots in your area, you are essentially the first thing that comes up, and this is also why i really get flustered by some other competitors of drone. U because it seems like theyre taking business away from pilots uh, not necessarily other other flight schools in some of their seo strategy, but as pilots, we have an opportunity to overcome that.

So here is our system to help our good friend who is needing to build a robust business in the winter uh. By the way, before i get started, i will say: rob mentioned theyre still selling real estate in the winter. I think, where youre going to find a lot of successes in the more luxurious homes, the higher end pricing essentially of real estate, even some uh, some farms and ranches. Although i will say here in the southwest, the ranches always seem to wait until the end of summer, its like fall or spring to shoot those ranches, because they want to show how green it is so anyway, um lets go over a system. Uh lets say that hes trying to break into a new vertical of the drone industry, which im going to go into more detail later, but lets just give the example of construction in order to get these jobs, hes got to have a couple of things in place. Okay, number one hes got to have practice completing a job. Okay, now weve talked on the show many times about the lost leader strategy of gaining new clients, essentially going in being very honest and transparent, that youre a new drone pilot youre, trying to garnish data and media to prove the value of drone deliverables to a particular Client, okay lets, say again its construction, so hes got to have the practice in completing a job. He can use the lost leader strategy that we talked about in the business course and weve talked about on the show and how to get those opportunities, especially with construction firms.

Youre looking for the project manager, youre. Looking for the project engineer that said, youve got to gather media of completing the job, so not just the media of the job itself, but media of you flying said job. So like a picture of you with the remote and the drone visible in the photo. So you can put on your website: okay, but youve got to take that media from the job and put it in a marketable format, whether thats, a pdf or a printable brochure. The reason that you have to do this as soon as possible is because lets say that you do meet someone in construction and they are avid about working with you and they they want to garnish more information about how you perform work or the value that the Work provides. This is why youve got to have a printable brochure, so brochures that are in print, but also a pdf that you can shoot off at any given time uh. Now i would i i would like to talk about a more advanced approach to that rob. If you could help me remind me at the end of this to talk about that, but im gon na try to keep it simple right now, because there is a very advanced methodology of utilizing brochures and printable assets to garnish data and information about potential clients to Increase the propensity of conversions, okay lets get back to the system. Once you have that um printable brochure and pdf, you need to ensure that youre publishing your company info in various places right um, because these backlinks are going to help you with your website and also its going to help your name get out there.

So we recently had um whats his name glenn labay, on the show, and he was talking about his success with skylink, which is a drone jobbing company i had never heard of before. So i think its really important, whether you see places like drone base like skylink like droners.io, if you see it as paid practice or not, i think its really important to have a listing on all those all those services. I think its very important uh. The next thing in our system is reaching out to potential clients, whether youre joining um industry associations that are doing luncheons once a month, whether youre getting your name out in the paper at the local paper about how you can help companies etc. Whether you are attending networking events or whether youre just doing the hard work thats really not that hard, but we all make it seem much harder than it is. What am i talking about? Well, its robs favorite thing to do in our company cold, calling i dont even know what it is well thats. Why i do it like you got ta, make it into a game. Okay, look i i! When i was early in sales, i was so skittish and skeptical of myself until i realized this one important lesson. No one is going to buy from you if you do not believe in yourself. So if you go into these cold calls with not a lot of confidence and you dont know the dollarized value of how you can help these companies.

The chances of success are very, very low, okay, very low. So when you are reaching out to potential clients, you can garnish data from manta.com. You can garnish data from industry, publications and whatnot from linkedin. If you do not have the confidence to reach out to those people and say lets just pretend rob is a project manager, uh, hey rob uh! My name is paul. Im interested well ill make it quick for you today because honestly, i believe that this call could really make you look good, save you some money and also help the community as a whole, and before i even ask your permission, im just gon na go right into It because i know that if i can help you do your job more efficiently, save money its going to make you look good and increase your propensity of moving up the ladder. So can i have a few minutes three minutes really quick im a drone pilot im. Breaking in to construction progression, reports were talking about aerial photos from the sky, aerial videos. You know mapping, we can even do advanced things like hyper lapses, so that you could use them in marketing, but also you could audit all your job sites to know in real time exactly who did what, when, where and how and with this labor shortage going on, Would you agree its really important to keep construction jobs on time, knowing permanent record of installation? Knowing you ordered three tons of aggregate? Did you actually receive three tons if this type of auditable information helps other construction companies? I guarantee it would help you which, let me get right to it, im, actually not asking for a job right now.

