3D helicopter. You know Music. I am pavel 30 at your disposal at your service list. Raheem assalam alaikum greetings, alicia! No here what a nice bright, warm sun on my face: recharging. My batteries. Yes, im in a park next to my apartment, which is one of the best places to test fpv, whoops and cine whoops. Now its been a long time since i flew fpv, voops or cinevoops or fpv racing drones, but im happy that im getting back to it with the pavel 30 from better fpv. Now when it comes to sinner whoops, you might be thinking. You know. This is just another cinema from better fpv that you will be flying low and nice, or just cruising around to get smooth cinematics, not just that this is powerful enough on the 4s battery only to even perform fpv freestyling. So if you want to fly it like a fpv racing drone and pull some aerobatics, you can do that or if you want to get some smooth, cruising cinematics, low and high, you can do that both before i fly it in this park right here. Let me bring the camera closer, give you a closer look at pavo 30 quickly, talk about his features and then well get to the flight and see what this can do now. Pavel 30, not just looks nice, but also built sturdy. Its really built strong, the outer frame which is covering and guarding the propellers, is very easy to remove from the main toothpick type of frame.

So maybe you can even convert it to an inverted toothpick. You know if you want to do that. So yes, they say that this is pa12 material, really really nice and sturdy and will not break easily. Now power 30 is a three inch fpv loop in a pusher configuration inverted. As you can see, the motors are inverted. Its running 3000 kv motors uh gem fans, props mo2, vtx 5.8 gse. Yes, this is also available in hd vdx, but i did not switch to hd fpv. I dont know why i just i just am happy with analog fpv, so i ordered the analog version of power 30 and it came with m02 350 milliwatt uh maximum power, 5.8 ghz vtx with smart audio. Also, this is a free sky version, so it was very, very easy for me to bind it to my radio master tx16s and configuration on stock pid settings with a little bit of raid settings. This flies exactly as i want. According to my own style, i like the way the antenna is embedded right here inside the frame, so it actually, you know, prevents the antenna from breaking. If you crash also see that there are legs, raised legs right here which actually provide enough ground clearance to protect the vtx on the bottom and also to protect the propellers or motors from hitting the ground, and i also installed the insta 360 – go to action camera Which is absolutely a brilliant camera and can get you in pro video mode can get you a very nice cinematic videos which you can also switch to fpv stabilization when editing the video and get those rolls and pitch moves as well in again in a very smooth Cinematic way, so you can get two things out in one shot using the insta360 go to, and it fits really nicely on power 30, and i can say i can put 850 milliamp or 1300 milliamp battery easily because it is powerful enough to even carry a gopro Hero cameras, all right enough said: if you want to see more uh, specs or more details about this specifications, theres a link in the video description you can check okay for now lets just fly it and see how it does.

Lets fly. The pavel 30 line of sight and see how it behaves. I love flying. Fpv, voops and cinnaboobs and fpv racing drones, line of sight, its a good way to test their performance as well, and you can also see them. You know in action and see how stable they are. Look at that its just like absolutely hands free and without any payload. Its really light. Look at that punch on this man. I mean this is crazy for a cinevolt that is a crazy punch there, man. So if you are ready one two, three Laughter and it falls really nice and stable, so switching to acro mode, okay, and look at that how stable it actually falls, no wash out there how stable this is Applause i feel like flying a 3d helicopter. You know i feel like flying a 3d helicopter, so to say, if i want to tame it more or i want to make it more agile, i can actually tweak the pids, but the pids that i have right now in this quad are almost stock pids. I didnt change anything except that i increased the rates a little bit because i like to have more response. You know on roll and pitch and yaw, so i increase the rates. Only but rest is all stock pids and you can see how beautiful it flies. Actually, you can throw it around the way you want, and it actually just say yes give me those stick combinations and i will do everything you want.

I am pavel 30 at your disposal at your service, beautiful man, simply a beautiful machine, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, wowie man. This is fast and furious, and im not even running that. High camera angle that i used to run before, especially when youre on lower altitude, then it looks absolutely beautiful. So, if youre looking for a drone that will do fpv racing fpv, freestyling and fpv sinner whooping, while youre looking at it. This is power 30 from better fpv, and the link is in video description all right, so i just had the two flights with this one right now with the 850 milliamp battery, which ran out pretty quick, especially if i give punches it runs out very, very quick. So give or take if youre flying fast and pv freestyle type, you will get like three minutes maximum on 850 million battery. Given that what you are doing, if you are pulling too much punches or too much climb, your battery will die within two minutes, but with 1300 fpv i have here is a full: send full sand. Fpv drone battery for fpv racing drones, the 4s atc 1300 milliamp battery with this one. I had better luck, i can fly longer and i even had a punch to climb all the way up to the my residential building and did uh. You know dive, but in the dive it did have washer.

It was very nice and stable in the beginning, but later it had a washout. I could say that is because the battery is disturbing. The cg, as you can see battery, is hanging all the way back side. The battery is disturbing a cg and thats why the wash out is happening. Otherwise, given the power this pavo 30 has, i would say it is capable of doing all kind of fp, freestyling and dives, and when im flying nice and low and fast and im doing some very fast cornering, i did not feel any kind of wash out or Any kind of abnormal behavior it is absolutely locked in handling the cornering everything simply perfect, but that wash out that happened. I dont know if you can see it from flow state stabilization, but from fpv stabilization of insta 360 go to. You can see that it did have that wash out, but it was under control very quick, and that is because this battery is hanging backside right here and disturbing the cg. I believe, if beta fpv could move this uh mounting of hd camera to the front side. You know so that we can push the battery all the way to the middle right here we can balance the cg properly and we can have better flight performance with bigger batteries. But again, if you have a gopro right here, i believe it will balance very well with 850 milliamp or thousand milliamp batteries. It shouldnt be any problem, however, for a heavier battery.

You do need to have this: go move forward, the action camera and keep the battery in the middle. So i might just do some 3d design and 3d print a little bit of mount which which will move this camera slightly more to the front side, not too much to bother the view of the fpv camera, but slightly more so i can push this battery more Forward and i can have better luck with 1300 million batteries because i like the way its performing with 1300 million battery – i have more flight time i can cruise longer. I can fly faster and longer so that is the key. So that is the point right here for having a heavy battery, because this power combo on power 30 does have enough power to carry the heavy battery and still, i believe it will carry a gopro camera, but having to have a lighter camera like insta360. Go 2 right here. I can safely use heavier batteries like 1300 milliamp and fly longer and have more fun. So, thank you very much for watching this video give this video a big thumb up and dont forget to subscribe and hit that little bell icon and stay updated for all the upcoming uploads come on. You know what to do hit that like button its right there. I know you can do it. Oh, while youre at it also hit the subscribe button right there come on dont, be shy just hit it.

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