What im asking for is an opportunity to go out and perform these progression jobs over the course of a few weeks on any given job that you want ill. Do it essentially for free, but itll, be the only one that i do for free. I want to make that clear. The reason i want to do this is because i need more data to prove the value of drones. To ladies and gentlemen, like yourself, so in the in response for the opportunity to have this, i will give you progression, photos, videos and a simple ortho to help you make better decisions in real time to keep your jobs on time. I know if youre late one day it could cost upwards of 100 grand depending on the size of the project right. So if, even if i help you stay on time, then ive helped. You save some money, which is why im asking for your uh, your business and the opportunity to prove that we can make a more efficient system do so safely and maybe even rob. If you want to go fly, i can uh, it can even go. Take you flying what do you think sounds good rob, great response, thanks for being quiet, appreciate you, no, no, no, im thinking! You know what the the best way to that was awesome. I mean i think, thats great and so do that, but it seems like you might just end it with uh.

So i was thinking i would get started next tuesday very important sales tactic. Yes, you have to provide uh the way out the next step. The next step, and typically you want to provide multiple options right so could i do one of your jobs in a couple of weeks, or would it be better to set up a meeting, and i can give you kind of examples of how drones help and why? It might actually really benefit your company right. You can go either direction. I like to go the direction of the meeting demo, because, as soon as i make someone feel the service and feel the value they tend to be on board, because i think, at the end of the day, um as humans, we make decisions based off of how We feel especially buying decisions which is not really the best way to go about it, im, not arguing that, but its typically, how we feel so that said, once you get these opportunities to gather media, to use, to sell yourself and gather other jobs, youre also building A relationship with these new potential clients, but your success is also only as good as your ability to replicate or scale the efforts like the calls and so thats. Why, on his website, hes got to have that services. Page thats just very specific to the industries that he serves, showcasing the problems that he can solve and how he does it now. He really wants to backlink those pages in multiple places to increase the exposure, but he also has to have some sort of blog that he is adding to regularly, because your seo is really only as good as your consistency.

So in the blog you can talk about specific problems that drones solve lets say in construction, uh lets say: uh use my story of how we helped a construction company here in albuquerque, learned that they were being screwed on literal aggregate deliveries right they were getting. I forget the exact numbers right now, but they were ordering something like 17 truckloads of stuff and they only got uh 15 or whatever, and then learned that they were cutting off the top and they were losing a lot of money. Okay thats an article and then you can link that article to your services page to discuss how you can help construction companies. You can then post that article on linkedin and then you can share it on linkedin, so that you slowly build that network and i will say one of the hard truths of being an entrepreneur. Is it takes time to build relationships and to build your network and the more that you realize that and the more often that you take steps all the time consistent steps to build? That network is really whats going to be the ultimate uh driver of results. So that said, um really the key here to help him is hes, got to be going after jobs that are recurring revenue construction. Every month, every two weeks, every week, theres an opportunity to have regular drone jobs that help you pay the bills. You really only need four construction companies to work for, and you should have a very profitable drone business now.

That said, what are other opportunities that could help him in the winter time construction doesnt stop in the winter. It keeps going. Okay, solar inspections is something i dont know how much solar is going to be up in his area: okay, but learning from glenn in massachusetts. How many arrays are up there, its truly surprising, really yeah? I would have felt that i know this just seems gray up there so much that uh anyways, but yeah yeah. I would think chicago area would be similar, but hey solar inspections are supporting glenns business. So i would really recommend solar inspections to our caller cell tower. Inspections are another one that are going to keep going, no matter what um volumetric work so working with quarries mining companies working with landfills. Those volumetric opportunities are regular as well. Now there are certain things that you can do in the wintertime, and this is kind of what i did when i was getting started is winter events and resorts, so youve got to be reaching out to marketing directors at all. The local resorts whether its snowboarding tubing, snowshoeing uh, you know there are opportunities to produce videos and photos for marketing for those companies. Think of like the drive through light, shows and setups that they have. You know during christmas time thats an opportunity. There was one here in albuquerque that i did years ago, if you remember that with red shovel yeah, so um, there are opportunities and there are definitely opportunities and you might have to go a little further to look for them where, in regards to winter, resorts ice Fishing is probably a big one and getting involved with them.

The the hard truth is that your success is going to be dependent on how much work you put into cold, calling how much work you put into supporting that cold. Calling right. So you make the cold calls, but do you have ancillary information videos to show them a demo reel a brochure on how you can help if you dont have that your efforts arent going to go very far, so i really recommend that you have the infrastructure to Really support that cold, calling because uh at the end of the day it really i mean i was talking with gavin about this when we were golfing a couple weeks ago. Rob about you know what was really your key to success. Gavin and hes, like i made 5 000 phone calls my first year, wow and hes like and i didnt land a lot of clients, but a lot of people respected how i was going about it and they kept my phone number and hes like i have literally 10 years later, gotten calls from that initial call. Log yeah – and i have i told you, the story of my friend paul jews, son. No, because this is a story that i will tell my kids. I will tell anybody that will listen its, not something that i did, though i wish i would have its something that mark cuban talks about early in his career, which is selling door to door, but paul jew.

You know paul his yeah hes, a photographer here in town, owns a photography. Business has for decades. He and his brother, but anyways his son short version is went ironically to the chicago area. With a friend to go, sell security systems, i believe door to door and paul would report to us. We see him on a weekly basis and periodically hed report. Some wed ask how your sons doing its brutal hes getting his butt kicked hes, tired, hes, sick of it. He wants to come home, hes stinking hated it, but he didnt quit, and then he started getting closer and closer to selling enough um uh. According to the quota that he was supposed to meet where he was approaching a pretty nice bonus, and so then that motivated him to stay jumping ahead, he ended up staying stuck it out sort of finished his uh his tenure there. I think they do a lot of college kids and young kids right its generally, not going to be somebody that does it as a career, but he stayed got his bonus came home and said i feel like i could sell anything now. Hes, like girls ill ask him all to go on a date. He says he does not. He doesnt care anymore because he went through that. I mean i ive got to imagine rejections 95. I sold coupon books door to door. Did you yeah, so you felt that ive never done that.

I mean i sold mortgages, so i get it somewhat and ive talked to realtors anyways um, no offense gavin, sorry. He says he hates realtors too, by the way, even though hes a realtor, but i think most of them do anyways um man, just you just got ta. Do it – and i know we joke about me and how i dont like it and i dont, but i had a mortgage company for several years, and so i did do it and its just part of the training that, frankly, if you have, i dont think it Matters, if you think youll ever sell life is full of selling. Well, you know it kind of reminds me of all the kids in college that were going through drama programs and film programs, and i remember talking to a lot of them like. Why did you do this? Well, one? I love creative work and two ill never have to sell anything in my life, like i literally remember a few people saying that to me at unm – and i was like youre youre high like you are literally high uh, because if you go to broadway right, you Go to that that thing whats, the first thing that they make you do sit in times square and sell, shows literally the first thing that they do, because youve got to get that yeah. You got to get over that hump and i mean it kind of. I also, i think its analogous to a lot of people say paul how how are you so eloquent in speaking sometimes – and i said well – about 1500 episodes of a podcast later im pretty good.

So but my point is its practice and you have got to get past the self doubt with practice. Youve got to gamify it to make it fun you got to understand. Ultimately it is a numbers game. You reach out to 10 people youre gon na get one its its. It is that simple. Maybe you dont get that average in the first 30 or 40, but in the first hundred youll, see that im right um its all about your sample set. So that said, rob i couldnt agree uh with you more that at the end of the day, you just have to get out there and do it and the more that you do it the easier it becomes its true. So im. Actually, thinking of one of our students from the sales class uh michael whos in i think, hes in switzerland and uh, and and this is just a good example – my friend youve got to get out there and just do it. There is uh. There is no other opportunity, there is no other shortcut you have just got to do. It. Practice makes perfect yep or, as kay anders erickson said from the university of south florida or florida uh. You have got to have that perfect practice model, so essential goals in your practice, but i really hope this helps him. I would love to hear back from you. I would love to hear uh uh what you uh, what you decided to do where you decided to go um.

This does bring up a important thing. We just launched the props business platform, which is all about redoing your entire website to essentially create scalable autonomous systems for client navigation. From start to finish – and i will say it will take you a lot of time to set this up like maybe a month or two okay, a lot of hard work, but it will make it so much easier to help clients retain clients set a higher standard Of working with clients, because at the end of the day, if clients like working with you, theyre going to find a way to work with you, and if you have high communication, its regular its consistent, your your your clients know what to expect. Having that quality and consistency alone is a selling point uh. So if you are looking on how to scale your business seriously props business its up so check it out, you will not want to miss it uh its also members. You get a sweet discount for that. So make sure you check it out, but i mean this automates, the entire client navigation for any uh drone business, creative or technical, highly recommend it its unbelievably impactful. I in fact i still need to call cara so uh. That said, i think thats gon na do it for our show today. So yeah, thank you. I i hope thats helpful, but uh. We always welcome, follow up questions so yeah, and actually that reminds me a follow up to my more advanced strategy of the printable brochures and pdf.

If you really want to get advanced – and i i would recommend this in uh in parallel with the business course and what it teaches you for the automation stuff. But if you put a google pixel or a facebook pixel on the web page that you put your printable brochure or pdf every single person who goes to that page, their data is essentially logged by the pixel. And then you can create what we call a look alike list in facebook or in google or in youtube. Essentially, what happens is lets say you got 20 people who clicked on that pdf google facebook youtube. They all do the same thing. What do we know about this user and the other websites they go to so that we can build a profile of the things that theyre interested in then they take those interests and then say: okay, who else has those interests? Who else can we apply that? To so imagine you have a list of 20 people, you go into facebook and you create a look alike list. And now your opportunity of potential clients goes up by a magnitude of scale, because facebook says okay were going to allow you to advertise to 5 000 people with the exact same interest as the people that you sent us. And that is how you really take advantage of learning more about your audience. When you get people who start looking at that pdf and that brochure that showcases interest, how do we classify those people and then how do we find more people with the same classification, facebook, youtube and google make all of that a breeze its something that we talked About in our sales class uh that we had this spring and it is the true hack i mean it is the real real hack um.

This is why, when you talk about weber, barbecue grills hold on weber, barbecue grills, just say it in front of my phone right by the end of today, i will be seeing advertisements for weber, grills yeah. Okay, i mean like whether i dont know what you guys believe as far as data privacy, i think data privacy is uh, really really really important, but at the end of the day we are consumer driven economy, and this is why this type of advertising uh exists. Its because they know youre interested in it and they want to show you options, uh that fit those interests. So, by the way, your your example there of weber, girls – i mean you could see something on charcoal yeah or picnic tables because of the very thing youre describing or a solo, stove or whatever, which i bought. One of those and i still get the damn ads. Definitely i bought it already, listen phone but anyway. I hope that really helps you, sir. I really really do again. Our purpose here is to help people its a fundamental principle based mission, because so many education institutions, especially in america, are all about just taking your money. Taking your money taking your money, they dont give you practical ways to apply the information that youve learned to you know, create a job or get a job, and this is why we build drone. U is to give you a leg up instead of charging you sixty thousand dollars, like some universities, who literally use our curriculum its 47 a month, and so i just want to say like this is very purpose driven.

This is very principle driven because we want to change the environment of education in this country. Its gone a little bit too far a little over the rails, and we are here to make changes and with your help, we can change it here here.